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  1. Howdy! We have a 2016 Smart Car that the key is stuch in the ignition. You can turn the engine on and off but can not remove the key it will not come out of the ignition. I dropped it off at the Mercedes-Benz dealer in Houston. They called back and advised it was the ignition and would have to be replaced. Only problem is the part has to come from Germany and it is on back order. Unknown when the part will come in and we will get our Smart Car back. Only good thing is we are not traveling now and we have been at our homebase in Livingston since the pandemic started. I would hate to be ou
  2. Howdy! I use a pully system to take pines and other small trees. One pully then connect to tractor or truck and tree pull at a angle as to not pull the tree on to you. Works for me and my lovely wife clearing off the property. Got the pully at tractor supply. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
  3. Howdy! Bigfoot RV trailers are a good well built option you may want to look at. As mention decide on a RV before getting the truck. Always better to have more than enough truck. Especially if you decide to upgrade to larger RV later, which happens to RVers starting out. Having a truck that’s under rated will make your RVing experience miserable. http://www.bigfootrv.com/m/bigfoot_rv_travel_trailers_2500_series.html “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  4. Howdy! Your best advised is going to come from your attorney not us. Divorce is never great when children are involved. Been there done that, best of luck to you. “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  5. Howdy! Channel 2 in Houston just did a story on the USPS mail service in the Houston area if you want to see it below. https://www.click2houston.com/consumer/2020/09/30/lost-mail-what-we-found-when-we-put-the-houston-area-mail-service-to-the-test/ “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  6. Howdy! I would think it has more to do with USPS than Escapees. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
  7. chiefneon

    Gps for hdt

    Howdy! I also have been using Co-Pilot for years as a fulltimer and would not buy another stand alone gps. I used my tablet towing the 5er and my smartphone in the car. They now appear to charge a yearly fee for the cost-pilot app but it appears to also excludes live traffic updates which you use to have to pay for. The RV app is only $29.99 a year. https://copilotgps.com/en-us/compare-features/#pricing ”Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  8. Howdy! Glen, we left our homebase in Livingston and came to Fredericksburg. We’re staying at Ladybird Johnson municipal RV park by the airport. We have AT&T phones and tablets, Sprint hotspot and Verizon hotspot all are unlimited data. AT&T seem to have the best speeds 30.6/24.8, Sprint 44.3/18.4 and Verizon 30.6/24.8. If you are looking for another unlimited data source FMCA has Sprint unlimited hotspots for $49.99 a month no contract. Sprint© Unlimited MIFI Plan No matter where you go, stay connected. Data limits on your cell or wireless plan? No problem! Con
  9. Howdy! I’ve been having problems with my VA hearing aids also. I had and appointment at the Houston VA hospital and I stopped by audiology Department. They gave me a box to mail them off to Denver, CO for repair. The right didn’t work at all and the left worked intermittently. A couple months later they returned my hearing aids. The right worked now but the left one not at all. I called the Houston audiology again and this time they said mail them to them. So today I get a call from the Houston VA audiologists and she says yes the left hearing aid is not working (no kidding). So she is g
  10. Howdy! We’ve stayed at Oak Forest RV Resort in Austin. It has very long pull throughs that should accommodate you easily. https://www.robertsresorts.com/resorts-locations/texas/oak-forest/stay-with-us “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  11. Howdy! We’re fulltimer’s and I’ve never used the military campgrounds in our travels. The main reason is I carry firearms with us and figured it would be a problem entering with them. Can anyone advised as to using military campground with firearms I would appreciate it? ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
  12. chiefneon


    Howdy! We both retired at 55 and 46 sold the house and have been fulltiming for over thirteen years. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
  13. Howdy! Good luck getting GS ERS to pay the bill. I had a breakdown on a trip to Alaska in the Yukon. No phone service. RCMP showed up and call the only tow service for hundred miles. Once I got to a phone I called GS. They refused to pay for the tow stating I had not called them to get authorization. I canceled GS then and there and went with Coach Net. Used CN serval time even in Alaska and Newfoundland. When the tow service showed up they only thing they asked was “where we wanted to be towed to”. Been with CN over twelve years and they have proved us with great service. CN may cost mor
  14. Howdy! My son quit a very good job as a plant manager for Tyson and started working in the pipeline industry as a Lumper. Worker his way up to operator and even to foreman. He went to classes and obtained his certification as Pipe Line Inspector. Best of luck in your new career endeavors my friend. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
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