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  1. Not really HDT Related but I am currently building a new Draft horse Hitch Wagon, and to save weight I am going to use an aluminum plate floor, I just need some help deciding how thick to buy, obviously I am trying to keep weight down but I also dont want a bunch of flex, the subfloor is .75x.75 16 gauge square tubing on 12 in centers, the floor is 50" wide. I am kind of leaning towards .100, the next option down is .063 which I think will be to thin. I would love to hear your suggestions.
  2. house

    Trucks Batteries

    Let me start with the fact that I am not a battery expert. Under ideal conditions, with brand new batteries at full charge you could probably do it, the issue you run into is when your batteries get a bit older, and the weather gets a bit colder, the harder you draw from the batteries the more quickly they will die. So while technically probably could start your truck with 2 batteries the lifespan will be much shorter, and on top of that you will have much cushion.
  3. My truck is currently registered in Montana under an LLC, but currently I am paying the Luxury tax for the next 2 years so my tags are about 1000/year. Working on old truck title I found that Vermont has pretty lenient registration laws, and my truck would only be $140 for 2 years. Just curious if anyone has ever done this or had issues because the truck was titled as a Motorhome? Thanks in advance Nick
  4. house

    ice and snow

    I just got back from a horse show in Georgia and Florida, during my trip home I hit a bit of snow in LA, MS, and TX. I have driven through a bit of snow before, but typically a couple of hours or a half day of snow and I am good. I was shocked to find out how spending a bit of time in the snow caused serious mechanical issues. The worst thing that happend to me is that my truck airbags would not inflate, this made it basically impossible to park and get out without the help of a tow truck. then my trailer air suspension accumulated so much ice that the ride height system froze. Finally an
  5. house

    To get a newer truck?

    I have to say I am not as into HDTs as many here, but I own a 2000 FL C112 and a 2012 International Prostar, and while neither of these are Volvos I would say do whatever it is you can to stay with a Pre Emissions truck, especially for an RV. The emissions are super complicated and any time the light comes on it needs to go to a certified repair facility and have a clean bill of health before it can leave. The new truck is nice, but I would stay pre emissions
  6. it was actually the flush valve on my toilet, I just replaced the entire unit since I had it out.
  7. I have not gotten around to pulling the toilet, on the list for today. thanks for all your input
  8. I dont see any numbers on the toilet, where are they normally located? and it installed in shut a way unless I can hire a double jointed midget I am going to have to remove the toilet to get it off.
  9. Let me start by saying I like to buy american, that said, it is not always in my budget sometimes when it is I would rather have a superior product. on a tow rig I will almost always have Goodyear steer tires, they are mostly made in the us and are a great tire with great quality control, on my daily driver that is what I have as well. on a dually that I drive a decent amount every tire I have is either a Korean or Japanese tire brand maybe made in China maybe not, but I have found these tires to do well and cost far less and heck there is redundancy in the mix. on my trailers I find rim s
  10. call me crazy but it went with .120 wall with quarter inch plate and It is plenty stout enough. to me .25 cross members would be a bit over kill that said I went with 2x8x.120 rails and 8 inch channel setting on the frame I just could not see adding more weight from the cross members
  11. Sorry this is not HDT Specific, but I need help identifying this part. my toilet started squirting out water all over the place then this fitting finally let go, i assume it is an RV specific part or a high highly specific plumbing part but I need it to make my water system work so any help you can offer would be great! here is a picture.
  12. I had the same issue with the same insurance company, I just added a flatbed trailer to my policy that I had on my regular auto policy and they were happy. They just wanted a vin to put into the system.
  13. house

    Hdt driveway material?

    I use these nds geogrids in my horse stalls and they are plastic grids that you put down and fill will gravel or dirt and they are specifically made for parking trucks on, they work pretty well. there are plenty of brands but nds Is the brand I could get locally shipping was the killer.
  14. house

    flexible solar panel

    one of the ideas I like about mounting it on the air deflector, is that I dont actually need to drill holes in the roof, plus if I can just get away with using the grommets it will be easy to change.
  15. house

    flexible solar panel

    I have a pretty big airfoil on both of my trucks so there is no flat place to mount them, at least a decent sized one so this seemed like it might work
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