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  1. I have a 2008 Volvo 780 and the computer is throwing the same code (MID 136 SID 69 FMI 2 ). I looked at my leveling valve link and the bottom end has about 1/8 to 1/4 inch play. The top end has about 1/8 inch play. I don't know if this is the problem . . . but it seems like the end joints should not be that loose. My next question is, what is involved in replacing the link. It would seem like there must be some adjustment to maintain the proper ride height for u-joint alignment. Thanks and I love this forum. I found this link by doing a goggle search on "MID 136 SID 69 FMI 2 " On edit, am I correct in guessing that I make the new link the same as the old link?
  2. Jeff: Thanks for sharing your experience. After viewing the information on the National seat, it looks like I may be able lower my seat by removing the swivel mechanism, which I never use. Your help is sincerely appreciated. Nothing beats experience, when it comes to solving a problem. THANKS!
  3. I saw the fury dice, that hang from the rear view mirror, but no low rider seat mods.
  4. My seat is too high for me (I am 5'8"). The seat is a National 2000 backcycler. If I air up the seat to absorb the bumps, then my feet feel like they are dangling from the seat. If I lower the seat to a comfortable level, then there is not enough air to absorb the bumps. The seat appears to be sitting on a sheet metal (box shaped) base. Does anyone know if this base can be replaced, with a lower base, to accommodate we short folks?
  5. Here ya go, to start . . . http://www.spytecinc.com/video-devices/hidden-cameras.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw_8jNBRB-EiwA96Yp1mujYquEjTQsujB3-U6RzDC4RUbvyYxWEel8WZHoI4ADFzGCjNLq0BoCX80QAvD_BwE
  6. Shortly after I bought my Volvo, I noticed that the top of the dipstick was broken. I went to Volvo to buy a new one. As I recall, they wanted about $100 for a dipstick. I still have the broken one. I have a 2008 with the 16 liter engine. I would like to replace the dipstick . . . . . but $100?
  7. Don't back off. In my neck of the woods, it looks like Los Angeles Sherriff Baca is going to be getting some free room and board for his misdeeds. See the link, below. What was done to you was wrong. http://www.npr.org/2017/03/16/520358290/former-la-county-sheriff-lee-baca-convicted-in-jail-corruption-case
  8. I use Metabo blades (when nothing else will work), but these blades are an accident looking for a place to happen. Do a youtube (or google) search on metabo blade accidents. CAUTION: The videos and photos are not for the faint of heart. A full face mask and blade guard are a must and constant awareness of where the "shrapnel" will fly, should the blade "grenade." With that said, I am typing with a finger that was stitched up last weekend, due to an "industrial" accident. I am looking into buying Kevlar lined gloves, to protect my hands when my brain allows me to do dumbazz stuff. Anyone have any recommendations for cut resistant gloves?
  9. The DW is always right, right?
  10. I had one installed by Volvo dealer. I will see if I can find the part number for you.
  11. I would like to go to Alaska, but will not travel through Canada. In this country, citizens have the Constitutional Right (so far) to bear arms. America's founding fathers knew the importance of that right. I will NOT go to a country where exercising that right will put me in prison.
  12. Rent a gravity neutralizer and following instructions very carefully . . . . otherwise you will float into outer space. Or, park under a large tree and use a safety harness. Just be careful climbing tree. Or, don't worry about it because no one sees it and the risk (falling to your death) is not worth the gain (impressing very, very tall friends who can actually see the roof)
  13. Ahhh . . . . maybe she was saying you were a gorilla.
  14. To lockmup68: No you did not confuse me. You opened up a whole new world. Thank you. So many fun projects and so little time, sigh!
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