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  1. JC, from your description it sounds like a GFCI is tripping. GFCI's are used to power outlets in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and outside. This is where water can be near electricity. In your first post you mentioned replacing the circuit breaker and then the circuit had power for several seconds after the coffee pot started to work. I assume this means you had the pot plugged into a kitchen outlet, likely on a GFCI outlet. It's not unusual that a GFCI circuit will work for a short period of time when a device like your coffee plot is plugged in and starts to work. Sometimes the CFCI is in the circuit breaker, it's quite visible and you'd know it when looking at the breaker. When the circuit has no power turn the breaker off then back on. Sometimes a breaker will open but it looks like it's still closed. You can feel it click when you solidly turn it back on. I'd also unplug the coffee pot and anything else plugged into any outlets in the bad circuit and reset the breaker and check it for power. Appliances can cause GFCI's to open and lose power. I have seen a light fixture wired into a GFCI circuit cause the GFCI to open. It can be difficult to discover what is on an electrical circuit, manufacturers don't have diagrams and wire RV's for ease of manufacturing. When I what to know what's on a circuit I turn the breaker off and then check all outlets (inside, outside and basement) and light fixtures. Greg edit....I'd be surprised if an outlet itself was bad.
  2. I wonder how our new friend has made out after seeking info in his first post to correct his electrical problem? It's been 6 days since he checked the forum and 8 since his post. This has happened more than once and makes me question if I should respond to future first timers. Greg
  3. Be aware that there could be light fixtures on the same circuit or if it's a GFCI circuit basement or outside outlets. Greg
  4. I have had this problem twice, the fan comes on and the compressor starts but stops in 3 or 4 seconds. I replaced the start capacitor and PTCR to fix the problem. You can purchase a kit from RV dealers or online for about $30. Greg
  5. If you want to know more about HitchHikers they have a users forum that is not supported by the manufacturer. nuwaowners.org Greg
  6. It doesn't matter what kind of RV you are in. Hurricanes can cause havoc over a very wide area. We have had campground reservations canceled when emergency workers (insurance reps, utility workers, etc) responded to hurricane damage and took over all the campgrounds. Locals also can flock campgrounds when they return and their property is damaged. Until I knew what Dorian does I'd avoid the east coast. We have been chased out of FL and NC three times by hurricanes, not fun. Greg
  7. We enjoyed our stay at Goulding in the middle of Monument Valley, wish we could have stayed longer. Greg https://gouldings.com/monument-valley-tours/
  8. Not sure what you like or want but Aune Osborn Campground is on the St Mary's River and you can watch lake freighters pass by quite close. The Soo Locks are a mile away. Make reservations!!! Greg https://www.saultcity.com/aune-osborn-campground http://www.campgroundreviews.com/regions/michigan/sault-sainte-marie/aune-osborn-campground-1445
  9. We ordered our HitchHiker in 2007 without much of the furniture, the only good piece was the table. We bought all our furniture from various stores to suit our needs. OEM RV furniture isn't quality in my mind. Greg
  10. In 2010 we had 8K IS installed by MORryde. The first rubber was too stiff and the fifth wheel rode hard. A couple months later they installed a softer rubber and we travelled a year on them and the ride again became too hard. Fortunately we visit lower MI each summer and stopped at MORryde and the soft rubbers had collapsed. They again replaced the rubber and for the next 7 years until we sold the HitchHiker we had no further troubles, not even alignment. Yes it is possible your current rubber were too soft and collapsed, I'd call MORryde. Greg
  11. MORryde always weighs the RV prior to IS installation, if they did the install they'd tell you the weight and they also measured our height. The weight is used to determine which IS and rubber to install. Greg
  12. Go into the store and give them your card (for security have your spouse go inside with the card) and ask to have the pump turned on then pump all you want. Sometimes they trust you if you just ask them to turn the pump on. Occasionally the pump will allow you to use the card twice or use another credit card if you have two. Greg
  13. Read the manufacturers warranty documentation, does it state not for full time use? If not tell the dealer that so they will hopefully speed up your service. I'd tell them your most time like many snowbirds if it said full time wasn't covered, the unit is only 2 years old so it darn better be covered for that short period of time. Ours was a full time 5W and the manufacturers service was fast so we very seldom had the get a motel room for 1 or 2 nights. If your 5W has been in for service since March it's been 2 months, that's awful service. If you are going to traveling quite a bit you might want to replace the stock suspension system with one like MorRyde's Independent Suspension and upgrade your tires to 17.5" H rated tires. We discovered the stock suspension systems were a serious weak point. You can also upgrade your RV insurance to full time coverage. Greg
  14. I have had GS Road Service once tow the truck and fifth wheel to the Ford dealer then tow the trailer to a CG. A couple years ago I had the truck stuck in wet leaves on an incline at our daughters and GS responded and towed us out of the leaves with no problems. Anyways, GS responded to only a stuck truck. Greg
  15. We just settled down in a house after 12 years on the road and DirecTV. I started the 5 day You Tube TV trial at $40/month using cable.. I found it difficult and frustrating to setup and functioning, difficult to use AND I get a letter stating the price is going up 25% after the free trial period. Enough is enough, I just canceled it. Greg
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