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which 17.5 tire?


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I am going to purchase 2-3 new 17.5 inch tires before I got to Denver in January, and i was wondering which tire people like best, Currently I have one hankook, one continental one Michelin xps and one china geolander.


I think the geolander, which matches the spare is pretty close to aged out, the hankook is getting pretty close, I am leaning towards the Michelin, but it is also the most expensive tire. I have been replacing them as they had issues which is why I have such an assortment but I would really like to get them all closer in brand. My trailer is pretty heavy, so I really want a quality tire but money does not grow on trees.....



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I started with Michlens (XTA) but have replaced 2 of them with Yokohamas. The tires were replaced due to cuts in the sidewalls due to broken curb hits.

The Yokohamas were alomst $100.00 less expensive and have given me good service.

Another plus for the Yokahamas is they MIGHT be made in the USA as Yokohama has a truck tire plant in Mississippi.



My$0.02 worth



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I dont think they make the goodyear in a 235/75R17.5, has anyone ever used the cooper roadmaster? I think they are made in the US

Well, I'm too lazy to actually look it up, but I believe the 17.5 comes in 215/75x17.5, which has a nearly identical rolling diameter as the 235/85x16.


I got new tires on our trailer yesterday, and saw a stack of Sailun 17.5 tires in that size.


We now have a tri-axle with 6k axles, and the scales showed that we're way within the load tolerance for load range E, so I opted for a new set of those. Bumping up to L/R G or 17.5/H would have meant new wheels as well.


We got good service from the G/Y 114 tires on our old trailer. I would go with them again if we needed the capacity.

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Make sure that you have room for a tire that big if you find one, Nick. The 215/75R17.5 is within 0.1" of being exactly the same diameter as the LT235/85R16 tires commonly used on trailers, and on which the axle spacing is typically based, which is why that size is the "common" 17.5" tire upgrade, while your proposed tires will reduce your current spacing by 15 mm.

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the 215/75R17.5 is rated for 4800 while the 235/75R17.5 is rated for 6000 I am a hair over 20,000 on a set of tandems so I think that would make me nervous. The trailer has always had 235/75R17.5 From what I understand it is has STI air suspension. I ordered the Yokohama at 306.54 each plus FET, at least 3 of them they should be here next week. The major factor as some brought up was the 75 mph speed rating.

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The Sailun sounds interesting......if anyone sees negative stuff on them could you please post it? That may be a very good target tire for my next replacement. I like the Goodyear's, but there is nothing "magic" about them. I'd replace them with a "quality" tire.



This was posted on another forum where there was an extensive discussion.


"Sailun is the ONLY Chinese made tire that I'm aware of that has met ISO standards and is TS16949 accredited. It speaks VOLUMES on the quality control processes set in place to manufacture this tire, along with manufacturing processes.


I don't like chinese made tires, no quality control processes in place, BUT Sailun tires DO have quality control processes in place and DO make a quality product.


When it comes time to replace my GY G614's, I WILL look at the Sailun G rated tires, and ONE reason will be because they ARE cheaper...got to love competition..you would think GY would drop their prices to compete, but evidently they're not worried about Sailun...only thing is, those that know manufacturing standards, eventually will see that the Sailun tire is a Quality built tire, or they would not have gained the TS16949 accreditation. IF they lose that accreditation, then I will remove them from my very short list on quality made G rated tires available for my 5th wheel, or if I start reading negative reports here on these forums. So far I haven't seen a negative report on these tires that are being reported on by our members on this and other forums....not the first negative yet....That CAN speak volumes on these tires...And again, I'm talking the only tire I'm really interested in...a G rated tire, though this company, with Quality processes in place, should be able to manufacture all their tires in a Quality manner at this point."

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If you decide To go the sailun route. I can dig up the receipt for the ones I just purchased. They were shipped to me from the Midwest in a very timely manner straight to the RV dealer I was working with on putting new axles on my trailer.

The salesman on the phone was extremely helpful with me making a decision on what tire and wheel combination to go with and very willing to work with me on getting them shipped in a hurry to my RV dealer .

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I have the Michelin 17.5's with the 62mph speed rating and they are coming up on the five year mark with 50,000 km's (30,000 miles) on the tires. I was concerned with the speed rating but had talked to a Michelin engineer which was very interesting to say the least. I took the words of advice and with proper inflation have never had an issue with these tires and travel faster than the rating about 95 % of the time. I am not saying this is for everyone but no issues for me and would buy them again when they are aged out.

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