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  1. Carl, It is good that you got that out in the open. Rather than barring some of these folks who find it so difficult to play well with others, how about making it a family friendly affair and make an event at the rally where these folks can battle out their differences. Kinda like Fight Club, only since most folks break easy, let them take advantage of technology and they can sit behind a monitor and have a text battle. While they sit there lookin like fools, the rest of the group can eat, drink, watch the show and maybe make side wagers.....lol And for those who can’t text well, there is this option.....https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GQCdJ66e4M4 Just a thought.
  2. Thanks Vern! That was probably us... We had a few issues after picking up the truck, getting the new hitch adjusted, but made it home without issues.
  3. Thanks guys! it is funny, when we first designed the bed, the light placement was just the basic DOT layout. Then we added a fourth middle ICC light on the back (Not yet hooked up). Then we added lights to the front of each corner, so that you could clearly see them in the mirrors. Then we added a new feature where all of the lights on each side, go to bright when the turn signal and brakes are applied. All that was done while looking at the design on a CAD program. As soon as we walked across the parking lot to take the pictures, we though the very same thing, “More Cow Bell”. Lol
  4. The area extended beyond the frame is six feet. For typical RV loads, it does not change potential pin capacity by any appreciable amount. As equipped in the picture, the axle weights are 10,300 for the front and 14,180 for the rear. We will post the loaded weight after picking up the Toyhauler. When discussing an extended bed, people often are concerned about what effect a heavy RV will have on the truck, as far as lateral and vertical forces are concerned. In that area, it is important to keep in mind that a heavy RV will be 15 to 20,000 pounds. A typical loaded semi trailer, for which the truck was originally designed, with the king pin weight being about eight feet further forward, will weigh 50 to 60,000 pounds.
  5. Well we finally get to post some AFTER pictures on this project!!! We are heading out of Parowan, Utah, heading for Missoula, Montana. We are going to pick up a new Toyhauler with the maiden voyage of the new bed. As you will see in the pictures posted below, it was a mad rush to put it all together and hit the road. We ran into problems with final fit on two of the bed box doors, so they are just hauling air on this trip. standby for photos...
  6. Heading out of Parowan, Utah, heading for Missoula, Montana. We are going to pick up a new Toyhauler with the maiden voyage of the new bed.
  7. Dave, Are you experiencing a bit of culture shock, going from the lowest end of the truck brands to the top?
  8. VegasFlyer

    Kalispell Montana

    Thanks Vern!!! We will give a shout when we get in the area...
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