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  1. Eyelet on the landing gear pad is a great idea! Not that big of a deal, but I have my legs set so I drop them onto a pad, lower my air bags on both the hitch and truck and then drive out from under. My legs are marked for the perfect height so I don’t need to raise or lower them other them to be level, and are plenty high enough for off and on road travel.
  2. Not a dumb question at all Phil. This charger is actually temporary until I get one specifically for the truck. When I decide what charger I want, I’ll hard wire and mount it in the battery box. the posts are more for emergency jump starting without taking off the battery box cover.
  3. Wired in a couple battery jumper posts so now I don’t need to remove the battery box cover to hookup a battery tender or for jump starting. So far real happy just need a higher out put tender. One thing I did notice though is that for some reason both the main ground cable and positive to the starter are coming from the same battery?? I would think the negative wire be at the last battery of three in the battery bank?
  4. One of the only good things of living in California is we do get to play year round. 😂
  5. Thanks Chad, it’s been awhile sense I’ve Posted a picture so needed to try and remember how.
  6. Broncohauler

    Test picture

    Been awhile, see if I remember how to post pictures for no good reason.
  7. Thanks Randy, The truck is a 97 Peterbilt with a N14 with 3 batteries. No draw other then maybe the radio clock memory. I have the same converter charger on my trailer with great results. But don’t need that complex of the system at this time anyway. What do you think of a “battery tender solar charger” or would it be easier and better to set up a harbor freight solar system with their tender. I parked the truck next to my trailer which is plugged in all the time it really wouldn’t be a big deal to just plug the truck into the trailer. I just don’t like extension cords running on the ground if I can help it.
  8. Hey guys it’s been a while. I’m finally giving in and looking for a “Battery Tender” for our truck. I have the ability to plug one in but solar is also an option to not have wires on the ground leading to an outlet. 1)What would you recommend? 2)How many amps? 3) solar or none is better 4) Best pricing
  9. Broncohauler


    What battery Tender do you guys like best? How many Amps? solar or plug in?
  10. Broncohauler


    Thank you. It was a fun project to build back in 2009
  11. Broncohauler


    It’s a 2006 weekend Warrior filed clam today. we’ll see what happens?
  12. Broncohauler


    Ya I’ll check the policy. Not sure about the insurance part? Truck I guess handles the liability part ? would want something depending on buy back price
  13. Broncohauler


    I’ll never get close to what replacement cost would be. Something to think about?
  14. Broncohauler


    Your totally correct on that. And as a salvage I have no idea who would give me insurance ?
  15. Broncohauler


    We do like it. And just upgraded axles and 17.5 Tire’s and wheels along with new batteries and new awning. Estimate right now for repairs is around 8K good guy pricing to repair front and rear replacing all bad wood.
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