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  1. Well, I could repeat what my wife just told me when I said I'm going to boost her up on the truck to wax it......but maybe not! 😁
  2. Hi Tim, I can't wait to visit my all American friends again. Yeah, talked to my Polaris dealer yesterday and will be a bit before I can get a RZR Pro Ultimate but he will get me one. Just started the planning stage and got a bunch of paper work from Cole to go over. Hoping to time it right so we can get it in the fall and head south for the winter. Need to be allowed across the border to get the rig.
  3. They can be had for less....some negotiations. I like the sizing and cabling to get 1200AH.
  4. I have been doing a little research on what we will be doing in our new RV and probably 2 x 600ah 8D Lithium batteries seems reasonable with a complete victron system and 2K solar setup.
  5. Welcome to the forum. We ordered our 2015 truck new from the factory and went with 500/1850 D-13 / 2.64 / 2-150 gal tanks 236" WB / Bose seats / Magnum inverter / sink / work station/ adaptive cruise with auto braking / disk brakes / air locker. We added a porta potty that fits in lower cabinet out of view. We do get off road occasionally and have been stuck and had to get pulled out. This year will be adding Truck Claws to the tool box collection of tow straps. We have a heavy Phoenix bed and agree with Randy that it helps ride and traction. Have fun with the process.
  6. Was surprised when this truck pulled in beside us at the Thunder Bay KOA.
  7. Don't get to see the Rockies until we get closer to Calgary. We go through the Thunder Bay area every few years on our way to Val-d'Or Quebec to visit friends. If the border remains closed this summer we may be heading that way again. Usually stop at the KOA there.
  8. Hi Carl, We have a monitored system that was installed about a year ago to replace the old system. It is a combo of wired and wireless sensors for alarm, fire, flooding. Can arm/disarm detached garage and house independently from cell phone, tablet or PC. Will email me on breach our entry/exit. Is Alexa enabled so arming is easy by voice. I have a small app (tinyCam Pro) on my cell and tablets for monitoring 9 wireless camera's. Also, tried a new Reolink solar powered battery powered wireless camera on our back driveway and has worked very well at motion alerts and live monitoring away from
  9. will they give us any more site beyond the 41 if they open up?
  10. WOW! how many sites did they give us?
  11. Tim, I've traveled with Chad and Dave. I just get out of the way and let those big horse power trucks lead the way and maybe catch the draft! Have fun in "Q" wish I could join you guys. I'm just hoping the border is open by WCR time. Locked down in Canada.
  12. WOW! That's great news for the rally....better tell Carol to get some more spots for us!!!
  13. Made our reservation this morning. Crossing our fingers that the border will be open by then! Will also be bringing our SxS with us.
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