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  1. Before I retired I bought and sold hundreds, maybe thousands of T&P valves. The fact that it stops weeping after the water reaches temp means that it has nothing to do with the air bubble. The fact that you already tried a replacement eliminates a defective valve. I would find out who a regional Watts distributor is and call them. Not a retailer but the distributor. Tell them it weeps and then stops, see what they say. Its way easier that removing and reinstalling another water heater. Let us know........ Bob
  2. You may have a transmission overheat problem and also a tail wagging the dog issue. I towed a light 25' TT with my Tahoe and had these issues. In the flatlands on a non windy day you'll be OK as long as no trucks are passing you.
  3. Ha, I had that problem so I just replaced the oven. BUT not the end of story. When we bought the RV it did not have an oven, only a cooktop. Installing a oven was part of the purchase. The oven we got included was a POS. We hated that thing for years. One day the pilot would not stay lit so I go to replace the thermocouple. The manufacture of the oven decides that it would be best to secure the thermocouple tubing to the rear of the oven with a clamp and screw. So.....in order to take the thermocouple off I had to remove the oven. I decided that if the oven was coming out it sure wa
  4. Just a thought....make sure that the leak isn't coming from a crack in the white plastic tee. As already said replace with a brass tee. One good thing is that its out where you can actually work on it. My jobs are usually way back in where I can only use one hand to work with...if I'm that lucky.
  5. I have to chime in on this and say that 2001 F550 Starhauler needs at least a half acre to turn around. It's terrible when backing my trailer in a RV site.
  6. I think you'll be too long for travel unless the 5th wheel is a mighty short one.
  7. If that is a roll pin as Ray suggests then it is intended to be a very tight fit where it goes through the red on your can and loose on the chrome parts. Maybe not defective but impossible to tell just by a photo. I've sold thousands of roll pins or split pins or compression pins or whatever you want to call them over my years working in sales for 30 years. JMO for what its worth. Bob
  8. The debt relief is good but the invoice they sent me recently for past due is not. I do believe that I would have been better off to keep making my prescription payments on regular monthly payments. In the end I will be making my new payments plus the amount owed for past due. The statement they sent was for over $500 for the relief they gave. Not much of a relief.
  9. I cannot comment which one is best but I can in regards to the 2006 Elite Suite that we bought new. At the time we were fulltimers and it was the best one that fit into our budget at the time. We had some issues at the beginning as everyone else does but the factory was there and bent over backwards in every way to correct the issues. The Elite Suite served us well for 13 years and will continue to serve us the rest of our lives. Besides normal wear it's still looks better than many 5 year old rigs do now that cost twice and sometimes 3X what ours did. Our MSRP was $88K back then and eve
  10. Please let us know how much difference it is now compared to before you were Californians on your car and RV registrations and the insurance. We were considering but ????
  11. Curious as to why you took them off your Mobile Suites ?
  12. Good price but why did you take them off the fifth wheel ?
  13. In your situation I would buy the TT Zone Pass and try it for one year. You talk about a higher level membership but what happens if you dont like it ??? Some people love TT but many others not so much. If you would buy a TT membership most times you are locked in for 5 years. Thats 5 years of dues costing in excess of $500 a year. Think about it carefully, it's good that you're on here asking questions.
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