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Some days even my own people embarrass me


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It is days like today that make it hard to be a redneck.

I actually stopped this young lady and asked what the hell she was thinking. She looked at me like she didn't understand. I re-phrased my question, asking how wide this "thing" was and she looked at me as serious as could be and said "It's just within the law".

"uh, No." was my immediate thought.



The thing that "looks" like a slide topper is made out of 2x4's and covered in shingles. The strap running up the slide out is there to keep the "topper" from flapping while they go down the road. Did I mention that their registration expired in 02/2004? THey didn't see any need to renew it cuz they's only moving to a new trailer park 9 MORE miles down the interstate, and then a bit down that road.

Damn, it's hard to be a redneck some days. This lovely lady informed me that if it was up to her, they'd revoke my membership in the redneck society.

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That is awesome. At first, looking at the photo, I was thinking they were pulled to the side of the road eating lunch, and didn't realize the slide was hanging over the edge of the roadway. The description is even better.

maveric, that was AFTER I made them stop. :) They were driving down the service road, like it was just another day. They were a bit over 11 feet wide and couldn't understand why anyone would object to them towing the house to a new home. :wacko:

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Big 5fer can back me up on this, but if the load can be reduced to legal limits, it does not qualify to be moved as an over dimensional load. I am not sure of the engineering changes made in this case, if they were permanent, and the slide couldn't go back in, it could be moved with an OD permit.

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Hey, I had to do that once! Bedroom slide would not retract so drove 25 miles to the dealer. Fortunately it only hangs out 16 inches and on the curb side. Two lane road most of the way and stayed in the right lane when it went to 4 lane. Could have waited for the dealer to make a house call but - well, I'd still be waiting!


Ended up having to fix it myself AFTER the dealer "fixed" it twice!

Yeah, I was looking for one of those LEOs but got "lucky". Even went by an open DOT scale and got no response.


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Jim, moved further to the right (into the abandoned driveway), ticketed and left there to "fix" their issues. Could they have just driven away after I did? Sure. Are they subject to another citation if they didn't fix it and get caught again? Yup.

Exactly how and what they did, I do not know. I don't have the time or the inclination to wait them out. I was working in that area and kept my eye out for them. That doesn't mean they didn't sneak passed me anyway or maybe the really did what they should have done to begin with?

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Per commercial enforcement anyone can purchase an oversize permit. He then told me I can't move until after 9 and he was going to go find a commercial truck to stop.

It just dawned on me...this has been discussed before. If you are not required to have motor carrier authority you have to purchase a $10,000 surety bond (In Texas...other states will vary).

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