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  1. Lou, I have a meter but don't know how I would use it. My first thought is, I could unplug from shore power and turn off everything except the freezer and measure the amps coming across the positive battery cable while running off 120V through my RV's inverter, and compare it with running off the 12V directly. I should remove the frozen food and let it warm up inside a bit to make sure the compressor runs during each test. All that seems like too much of an effort. My second thought, and perhaps what you were thinking, is that there is probably a easier way to figure it out using a me
  2. Thanks for the input bigjim and oldjohn. My subject line sums up my dilemma. I don't know if the compressor is 12 or 120 volt. Perhaps the most efficient use of my battery power is to power it with 12V. If it's a 12V compressor, there will be no inversion. And if the compressor is 120 volt and the freezer has to invert the 12V, maybe it's still more efficient than my big Magnum inverter. The Magnum will be running to power my residential fridge anyhow though. If anyone can confirm that the compressor is 12 volt as I am guessing, or that it's not, please chime in. Thanks
  3. I sacrificed a couple small drawers and tip out laundry hamper and put our lithium battery in our bedroom where it normally stays warm in winter and cool in summer. Used the maple drawer and hamper fronts to create a removable door. In place it looks just like it did before the battery was installed.
  4. I have the option of plugging our 63 QT Base Camp fridge/freezer into 12V or 120V while driving. I read the manual and could not find a wiring diagram there or any info on line, other than it has a "Kohld Polar Hermetic" compressor. I assume AC power (inverted from my 12V battery) would be converted to 12V inside the freezer to run the compressor. That would be a less efficient use of my RV's battery. Is my assumption correct that plugging the freezer into 12V would be a more efficient use of my 12V battery power? Thanks in advance! Jim
  5. Let me repeat what I said in my original post..."I probably would not want this myself." Like Glenn, I find it interesting and I posted the link because I thought it might be of interest to others. I am not saying that it is practical and I am not trying to encourage anyone to buy an electric motorcycle and use the battery to power their RV. I put it out as food for thought only. I am not a solar or electronics expert by any means. It does seem that I have heard of someone with plans to use a 48 volt lithium battery in an RV. I think the biggest advantage was smaller cab
  6. The linked article is about a new Sondors 80 mph, 80 mile range motorcycle. It has a removable 4 kWh battery that is easy to slide out of the bike to be charged inside. Two of those would be almost the capacity of the lithium battery we have in our RV now, which I find to be pretty robust. That said, I could never have enough solar or battery, especially when I hear of folks running AC's while boondocked. Would it be practical for a motorcycle battery (or two) to be also used as auxiliary storage in an RV? There would be times that one might use the battery for riding and other times
  7. Libreader, I think you will need to find a way to determine the details of your insurance plan. You should have access to documentation from the insurance plan that you could read yourself, or find someone else familiar with insurance that you trust to interpret for you. In my case, the insurance that I kept when I retired in NY has global coverage. However, the reimbursement rates for "out of network" services are low. My plan publishes an online directory to locate in network providers. I find plenty of providers in areas where New Yorkers retire to, like AZ and the entire ea
  8. Like, pfhays, we also flew into Sioux Falls, got a free hotel transfer to the Sleep Inn, walked across the lot to DMV in the morning, out in a short bit, and took the free hotel shuttle back to airport. Easy and no need to rent a car. Jim
  9. Without plans to return to my domicile state until long after the pandemic risks have dissipated, I have been wondering where I will be put in the que in other states to receive the Covid vaccine. In the search I just did the only reference I could find pertained to Florida. An article in the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL includes a Q&A. It appears the responses are those of Jason Mahon, spokesman for the Florida Division of Emergency Management. | DEC 12, 2020 AT 8:30 AM Q. Will snowbirds who are getting ready to spend the winter in Florida be a
  10. I see some useful ideas to follow up on including asking the Escapee folks in Livingston for assistance. I had not thought of that. Thanks! It might help solicit more ideas if I clarify some details. 1) We do not have a permanent stick and brick home that we reside in all or part of the year. Our RV is our only residence with a SD domicile and mail forwarding service. 2) We do have a home that my wife's father gave us, but he still lives in it. We don't collect rent, but consider it to be investment property we will eventually sell. 3) We have no intention to buy a
  11. My wife and I have been Full Time RVrs for 5+ years. We are thinking about buying a stick and brick home and RVing part time. We have a SD PMB that shows on our driver's licence and no permanent physical address. We have money invested at Vanguard, Fidelity, and a couple other brokerages and we have quite a few credit cards and bank accounts. With mortgage rates as low as they are right now, we would like to get pre-approved for a mortgage before we look at potential homes. None of the institutions we already have accounts with would be a place for us to obtain a mortgage. Actually we d
  12. Jim Gell

    smart issue

    UPDATE ON MY REPAIR: The ignition switch part arrived from Germany last week when the Mercedes dealer expected it and they made the repair. Car seems to run perfectly. That is not to say that the car actually needed the part to be repaired. I am just glad to have the car back and not be charged for the repair. I had looked around the manual but missed page 97. I guess I need to spend more time reading through that little manual. With the "stay at home" social distancing in effect, we did not really miss the car all that much. If the part had not come in when they expected it
  13. Jim Gell

    smart issue

    I did the same thing last month. I drove our 2016 smart up the ramps onto the truck and left in neutral while I installed chocks and strapped the wheels down. It's my normal routine. However, it was dinner time and I forgot to get back in the car, set brake, put it in park and remove key. I got up the next morning to leave Florida for NC and battery was dead. I rolled the car off the truck at a smart dealer near Raleigh, NC. It was something to see as the brakes did not work. Fortunately my wife had suggested we not not roll it off toward the new Mercedes where I had thought would be f
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