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  1. Thanks "rpsinc" for the comments. I would like to hope that all the RVers who are the "main" driver (whichever partner it is) make sure to simplify as much as possible in case you are "the first one to go". Have good instructions for how to work all the "gadgets", electronics, etc. Make sure all vehicle titles are registered with "OR" between the names. Keep a good file of receipts for what was done and when. (comes in handy when trying to sell since you won't be here to tell a prospective buyer what you did). Label spare parts as to whether they have never been installed/spare, or an old part you took off but saved for some other reason.
  2. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone on this forum. I appreciate the help in making the post better and getting the info out. It's been quite a nightmare this year with all that has happened. The RV is beautiful and I hate to see it go but it is more than I want to handle alone. It was supposed to be our full time traveling retirement home. The truck is also very nice and thankfully I have a buyer now. When I get through all the challenges to sell the big stuff (Two 5th wheels, the HDT, and a big boat) I would like to get myself a smaller RV I can feel comfortable driving around. I may be on the hunt next year for one to buy!
  3. Replying to multiple comments about "not interested in selling". That is not true. This is "Mrs" Mrseas and definitely interested in selling. I am using his forum login and responding to inquiries as best I can.
  4. KimH - please send an email to fgardner833 at gmail and I will send you pics. This site limits file size for posting pictures. (as explained by previous member I am not entering the email in full to prevent bot skimming from picking it up. Use @gmail.com after the fgardner833). Thanks.
  5. "MrSeas" vehicles for sale. 2012 NuWa Hitchhiker 38LKRSB Champagne. This is "Mrseas" wife. He has passed away and sadly I will be selling our vehicles that we were setting up for full time RV'ing in retirement. Beautiful 5th wheel with lots of options and upgrades. $65,000 Residential fridge, battery bank and wiring for solar, washer/dryer, fireplace and more! Pending final sale on truck (deposit received) Tow vehicle. 2005 Volvo 780. Odometer 667,781. $35,000 Singled and Registered as an RV, not a commercial rig. Equipped with Refrigerator and microwave. I've had inquiries with very good questions that I don't know all the answers to. My husband was very meticulous with his vehicles and they were well maintained. I may not know all the answers but will do my best to get interested buyers information requested. I have receipts from a lot of what he did. The 5th wheel has a lot of upgrades that he did after we bought it. Many more pics available. A few more in the links here or Send email to wcrhdt at gmail for pictures. [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/GD2L0qTl.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/wB94Uiwl.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/uLIhuZpl.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/kTS6k2dl.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/x9s7St8l.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/cypULCyl.jpg[/IMG] Located in Upland, California.
  6. MrSeas vehicles for sale.  

    2005 Volvo 780 RV hauler and 

    2012 NuWa Hitchhiker 38LKRSB Champagne 

    will both be listed for sale soon.  Beautiful rigs, fully equipped with lots of upgrades. 

  7. Unknown #10 Dave & Wendy Schonhardt in front of a rental motor home.
  8. https://www.scangauge.com/products/scangauge-d/ Reads most codes and can also be customized. This is what the plug looks like on a Volvo. Plug is located facing downward on the lower left side dash panel adjacent to the hood release handle. This is referred to a 9 pin deutsch connector. It is the test plug for both the J1939 and J1708 network protocols used. This is what is used on most HDT's in place of OBD II.
  9. MrSeas

    AIR LEAKS-I give up!

    Look at the check valves on your front and rear tanks. Sometimes shaving cream in place of soapy water will “show” smaller leaks. Lots of valves will leak internally and make it hard to find. Cummins ISX check the turbo actuator control valve... sliver box, drivers side below the air compressor. Follow braided line over to turbo and check for leaks. Engine fan hub and associated lines and connections. Parking brake valves and lines are bad apples for leaking. Above the air tanks located on the inboard side of the frame rail is a “brake control valve”. Looks like a junction box of lines. Gen 1 Volvo’s have 6 lines going in and out and Gen 2 have 8. Leaks internally all the time. Some airtank fittings have a protective boot to keep out crud. These sometimes will mask a leak. Sometimes you need to “wiggle” the air lines a bit to hear the leaks. Temperature changes will also reveal new leaks. If you do find a PTC fitting leaking you can usually repair it by replacing the o-ring inside instead of buying a new fitting. As mentioned air bags and leveling valves can leak and drive you crazy! You can inflate your bags to “reveal” the bottom edge and check for weather cracking. Lots of bags look ok but need replacing. If you can “isolate” your front and rear tanks you can get a better picture of what may be causing your leaks. Front system includes a lot of your accessories, such as seats. Rear is mainly rear brake system and such. Do you have an air ride hitch? Check it out. Just thinking out load....
  10. Gen 2 Truck. Did not remove door panel. Switch panel just snaps into its mounting cavity. I just gently pried it out from the top starting at the end closest to the door opening lever.
  11. The switch panel mounted on the drivers door is the “controller” for the power windows, power door locks, and the power mirrors. It is easy to change out. It just “snaps” out from the top of the door panel. Pop it out and get the part number off of it and order a replacement. It’s an easy part to get on-line I replaced one for a passenger window that stopped working.
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