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  1. I used to do what Twotoes does but it got to be a major hassle when I would call to have our locals changed. Every time would be over a hour on the phone, sometimes way over an hour. When we left the FT lifestyle a year ago we switched to Dish and although I don't need to call to switch any longer IMO they are far superior. We had Direct TV about 14 years.
  2. Kirk, thanks for the link to the 8 oldest roads. In my younger years I lived on "The Old State Road" in Pennsylvania.
  3. Curious what CNN has to do with AT&T or Direct TV ???
  4. Surprise, surprise, that's one of the many reasons that I now have Dish and I love it.
  5. Maybe try telling them you are ready to buy some at&t phones and start service but you want your credit first ???? I would never go back to at&t, Verizon is much better just like Dish is far superior .
  6. Thanks to everyone who commented. Weather here near Albuquerque is getting cold, starting Monday low will be 20 degrees and it doesn't get much better for a week. This is sort of the Dec-Jan weather that we were hoping to escape. I am still undecided about going to Palm Springs, actually half hour south of there for a few months but I suppose life there would be somewhat like life here so why not. Its a shame that this winter will not have the activities that we have grown to love there but we have to stay SAFE. That is the priority.
  7. We are thinking about wintering in Southern California from mid December until March but concerned about the virus. California has been on a decline but this spike across the nation has me worried. We spent 4 winters there in the past right before buying our home in 2019. Spent last winter here in NM and it wasn't bad but still not shorts and Tshirt weather. I know most things and events will still be either on hold or cancelled so it's a big decision to make. Any thoughts on this ?
  8. I was born in rural NW Pennsylvania in 1950 but left in 1995 mainly because of the harsh winters there. We got some of the lake effect snow from Lake Erie and we had enough. The summer of 1995 we visited New Mexico on vacation and fell in love with it. We do get a little snow in central NM but it melts by 10 AM. I do miss the leaves and returned in the fall of 2007 for a leaf visit and it was fantastic. I love the smell of the woods in the fall. Last week here in NM we heard of some red maples that had turned color up in Forth of July Canyon and we drove a hour and it was bumper to bumper traffic on a Monday up a 4 mile gravel/rock dirt road. Arrived and from what I saw it was some red maple bushes that was at the last of their prime. NO majestic red maples like back in Pa. Because of Covid that was the first we were out since February so it was still a treat.
  9. I'm back again. As I think about this topic more I think the restrictions are due to the groups that come to campgrounds to party and drink till 2 in the morning. We have all had that annoying bunch next to us that we can't wait until Sunday afternoon when they go home. Maybe this would limit their camping outings. I know I'll catch some flack about this but I also cant understand why bars need to be open during our health pandemic.
  10. I maybe shouldn't express my thoughts as my fulltiming days are over but I have to say that one size RV park is not the same as others. I remember being in some RV parks where there were was maybe 6 ft between the Rv's. My ceiling fan is on and I sneeze, my window is also open and my sneeze exits the window and into your RV through your open window. I do not like parks with spaces that close and usually do not stay in them but at times due to convenience I have. I do not agree with alternating sites but a 25 foot separation would seem better but not all rv parks are built the same. I for one would not like to be the one making the rules.
  11. Our governor is doing a great job in attempting to save lives. She will do everything possible to achieve this. Other governors should follow her example.
  12. This is not hard to understand. Just buy a new hose every year or two. It's not going to break the bank.
  13. travelinbob

    Water hose help!

    For what its worth.....every now and then look inside your hose the first foot or two and make sure their is no green algae growing in there. Some campgrounds do not use or do not use enough chlorine in their water system to kill it. I've stopped using several hoses over the years for potable water. I spray paint the outside to mark them for car wash hoses.
  14. I remember my first RV experience was with a rented Class C. Driving on the interstate in the wind and all of a sudden the wind slid me into the other lane. It happened so fast. Good thing it wasn't a two lane road with someone coming toward us. The experience learned gave me the respect needed to drive high profile vehicles.
  15. I absolutely loved Jojoba Hills and would have jumped right on the band wagon but they only allow 2 dogs and we currently have 3 little ones. It was a NO GO. We are now in a gated 55+ community with a secure RV storage yard with also a 2 dog limit. We submitted a letter asking for permission to have 3 and was given the OK. Rules can be bent a little if they only wanted to. Jojoba Hills did not want to.
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