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  1. Here is a picture of our 2006 turbo diesel 450. Here is the 453 2017 turbo gas SC
  2. The car is well inside the width of the mirrors so it doesn't look that obvious. It seems the trick to loading on angles with the new DCT is to use the hand brake and (not the foot brake) and accelerator petal at the same time.
  3. I installed airline L-track to the back of bench and purchased 4x L-track seat belts.
  4. RickS


    Carl, Yes the one I have comes on with motion. Also, if you do the hardwired kit it will stay in parked mode for monitoring when not in vehicle and has a low voltage cutoff setting so if batteries get to low will turn off dashcam. Hardwired kit
  5. RickS


    Hi Carl, I just changed my 1080P dashcam to this VIOFO A129 Pro new 4K dashcam last trip. I can now make out license plates much better and has really good video. I also bought an extra GPS mount to move to the Smart Car and the the remote Bluetooth button which I mounted on the dash that can trigger the camera to save picture and video quickly since camera is not reachable from seating position. Since this uses a lot of data to record 4K I bought a 256Gb micro SD card. There are a lot less expensive dashcams out there but I have been happy with this one so far. The WiFi app is nice and parking mode records great video when not in truck when sensing movement.
  6. I have never noticed any condensation at all in this area.
  7. Yeah same as Jim.....back wall inside cab. It was a tight space since I have the tanks for the sink under there too.
  8. https://www.minimizer.com/product-category/on-the-truck/poly-fenders/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwvb75BRD1ARIsAP6Lcqs2K6SQpHOYyF-c7cwDoHdodkoXsjm4_UiInt5hl9GNPMYhDF_fIFoaAqckEALw_wcB
  9. Hi Brad, Maybe something like this may work for you. Or here.
  10. Hi, I would check with a few freight brokers in your area for price quotes. They can handle all the details as well as customs clearances.
  11. I deal with UPS other modes department hauling in stuff from the US on LTL shipments. The rates seem to be pretty good and we've had no issues with the clearances. It seems like all the big carriers like FedEx and DHL have freight brokers. Which province are you shipping to?
  12. We have been providing all the new documentation to our customs brokers as the CUSMA is now in effect as of July 1/2020. I also would recommend a broker to handle this. UPS CUSMA
  13. Hey....Dave, I sure missed being at the rally this year but it will be nice to see some of those pictures when you get a link for us.
  14. Any pictures to post from the Rally!
  15. That's great! So many changes with this covid-19 in our province we have had low case counts but with the new opening phases over the past 10 days the cases have been rising again. Stay safe.
  16. We are getting a really large thunder storm and it pounding rain so couldn't sleep anyway. Is the wine tour still on? That was sure a lot of fun.
  17. Just checked my laptop and I can even see the picture in your quote.....Apple products!!! 🙂 It's just a map image from the site over to the truck wash.
  18. Yeah we are going miss visiting with you and all the good friends we have made in your fine country. This has been the most frustrating year that I can remember not being able to travel anywhere. Please say hi to everyone from us...have a great time at the rally and stay safe
  19. Hi Dave, Chad and I had our rigs washed at this place last year and,they did a good job. It's right by the Flying J by the Ambassador RV park....very convenient.
  20. Yeah, that is one awesome solar/electrical system Chad did for you and has probably changed the way you RV. Y'all have a good time at the Rally and stay safe.
  21. I'm up for a ride.....oh yeah they won't let me over the border. I'm bummed to Dave
  22. RickS

    Multiple cameras...

    I have used this one in the past to manually switch camera inputs on my truck. video switcher
  23. That's great news Dave! It's funny how they say things are not fixable when many times there is someone out there that can fix it. I had a $2.00 speaker for signal light sound and low air warning in my dash cluster fail and the dealer said it couldn't be replaced and quoted me $1600.00 to replace it with a new dash cluster. I ordered two speakers for $4.00 and soldered in a new one which took about 2 hrs total.
  24. Hi Tom, Yeah we are going to miss seeing you guys and all our friends down there....the world has changed and all of our summer plans have been canceled. Hope you all have a good time and stay safe.
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