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  1. house

    To get a newer truck?

    I have to say I am not as into HDTs as many here, but I own a 2000 FL C112 and a 2012 International Prostar, and while neither of these are Volvos I would say do whatever it is you can to stay with a Pre Emissions truck, especially for an RV. The emissions are super complicated and any time the light comes on it needs to go to a certified repair facility and have a clean bill of health before it can leave. The new truck is nice, but I would stay pre emissions
  2. it was actually the flush valve on my toilet, I just replaced the entire unit since I had it out.
  3. I have not gotten around to pulling the toilet, on the list for today. thanks for all your input
  4. I dont see any numbers on the toilet, where are they normally located? and it installed in shut a way unless I can hire a double jointed midget I am going to have to remove the toilet to get it off.
  5. Let me start by saying I like to buy american, that said, it is not always in my budget sometimes when it is I would rather have a superior product. on a tow rig I will almost always have Goodyear steer tires, they are mostly made in the us and are a great tire with great quality control, on my daily driver that is what I have as well. on a dually that I drive a decent amount every tire I have is either a Korean or Japanese tire brand maybe made in China maybe not, but I have found these tires to do well and cost far less and heck there is redundancy in the mix. on my trailers I find rim size more important than most factors, I avoid trailers with 15 inch rims, and 16 inch rim size I try to go cooper because they are made in the us and are a bit on the economy side so I can replace them more often. That said given a preference i would choose a 17.5 Yokohama over everything else on the market, just had better luck I guess.
  6. house

    Deck build questions..

    call me crazy but it went with .120 wall with quarter inch plate and It is plenty stout enough. to me .25 cross members would be a bit over kill that said I went with 2x8x.120 rails and 8 inch channel setting on the frame I just could not see adding more weight from the cross members
  7. Sorry this is not HDT Specific, but I need help identifying this part. my toilet started squirting out water all over the place then this fitting finally let go, i assume it is an RV specific part or a high highly specific plumbing part but I need it to make my water system work so any help you can offer would be great! here is a picture.
  8. house

    Insurance Issue

    I had the same issue with the same insurance company, I just added a flatbed trailer to my policy that I had on my regular auto policy and they were happy. They just wanted a vin to put into the system.
  9. house

    Hdt driveway material?

    I use these nds geogrids in my horse stalls and they are plastic grids that you put down and fill will gravel or dirt and they are specifically made for parking trucks on, they work pretty well. there are plenty of brands but nds Is the brand I could get locally shipping was the killer.
  10. house

    flexible solar panel

    one of the ideas I like about mounting it on the air deflector, is that I dont actually need to drill holes in the roof, plus if I can just get away with using the grommets it will be easy to change.
  11. house

    flexible solar panel

    I have a pretty big airfoil on both of my trucks so there is no flat place to mount them, at least a decent sized one so this seemed like it might work
  12. house

    flexible solar panel

    I have seen many of the newer trucks now have solar panels on the wind deflectors, it looks like from the factory. I was thinking about adding this to my truck. It seems like they have plenty of them for sale on amazon. I am wondering if just putting some machine screws through the grommets with washers would keep it on there? has anyone retrofitted anything like this on their trucks? any thoughts?
  13. I am a huge fan of blue monster products they make a tape and a goop , I use both, it has a chemical reaction that occurs when you put it on. a the plumber who installed the pluming in my barn did it like that and I thought it was overkill, his comment was basically it is easier than coming back and fixing it. I have to say even if you just use the tape it is 100% better than just the plain old white stuff.
  14. house

    Trailer Batteries

    not really an HDT Thread but I was hoping it would be ok to ask here, I am getting ready to replace the batteries in my trailer, and I am debating about just using group size 31 starting batteries. I know that supposedly they will not last as long as deep cycle batteries. I normally use the marine starting batteries because they are cheaper than real deep cycles, and I dont really use my trailer to stay in, or frequently. The batteries that are in there to run the winch for loading my wagon, and keep a couple of ARB refrigerators going while we are on the road. and an occasional 12v light here and there. At this point the batteries are only lasting 2-3 years. I figure if I change to group size 31 batteries that they will probably last the same, especially since they are always connected to the truck batteries anyway. am I completely crazy? the main thought behind this is that the group size 31 batteries are cheaper and larger than anything else I can buy.
  15. My new bed is basically a copy of how my old bed, which is basically a cut down CM flatbed for a 450/4500, it is attached with 2 pieces of angle iron, 4 5/8 bolts through the factory hitch mount(2 on each side). then the factory trailer hitch has a couple of 3/8 bolts that go through the web of the trucks frame. That bed has a B&W GN hitch welded in that I dropped about 6 inches to make the trailer ride level. My trailer weights weights about 35K and I have hauled about 50,000 miles in the past 7 years and I check the bolts every year but none sheared off, at least so far. My new bed is much heavier as I used 8 inch channel for the main structure vs the 4 inch off my original, the same material I used to build my frame extension mainly because that is what I needed to clear the tires, I have not finished it yet but my last trip about 1200 miles the rear support was only attached with 4 #10 tek screws on each side, If those did not shear off during the trip I cant believe that 4 3/8 grade 8 bolts will. I guess I either have enough flex, or it is ridged enough to where it flexes as a unit. my main concern when I built it was to add more rigidity to the section of frame I welded on to support the hitch, probably just my mind going wild but I just wanted to make sure that there was no way in heck that it could fail.
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