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  1. Are you kidding? You have so much fun at one of these events they should be illegal....😀
  2. beyerjf


    Yes they will come on even if the ignition is off and respond to any motion of the tractor. A stiff wind would do it. The hard wired circuit goes to both +battery for full time juice and Ign on for regular needs, so it doesn't just sit there recording when the truck is parked for days, weeks, years, whatever....
  3. beyerjf


    After trying several, all with flaws, I installed this Garmin 65w around 2 years ago. https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/587334 Major pluses: Small, but with great video clarity. Hard wired (if desired) Comes on when ignition is turned on. Don't have to remember to plug it in. Continues recording for set time after ignition off, also is motion sensitive, comes on even with ignition off if truck is jostled. Easy to transfer files to computer, can also see videos on app. But here is the best. It is voice activated. Just say "OK Garmin, save video" or "OK Garmin, save picture" Saves v
  4. Since this thread has sort of morphed from replacing equipment to replacing motivation I might as well weigh in. Some of you may recall when I went full time, and attended the National in Hutchinson from 2013-2017, got my cat Sunflower, all was right with the world. Well sort of. And this was even discussed by several members, the fact that the one thing they missed the most being a moving target was the lack of a fully equipped shop. That is what I missed severely, plus still being active in the trucking business with an older (2000) model tractor. a maintenance facility was becoming cri
  5. A similar scenario existed with automobiles. The software required to service them was proprietary and not available to independent repair shops. It took a while for their lobbying groups to convince Congress to force the auto makers to give access to that software. But that was a consumer product. Such does not exist for HDT's as an example. You usually cannot buy the software needed to service your Kenworth, Freightliner or others. If you can it is prohibitively expensive.
  6. I have tried it both ways. Leaving the phone on, or turning it off before it goes into the pouch. It doesn't seem to make any difference in battery life. Leaving it on is a little easier, as soon as it come out of the pouch it looks for a signal. I don't have to wait for it to boot up. And turning the phone off doesn't turn off all the functions. The phone can be tricked into pinging towers and transmitting location data. Here is an article which explains who can do it and how. Every day one "app" or another is exposed as some fraudulent way to get to you. Frankly I don't trust any a
  7. Since we are on the topic of wholesale snooping. I got tired of Google knowing everywhere I went and asking me how I liked the tacos at Enrique's Mexican Food Emporium, even though I just drove past the place. Matters not if your phone is turned off, it still pings towers, and unless you disable the GPS function, tells the whole intelligence and internet community where you are. Soooo, this product stops the nonsense. Called Silent Pocket, nice little pouch to store your cell phone in, lined with material to prevent all signals in or outbound, otherwise known as a Faraday cage. Put it in
  8. You are right, I haven't posted for a while. I am the guy with the red Argosy Freightliner cabover. Still have the units, have stopped commercial trucking for the moment because of all the hullabaloo. Might even make it to Hutchinson in October, hard to plan stuff like that these days. Sunflower is doing fine by the way. May change the title of the tractor to an RV, I am now domiciled in Indiana, if anyone has pulled that stunt I would appreciate hearing from them. The HDT resource guide information is like 8 years old on the topic for Indiana. Also need guidance on insurance for t
  9. I worked for Penske Truck leasing for 4 years. Here is how the disposal of used equipment goes. First they approach the wholesale market, retailers that are willing to buy multiple units. They get the best of the units if they are willing to pay for them. By the best, I mean long term lease units( 3 or more years ) that have been assigned to one customer, preferably serviced by one Penske location. Next will be dealers who will take one or 2 at a time, who know what they are buying and inspect them carefully wholesale for retail sale. Next, which is what you are referring to is the unit
  10. What about the times you were paid to fix a customers car and... While doing double duty doing oil changes on the rack and running out to pump gas( remember that?) I came back to the 1963 Chevrolet 283 V-8 still up in the air. Spun the oil filter on it, lowered it, filled it with oil and drove it out to the parking lot, not noticing the thin stream of oil all the way. Customer picks up the car, gets about 1/2 mile oil light comes on, boss tows it back in to find a PER-33 installed instead of the correct PER-49 or: Changing the customers rear tires from regular tread to snow trea
  11. Buy a cab over. Tilt cab until windshield is accessible from the ground. Wash window with bug sponge and squeegee. Commence Truckin'.
  12. beyerjf

    Damnphool ideas

    Have you been on the phone with my dispatcher?. Are you giving him ideas on how to cover loads all over North America while keeping me on the road for 2 months?
  13. If I had a dollar.... For every sign indicating a weight or length limit, no trucks blah blah blah, where it was absolutely the only way to get to the destination i would have been able to retire long ago. I have been making direct to site deliveries my entire trucking career. I see the signs. Lots of them are there for good reason. But there are also excellent reasons to ignore them. Would you like this 60,000 lb portable stage delivered to the city park where there is a 5 ton limit or not? You tell the 25,000 people who have paid $150-300 per ticket for the concert that cannot h
  14. beyerjf

    O.T. Elio Motors

    My son has a reservation, could try to sell it on Ebay. And I own 100 shares of the company, needless to say it wasn't the best investment I ever made. There was no mal intent on the part of The Elio corporation or it's founder. When the car's idea was first hatched about 10 years ago, gasoline was at record highs, over $4 a gallon, the average price of a new car was over $25k, so the idea made some sense. But a lot has changed in the ensuing period. Gasoline is down around $2.50 and stable enough for Ford to eviscerate their lineup of cars and concentrate on SUV's. And Electric anything has
  15. This was probably the major source of the loss of coolant, and was mentioned earlier, it got burned in the combustion chamber, not going into the oil pan and combining with the oil, which has also been mentioned would have left the oil looking like mayonnaise. If the hole is at the top of the liner where compression is forced into it one of the symptoms would be bubbles or even hoses blown off the cooling system. If the hole is at the lower part of the liner it just leaks into the cylinder. The hole was caused by cavitation, which is prevented by testing the coolant at least annually to
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