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  1. There are these videos by a fella named Munro who has torn a Mach-e and a Tesla Model Y apart and has a lot to about the EV industry. His analysis of the Hydrogen/Elecric story is that long range trucks using hydrogen canisters will the introduction of hydrogen and may the sole use. Trucks could load a set of canisters that can be rotated out on the road giving the range between stops needed for OTR trucking. Too complicated for cars where batteries will be fine. The trucking industry almost has an independent energy structure already. P
  2. Very few states require any licensing to drive large Rvs, just like the Coast Guard has little requirement for a piloting a boat too large for ther operator. Way back in 2006 when Maryland tried to enforce the Class B requirement for RVs that had been passed in 1996, I was in a meeting with the legislature, dealers and the RV standards folks uncovered the problem of how to license. Dealers do not want licening as it would deter sales. A CDL test requires you to be accompanied by an already licensed CDL driver and to have accompnied by a licensed CDL driver while learning to drive. Not hard for a company hiring you and having you learn, or a driving school. Real problem for an RV. There is no question that some kind of license endorsement, like a motorcycle endorsement, should be required for large RVs. Knowing the dynamics of 40.000 lbs in stopping is only reasonable. And the knowlege of the dynamics of trailer in tow should be known. You know how many diesel pusher drivers do not know what the buzzer alarm for air brakes mean? These enddorsements should be mandatory and could be implemented with written tests. No need for driving tests. The LEOs and the insurance companies with handle the actual driving.
  3. We used Electrify America 50 Kw and 150Kw chargers. We have a Tesla Destination charger adapter but we haven't used it yet, that is L2. Elon hasn't made Testla Super Chargers available to other brands yet. Its more than just an adapter. I did spin rubber once. I punched-it leaving an intersection while turning. Never in a straight line, just zoooom.
  4. We just drove from Mission, TX to Austin in our Nustang Mach-e with a quoted 305 mile range. The stops at the super chargers were not much longer than the wife's manditory potty breaks.
  5. I have about 4000 miles on my Racing Red 2WD Extended Premier Mach-e. I was lucky to buy just before the chip clampdown which has delayed orders over 6 months. The zoom factor is intoxicating but I find I am driving the speed limit all the time because of intelligent cruise where the car adjusts cruise speed by reading speed limit signs. I really like one-pedal mode where you don’t use the brake pedal, much smoother driving. The spouse likes braking too much to do one-pedal. It is the ultimate geezer car. Haven’t bought any gas since March. We are coming on a trip from McAllen to Austin where we will have to plan like an RV rip, were to go and where to stay. Not sure it I am going to get Blue Cruise, the Ford automatic driver software. It would be a download for a fee. I don’t think I will make enough long trips to warrant it. Best buy I made in a long time especially since I have 1 of 2 Mach-es in the RGV valley. I get a lot of celerity stares and thumbs up,
  6. My Mustang Mach-e only gets noisy when in Unbridled mode.
  7. From my experience with the Hoppy solid state converter, only the expensive $90 version was any good. The cheap $30 version are prone to burn out. Used the high end Hoppy for 10 years after burning out two cheap ones. The expensive version had shorting protection. The Jackalope is not that expensive when compared to a reliable interface for your trailer taillights. If you want to splice your own connector, find the side of the truck with stop-turn light wiring which is used on the tractor rear end. The rest of the truck is stop/turn wired. But wiring directly into the truck wiring can lead to light computer problems.
  8. Used my GI bill to supplement going to Milwaukee School of Engineering for two years. Then I used it to pay for a correspondence course on TV repair and at the end I had a 27" Color TV, big deal in the dark ages.
  9. It is the wheel cut that makes the difference. Most regular pickups have the front wheel close to the frame and limit their wheel cut. The F-450 moved the wheels out and have a better wheel cut. Tandems duals increase turning radius because of the longer wheel base.
  10. Our Mustang Mach-e is our only vehicle. We live in Mission Texas so we are about as south as you can get. The Mach-e is really fun to drive.
  11. There are tons of into on the (6) Mach-E Forum | Ford Mustang Mach-E Forum and News (macheclub.com) and the Ford Mustang Mach-E Forum – MachEforum.com – Ford Mustang Mach-E Forum – MachEforum.com | Ford Mustang Mach-E Forum - MachEforum.com forums.
  12. 100% Charge is 273-305 miles on the Mach-e gauge which compensate for environmental conditions.
  13. Having entered the EV game with a Mustang Mach-e, one of the discussion points in making the decision was long travel. We decided that we would just have to travel like we did with the motorhome, about 150-200 miles a day and that we would have to plan where we are going to stop and recharge. It is not like driving 450-500 miles a day but them again, we are older and the slower pace is more fitting to us. But the infrastructure concerns ware valid. We put is a wall charger. But I think if everyone in Retama Village did so, the lights would dim. Few communities have the wire structure to support all EVs.
  14. I don't have the link at this moment but there are a couple of resources that I considered before. Do a search As it was, I used PrsssurePro tire sensors and I found that a 1" PVC pipe fit over the sensor and allowed =it to be screwen onto the inner dual stem.
  15. Other consideration of the unibiqual to the car. On the Bounder we had to use a drop hitch adapter to get the proper height. That put the car farther away from the Bounder. Even with carefull shopping, the longest spiral cables I could find were 7 '. My solution was to mount a 7-flat receptacle on the drop down adapter using clamps with a short cable to the Bounder. Now the cable was comfortable. Using the magnetic lights was a simple 4 wire cable. The lights were easy. But we also were using a battery charger with the +12volt wire. The charger assumes a ground connect between the tow vehicle and the toad. This is normally supplied via the light wiring. I had to insure the White (Ground) wire of the light wires was attached to frame ground of the Equinfox for the charger to work. D were 7'.
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