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  1. We have the version of Sleek 4G with a switch to select between ATT or Verizon. It is connected to a newer Wilson Trucker antenna and works well.
  2. During my Arctic Engineering course the professor had video from the Alaska pipeline construction where ice was being melted with a propane weed-burner and each time the flame started getting low the burner would be directed at the bottle to get it going again. No kidding. Later, J
  3. We used hay bales as both skirting and insulation, and added a few heat-lamps borrowed from our bird's roost shelter and nothing froze up. That said, hay is not a good combination with a propane fired furnace so you might consider making a shelter for the furnace and ducting some heat to where it is needed. Later, J
  4. When our forward unit exhibited these symptoms it turned out the motor just needed to be lubed. Later, J
  5. Darn good idea Richard. The only spot I could access our black tank valve when I replaced it and was directly under it. So I put a towel over my face to catch any surprises I might have missed and peeked around it. Your method would have helped. Later, J
  6. The only thing wrong with jury rigging is it works. Later, J
  7. Believing this subject impacts many full-timer's I thought pointing the thread back toward the OP's topic may provide good information. With that in mind I cut and pasted the below from the frequently asked questions area of the ATF website. Answers about as many questions as it generates. Later, J May a person who resides in one State and owns property in another State purchase a firearm in either State? If a person maintains a home in 2 States and resides in both States for certain periods of the year, he or she may, during the period of time the person actually resi
  8. Kodiak Island Alaska but been lots of places, some one time too many. Later, J
  9. I got the PUK code from a chat on the ATT website. Have not tried using it because the Unite 815S the Sim is in is working fine. Good luck. Later, J
  10. Already had a Magnum inverter and a bank of 6-volt batteries so it was a "no brainer" to swap out our 4-door Dometic for a Samsung residential. Love it. More room and cold food and beverages. Should have did it a long time ago. Later, J
  11. I did like Bill suggested and it worked. The Wally looked for satellites like he said but we were able to view everything on the connected external HD. BTW the Wally's wireless worked too and I used it to watch Netflix. Thanks again. Later, J
  12. Is there a method to watch the programs I have recorded on the external hard drive connected to my receiver when not connected to the the DISH satellites? Later, J
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