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  1. I'm not fussy on that truck...Actually they seemed to be located in Wellton Az where we are...Hmm, might just go and take a look, for shits and giggles...210 hp and a 6 speed manual..I'm thinking fuel mileage can't be that great especially climbing big grades! There's no substitute for lots of HP and good gears...my eaton 13 road ranger is pretty sweet. I will say though, that is a fairly attractive price for a Hauler and 5th wheel combo, depending on condition!
  2. I did call them and they told me that if my unit was older than 08 then I might as well trash it...Apparently they don't have the parts anymore for the older units...actually we do have the room to put in a 30" wide unit and there's lots of those units kicking around... Actually we're going to look at a fairly nice one today, used but looks mint 100 bucks, can't beat that for convection/microwave, stainless/steel to boot, albeit probably chinese stainless but what the heck...
  3. I emailed Apollo and they told me that if our unit was older than 08, it's time to throw it away! Our's is an 06....so today I ripped it out of the kitchen and did just that...threw it out...guess they are not stocking parts for the older units....We are just going to browse what's out there for convection ovens and install one of them.
  4. Guess no one on this forum has ever had a problem with their unit, or they don't have one of these units in their RV... Guess I could try the website that you've sent me..It's worth a try!
  5. I'll probably get shot for this, but hey you want opinions...right? I have driven trucks that had these tires installed. The upside is there are 4 less tires to buy when it comes time "to buy"...also when doing the due diligence of checking air pressures, it's easier and quicker than getting your hands caught in between rims! oh yeah, and they do tend to ride a little bit better! Oh yeah, and there is a fuel mileage saving, it's small but there is a saving! Large fleets who run 13 to 14 thousand miles A MONTH (150,000 mi per yr) with many trucks, can realize substantial gains in that dept. Ok, here's the downside! The tires and rims cost more than duals...especially when you have a blowout and your sitting on the shoulder of a hwy somewhere in Tim buck Too...waiting for the mobile guy to source out one of those monster rims and tires, because even after this many years, they are hard to find everywhere! Plus when you do have a blowout, you are completely disabled on the spot, and most certainly have destroyed the rim as metal contacts the road...ouch! and make no mistake, I have seen many a truck sitting on the shoulder, or worse yet...flipped on it's side in the ditch, that had lost control in less than ideal weather conditions. I was following one of the "Major Carrier" trucks through St. Louis a few years back in a heavy downpour and he blew one of his "super singles" truck went down to that side, shimmied side to side, he lost it and jack knifed through the ditch and into a rock wall...driver was killed...but hey the carrier was saving 1/2 to 3/4 mpg! great trade-off. I have also driven trucks with these tires through snow, and there is no comparison between the traction with "Singles" and traction with conventional 8 tire dual setup..Super singles "Suck" in any amount of snow...or very heavy rain. Look up the meaning of "Hydroplaning" in the dictionary! I know most of us are retired and avoid snow like the plague, but we still can encounter snow when coming south in the autumn or going back in the spring. I have hit 6 in of snow in Amarillo Tx in late nov one year and was sure glad to have duals shed off the snow as opposed to be wearing a toboggan on each side! Last but not least, we don't do 14,000 mi per month, heck most of us don't do 14,000 mi per year! So a set of 8 new tires is going to last us right up to the point where we see considerable attack of UV radiation to the sidewalls! General rule of thumb is about 7-8 years! I will be replacing ours ...all 8 (big rubber) 24.5's this coming Nov 2017 before heading out for next winter, that will pretty much take me out to the end of RV'ing for me. FWIW, I have driven for fleets that made considerable expenditures to switch to them, only to revisit the "old way" of duals because repairs, downtime, skyrocketing Insurance rates and driver safety were compromised! But what the heck, "Super Singles" Look really "Cool" Right? ....not on my truck! Thanks... Let the Feeding Frenzy Begin!
  6. BTW.....in case someone else is interested the ProStar charge controller has now been sold to Jeffw...
  7. Does anyone here have one of these puppies installed in their RV? We had the first 2 units replaced within the first year after getting our 5th wheel back in 07...This 3rd one has run great since 07...we use it a lot especially in Convection Mode to Bake goodies, pies, etc...all the good stuff to eat... Well yesterday, it was in Microwave mode and just quit, a service msg blinks in the lower right part of the display... I reset breaker and it seemed to run fine for about 25 secs and then went into the service MSG again... I tried finding out more online about it, but so far have come up Nada... Has anyone encountered this on theirs? Wondering if this unit has given up the ghost, or is it just a plugged filter or something simple as that?
  8. We are at our usual spot here in Wellton Az...(Just 20 miles east of Yuma, off of I-8 exit 30..Pioneer RV Park)...always sunny here and the dryness agrees with my arthritic ailments! Actually, when we're out here it's virtually gone!...NADA...If anyone is out here or taking in Quartzite drop me a line, come visit...Will be here till April..
  9. In case anyone is interested, I have a MorningStar ProStar 12/24V...PWM charge controller (handles up to 30 amps) for sale. I installed it in my Volvo last year and has done a great job of keeping the batteries right up to par...I replaced the Starting batteries 2 seasons ago with the Cat 175-4370 Deep cycle/starting batteries, (mainly on the advice of the Tweaker) and have been thoroughly impressed with them as they also give excellent service if you use the truck inverter with the engine off...I fed the batteries with 2 - 120 watt panels (total of approx 11 amps...When I sit the truck, at any given time in daylight they sit at 14.8 absorb and 13.7 float....checked the SP Gravity the other day (2-1/2 year old) and all cells read 1.280 and slightly higher! You can't expect much better than that...and the big plus is I have never been plugged into an elect socket to do it...It doesn't matter where my Volvo is parked, I'm always charging! Ok, so the reason I'm selling the controller is that I just added 1.3 KW to my existing 1.65KW on my 5th wheel so I added another Midnite solar classic 150 charge controller to the trailer..I had one Midnite classic 150 (96 amps) and a Midnite Kid (30 amps) and this is not sufficient to handle 3KW coming down from the roof, so I took out the "KID" and installed it in the Volvo... The MorningStar is in Mint shape and is more than capable of charging a set of starting and house batteries...As usual we are in sw arizona (yuma area) again this winter in case any one is closeby...controller sells for 179.00 new (check out NAWS website) I'll take 90 bucks cash and call it a day...email or pm me if interested...I will be visiting quartzite as usual to take in some of the festivities if someone is there, let me know the date in January.
  10. Well, thanks guys this helps out big time! I pass through Vegas fairly often in the summer season when I'm running commercial loads from western canada to southern az! Usually stop at the Loves in N Las Vegas overnight. This pit stop prepares me for my destination delivery location in Phoenix or Yuma the next day! The most I ever get to see of vegas is a view from the bypass hwy 515 heading south through henderson! Come to think of it...Last august when I was there, it was still 107 deg at 9pm, and 119 the next day in Phoenix! It will actually be a pleasant change to go there, find a park and kick back for a few days with a cool one and good cigar while DW gets relieved of our hard earned cash! Thanks Bill, I figured you guys had gone to FL..Haven't seen the " Dog House" in Az now for a couple of years! We had a very strange and cool start to the winter here in Yuma (El Nino) I guess..but Feb came in 80's to 90's and saved the day! I almost stopped by last summer when I was in your neck of the woods through "The Sault" to visit, but I wasn't sure if your guests would have been to happy to wake up in the morning to see a "53 foot trailer with Hazmat placards " all over it..I'll wait till I have a full trailer of potato chips and beer! Hope you guys have a great "Camping Season" in northern ontario this year!
  11. Thanks all for the replies...Looks like it's between Sams Town and Oasis Las Vegas!
  12. Very Slick Looking Ride! Love that Bumper...
  13. Thanks Roger! Forgot to mention in my post that we have a small dog also! I was hoping to get a few replies from members that actually experienced a park and then I was going to check those parks out online...It's also good to hear about first hand experience!
  14. Just Curious if anyone here has gone to stay in Vegas or surrounding suburbs for a short visit? DW has expressed interest in visiting there for a couple of days on our way back home from Arizona...We are open to suggestions...We have the smart with us and can also tootle around with it, although dw was hoping to stay within walking distance of the Strip...if that's possible?
  15. I'm checking in from time to time when I can to see what's going on...Back from a wonderful winter in Arizona...busy as usual running the roads of North America! Here I am running down to Vegas area at Sunset..
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