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  1. Here's the link to the registration page: https://eastcoasthdtrally.com/product/2020-rally-registration/ If you have questions, find a problem, or need help registering, send an e-mail to registration@eastcoasthdtrally.com.
  2. While I didn't get to stick around long enough to enjoy it, I'm sure everyone appreciated a great departure-day breakfast courtesy of you and your better half too!
  3. Milo helped finish off a bag of beef jerky on the drive to Hutch, so we had to actually cook something edible. I had help though, including an expert Oreo smasher borrowed from the Springfield gang, and two of his older . Kinda neat to think about the first time I did this in 2015--4 years later they're quite a bit more capable and independent! For anyone interested, recipes for what we made are posted here. Outside of a little traffic in Kansas City, the trip back east has been smooth sailing. Less than an hour to go tonight. As always, great seeing everyone who made it. Unt
  4. Sunday afternoon here. Daylight hours for a change!
  5. I know it's the wrong thread, but stop at the Malt Shoppe in Pagosa Springs. Ask for the biggest ice cream cone they have, and grab a burger if you want a meal. The restaurant just east of there is a nice sit-down place, good for a steak dinner by a fire overlooking the river when power to the town is out. Having been on the slopes at Wolf Creek, I can attest to how much fun it can be in snow. I bought chains (for the car) in town, where it was clear and dry, and was putting them on just a couple of miles east of the 84-160 intersection. In four hours the car was parked, an additional
  6. Nuke-E

    Crashes on I 10

    Just to be clear, you drink Dr. Pepper so you're always prepared for fire fighting? 😉 I mean, you wouldn't want to get caught with a case of Dr. Pepper and nothing with which to fight a fire...
  7. I'm slowly remembering why I like the RV. It's a whole lot easier to bring everything than to figure out what to bring and how to fit it in a car. Suit for the wedding, space for Milo, Milo's bed (he's that spoiled), Milo's food, Milo's treats, Milo's leash, stuff for the cooking seminar, tools, parts, spare parts, and hopefully enough room for a change of clothes or two for me.
  8. How many volunteer Smarts do we need to find the rest of the bad spots to drill?
  9. Nuke-E

    HDT sighting

    And despite how the crowd has grown, we're still all pretty recognizable, even from miles or years away! Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...
  10. It can be an elite social circle, but at the same time a rough crowd. Dredd is just trying to make sure he enters at the right time. We'll miss Ian! 😥
  11. Nuke-E

    Getting New Seats

    Yeah, the one in Atlanta isn't what you're after. Dallas wasn't too terrible last time I was there for the show--don't get me wrong, it was hot, but manageable with shade at the RV parks. Louisville has ranged from hot to perfect to snow.
  12. Most of the Buy It Now listings are in that range, but there are a couple of sellers that start them with no reserve at $10, and often don't get any bids at that. I've been watching for one of the automatic ones to go at that price, as I want to upgrade mine. I just don't want to spend $200-300 to do it.
  13. Milo is DEFINITELY coming. All of Gail's sausage would go to waste otherwise. He just doesn't get to go to Florida. Gail also made clear (might as well have been bold red capital letters) that Milo is invited to the rally. I'm his +1, not the other way around. 🤣 He's learned a couple of new tricks since the last time you saw him--he'll "whisper" and "smile" on command.
  14. That sounds like there's a bill to prove that you learned all about it. Ouch. It's fairly easy to get the front stuff out of the way. While you're in there, it's a good time to upgrade the headlight projectors and polish the lenses/replace the housings--most of the same stuff has to come off.
  15. There's a pretty basic RV park in Blanding that I've stayed at before. Makes for an easy drive to Natural Bridges. With the bikes, you probably wouldn't want to drive down it, but look up the Moki Dugway and drive to the edge of the cliff on your way to/from NB. The first time I visited Canyonlands was right after a night at Natural Bridges in a tent--the park ranger made known that he was the only guy on national park land with a radar gun within 200 miles, and that as long as we didn't cause any harm, he had no intention of using it. Might have made a few driving legs a little mor
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