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  1. It is a simple answer. 4/0. Do not use less.
  2. Randy, my inverter of choice these days for a budget friendly, but with advanced technology/features, is the Kisea Abso 2000 PSW. Under (or at) $500. Just FYI. LINK It has a removable/relocatable faceplate and is direct wire. Really works well for the trucks, and is what we install. It may be a little high for a "true" bargain hunter....but falls into the category of "you get what you pay for". ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Jack Mayer

    My Bed design

    You will want to tap the wet tank. As someone said, put a valve at the tank in case you have issues. I'd use 1/2" DOT airline, but that is just me. Hose will work but it won't be as good and likely will cost more, unless you have some sitting around. You will like the Raptor - that is what we use on our beds after trying most of the other brands. You are finding out what we face daily - Massive price increases in steel and other components. We try to keep our prices under control, but it is difficult with things going up so fast.
  4. Mark, it can definately be done, but some custom work will be involved. I don't think a standard receiver framework could be fit.
  5. The best reason to insure as commercial - depending on your circumstances - is to avoid restrictions in use. You also get base liability of $1M, but there are other ways to handle that.
  6. It would be very difficult to properly support a receiver given the layout of the bed elements. It could be done, but some mods would be required.
  7. All of the modern fully automated transmissions work acceptably well. Some are more refined than others, with (arguably) the IShift being the most refined. I think I've driven every one of them except the newest model year PACCAR MX version. They all work fine. I like the shifter on the column that both FL and PACCAR do. It is very convenient and very intuitive. The dash shifter on the Volvo is OK, and is easy to use, but not as easy as the column shifters. Any shifter seat mounted is last on my personal list. It is simply in the way, and unnecessary. In RV use you will RARELY use the shifter after starting - virtually never. So the utility of it on the seat-side is questionable in my mind. But that is a personal preference as much as anything.
  8. Come on guys, it is not hard to drill a few holes in the frame..... You don't need thousands of holes to mount an ET.
  9. Jack Mayer

    Big 5er

    WHAT!? No way. You need to come, Danielle and Keyah will miss you.
  10. Let me know if that system is reliable in use. I've used literally dozens of wireless over the years and none of them were reliable on our rigs. For a combination of reasons, including the metal back walls we have on our trucks, and the smart cars/toys we carry (big chunks of metal). We have a very, very different usage environment than pickups and motorhomes. I'm always looking for a reliable wireless solution. Just have not found one yet.
  11. I messaged you on Facebook. I cannot really participate here since I have a business that sells hitches.
  12. I'm in Woodland Park a lot in the summer. Danielle spends the summer there. You need to stop in when you can....
  13. A motor vehicle is not commercial simply because it is over 26K lbs. Owned by a company or not. To be commercial it must be used "in commerce". For example, truckers use their trucks for vacation purposes or other private uses. They are not "in commerce". You just have to be clear about what you are doing. Consult an EXPERIENCED CPA.
  14. Jack Mayer

    BlueFire scanner

    Scrap, that is the plug in the new trucks that you show above. The Direclink plugs into it and seems to work fine. Should it not be using it?
  15. Jack Mayer

    BlueFire scanner

    What about the 16-pin ports??
  16. Rogers hitch setup is pretty nifty, and does not look too hard to replicate.
  17. Jack Mayer

    BlueFire scanner

    Which model do you have? Got an Amazon link? Thanks for the report.
  18. I've said this before but I'll repeat it since it keeps coming up. There is no issue driving a 453 up the ramps if you do it RIGHT. You won't burn up the clutch. But you do have to do it correctly.Ride the clutch a lot, like I see many, MANY people doing and you will have issues. You can modify the 453 to add the extra tow hook position in the rear if you wish. Our shop does it, or if you are a good welder you can DIY. Get the extra "bung" at a scrap yard - About $50 with shipping. You could also fabricate a receiver hitch. Also, despite what Internet experts claim, the 453 can be flat towed if you follow the Mercedes towing procedure precisely. I have thousands of miles on my 453 being towed behind our motorhome. Again, do it wrong and you will have issues.
  19. I've towed a 2016 453 behind our motorhome for a couple of years and at least 8,000 miles. Seems to be fine to me. I follow the published procedure that Mercedes says to use. From Mercedes. Not some forum. If you want to tow, talk to Mercedes. I'm not posting anything because I'll just be told that it is all wrong, can't be done, etc. Do your research, but I assure you that you can flat tow a 453. I'm sure David will post the proper procedure. Here is a pic - I put a drop hitch on it so it is perfectly level now.
  20. Jack Mayer

    BlueFire scanner

    I'll be interested to get feedback on its use in a Volvo. How does it compare to the Silverleaf offering? Anyone have an opinion?
  21. It is called an ET Farm model. You can order one from us. Or directly from Youngs
  22. The Spyder is overwidth when loaded crosswise, but not by as much as a smart. We built the Watts stacker, so if you have questions let me know. They carry two F3's.
  23. Ok, not only do I know about Linc and Mapper (not as much about Mapper), but I can program in Espol/NEWP. Heck I even know what DMS is ๐Ÿ˜And I know Fortran pretty well - I was on the National Standards Committee that created two versions of it. And I'd bet you know what CANDE is too!! Blast from the past. I worked at Unisys/Burroughs Large Systems - starting in 1968 in the summer. In the summer of 1970 (I think it was) I helped assemble the first 7700. Processor 1. Started full time when I got out of college in '73.
  24. I guess the question is: I'm a Chrome user and use Google ecosystem exclusively - Drive, Photo, all their apps, etc. WHY would I want to even try out Edge if it "looks like Chrome"? What advantage is there to it?
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