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  1. We use the My Health app on our IPhone and it contains all of our pertinent info. I also have some medical alerts about drug interactions for Ron as he is on a couple specialty drugs that many Dr would not know about without looking them up as well as hthe location of said medication in our RV because one of them would not necessarily be in stock even in a hospital pharmacy. I carry a CD with a few MRI and X-ray made by the testing g hospital as well. Last labs ec. But again with a couple health issues for Ron it's important to have his stuff
  2. Check Dryers RV. They sell all styles of draperies for RV
  3. Over our 1st 7 years Ron has received 2 notices. Like you we called and were told no problem. while passing by thru 3 years ago we stopped in the appropriate office at the court house in Madison and the staff told us they would take our names off the list. Ya, no. Got my summons in the January mail and when I called I was told the form had to be filled out and returned by the end of the month. No more just call and your off the hook.
  4. We plan very much like Kirk. To address the volunteer.gov site, because many are ongoing volunteer opportunities, the posting agencies leave their posts up. It's a good place to get a feel for what's available. May I suggest you go directly to an agencies web site ( such as www.fws.gov for US Fish & Wildlife ), drill down to an area of the country you'd like to be in and then call or email several of the specific units in that area asking about their program. Most agencies which are located in desirable seasonal areas fill far in advance but by asking to be kept on their backup line st you could get a last minute call to come. People do cancel at the last minute.
  5. I did, but I've barely finished this Escapade and haven't begun to think about Sedalia Craft area.?
  6. Kirk. Where did you get the poster??? It's very misleading about crafts. There is no photo/ picture matting or wood carving. Classes will be on Monday & Tuesday with sign ups starting on Sunday in the "Old West Building" There is a fee for each class that includes all your supplies for the project which is due in cash at signup. Class sizes are limited and will fill fast There will be classs in: Beading ( earrings bracelet, peyote) Beginner knitting and crochet Beginner rug hooking Canvas bag Painting Paper bag photo album Greeting card Adult coloring Pop top lanyard/hat band Decrotive tissue box Knitted pot holder Woven scarf Quilting will be ongoing as the group makes child and infant quilts and fleece blankets for a local charity. There will also be demos on making an adult/ child fleece hat, chemo hat, & fleece blanket. Show & Sell will be Wed aft. Only 25 tables are available so each participant is limited to 2 tables. Signs ups are in Old West Bldg and it's first come first serve starting Sunday at 9AM
  7. Depending on the year you are searching for I would recommend that you add pre 2006 Upper level Monaco to your list. We own a 2000 Dynasty and it's wonderful. We bought ours at Pedata. This was 3 years ago and at that time we had a great experience. Our experience at La Mesa and Lazy Days was less than stellar. We were very specific about what we were looking for and at both places. They drove us around the lot showing us everything but what we asked for. At Lazy Days we literally had to get out of the gulf cart and walk back to our car because the salesman kept saying " well I have another one let's go look".
  8. Will you have a microwave/convection oven? If so you may be surprised to learn that on the convection side you will be able to use metal cookware Because I use mine all the time, heres what I have been using 10 years now after lots of whittling down. 1. Pizza pans for all my cookies, etc 2. "Corelle light" bake ware, 2qt for casseroles 3. Cake, quick bread etc I use high quality silicone. To test quality, bend a solid side. If you see very light, white core then pass. You should see no difference in color where you bend it 4. High quality round saucier pan. I use it for lots of stove top cooking but it allows me to brown meat and then pop into convection oven for braising etc 5. A couple good small saucepans 6. A round 6qt low side high quality stainless steel pot. It's great for soups etc but again it can fit in the microwave. Correll dinnerware soup bowls serve double duty for small amts ( frozen vegetables etc) in the microwave. The pie plates serve double duty as a low sided spaghetti plate, dinner salad plate etc. so look for lots of double duty options.
  9. Sign up for " show & sell" will start on Sunday from 9AM to 2:30pm in th " Old West Bldg. and will continue until Tuesday at the same location at noon. Sign up for craft classes will also start on Sunday at the same time and location. They fill up fast and we expect some to have a waiting list. There will be fees for each class to cover the cost of materials and will be payable to the the instructor at time of sign up. Cash only.
  10. We couldn't find a solution that was workable when we did our 5th wheel some years ago. We chose to carefully remove he carpet, take it to a carpet shop and have new piece cut and bound and then reinstalled.
  11. Watch your program for the hours of sign up on Sunday as they have not yet been set in stone
  12. Thanks for responding Molly. We've been off the forum this week.
  13. I'm not sure what computer they used. There is no data base for the info to be entered into. It's all paper recording and the records are kept at the issuing office under lock and key. In other words if I issue a pass at say an NWR there is no computer data base for me to enter it into. Since it an interagency pass all agencies would need to be connected to each other via a data base that doesn't exist. If I had to guess they were only scanning it for the purpose of " counting heads" as they come in the door
  14. The pass is "supposed" to be signed in pen by the recipient at the point of sale in front of the issuer. When issuing the pass my signature on the control form indicates my certifying that I in fact verified to whom I sold/ issued the pass too. That is why copies of picture ID are sent in when ordering via mail. ( an iffy process at best and the copies are destroyed immediately.) There is no methodology for any of the issuing agencies to enter the info into any computer "data base" because it doesn't exist. However the " control sheets" are part of the record keeping process and must be kept in the office files for 10 years. Each fiscal year the new passes received by the agency are recorded by number and old ones destroyed.
  15. There are different allowances for active duty military simple because of the nature of their commitment to the gov't. We had vehicles registered in VA, my DL was there but Ron always kept his PA license while on active duty Once he retired that needed to change. Your insurance company may question why you have different registrations, domicile and DL
  16. "BigJim, Don't forget that the $10 fee was originally set up to offset the federal agencies costs for purchasing the blank cards, and having a staff member assisting you verify your drivers license, reach under the counter, grab the box of cards, pull one out, write your card number on their log, have you sign the back of the card, and hand you the card. All of which was five minutes of labor for the staff member" Actually each individual enity( NP, NWR etc ) does not pay a fee to USGS when they order the cards. All funds collected go back to USGS. I have recently been a designated collections officer for a federal agency and handled the the ordering of the passes, remittance of funds etc. As for a picture ID, that would be unbelievabley difficult and expensive. Just imagine outfitting each place with camera equipment etc. Thus the verification on issue of photo ID then the requirement to show a photo ID when the card is presented for entrance.
  17. Our research shows that most National Parks are as described above from Kirk.
  18. nana25k


    I'm old school. Look at map, determine the county, google county or 4H fairgrounds. Have found lots of small ones that were quite nice
  19. It is entirely dependent on the individual base. You need to check when you register or call ahead and ask about the rules.
  20. As others have stated it pretty much ch is situational awareness and instinct.
  21. Sorry but who can use a base famcamp is decided on the individual base commander policy. We have met many retired DOD using the campgrounds. Always best to check first
  22. Takes up too much space. AND weight For us its call the roadside service
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