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  1. It took a couple of tries but I found a suction mount that would adhere well enough to hold up a 10" tablet. The auction was not the only issue buy the tilt arm holding its position. We did this in the motorhome. For our cars we only have used sandbag mounts. The video cam is a lot lighter than a GPS and falls off the windshield all the time.
  2. On my Volvo, the audio alarm only came on with the engine running. When I took my CDL test I warned the examiner before we started that was how the Volvo works. The requirement for an audio and visual alarm is only for a running engine.
  3. We used the park wi-fi in past years. If you contact them, they have a "for the rally" that is much more reasonable than the daily rate.
  4. For the record, the official wide limit on all roads is 8'. On Interstates, the limit is raised to 102". Being inside the mirrors doesn't count if the LEO is checking. Mirrors, steps, lug nut covers are examples of exempted safety equipment. Believe it or not, CB antennas are not safety equipment and if you really pissed the LEO off, he could over-width you on them. Awnings on the trailer are exempted from the width limits. Now would you get stopped at 107", probably not. Just don't give the LEO a different reason to stop you.
  5. We had hoses from http://www.rvh2o.com/ and the rvwaterfilterstore. More expensive but we used one for 13 years and the other for 14 years now..
  6. After evaluation of the tool I found and the few who have tested the extracted HHRVResource website, the website will go on. During the evaluation, I found several broken links. I will work on either fixing or removing broken links before doing a final extraction.
  7. I found this utility that might solve my dilemma for the Resource Guide. It unloads and active website into a static one. Before I spend a lot of time cleaning it up, I thought I would put the static clone out there for evaluation. http://hhrv.hhrvresource.com Tell me what you think.
  8. The HHRVResource Guide was developed in Drupal 7 CMS system. Drupal 7 was to go EOL this year but has been extended until end of 2021, So to keep the HHRVResource Guide going on, a re-creation is needed. One issue is that because of the lost of Escapees members to Facebook, new information for HHRVResource Guide has not happened for two years. What I need is responses to two things. 1. Whether the HHRVResource Guide is still needed. 2. Do you use a smartphone as your only Internet interface. This relevant to a re-create. The transition to Drupal 9 (Drupal 8 will end at
  9. I used a Power Tank, a bottle of compressed CO2 with a special regulator. Easily fills tires to 150 psi. It is silent so you can check and fill tires without disturbing your neighbors. Takes less space than an AC electric compressor. But it is pricey.
  10. For me I opened the hood and stood up on the engine and reached as far as I could up the roof, about 1/3 of the way. The rest was natures problem.
  11. The Note 9 phones have wireless charging but the tablets and headphones don't. Magnetic charge cables made a world of difference. A small adapter plugs into the USB-micro socket. Then the magnetic end of the cable connects to the adapter. only have to get the end within an inch and it grabs the adapter. Nothing to wear and glasses not needed. Works in the dark since the cable end has a led light.
  12. Would not tow anyother way than four down.
  13. And in Viet Nam I adjusted the fuel controls on Hueys with my ears just a few inches from the turbine bleed and with air whistling about 600 mph and we had no ear muffs. So now I have a very narrow band of hearing loss. So hopefully we are getting smarter.
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