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  1. Most Oregon DOT scales are active (ON) even when the scales are "closed". If you happen to find one (mostly on the secondary highways (US97 for example). If you find one that says CLOSED go ahead and use it. Easy to get each axle weight and then back up and weigh only one side and calculate the other. Lenp
  2. I may be wrong but I think the 65' rule is recreational pull only. You mention a stacker trailer which suggests racing which would be commercial and has different length limits. Lenp
  3. Your converter is designed to keep your batteries charged and does this by (1) monitoring the battery voltage to determine what the state of charge (SOC) is and (2) then suppling the appropriate voltage to the batteries to bring them up to a 100% SOC. This voltage will vary depending on the SOC of the battery. Without batteries connected the converter will probable still provide something close to 12-13 volts but I would certainly want to measure it with a good quality volt meter before I ran the entire RV from it. Voltage could be low or excessive causing damage to some components. Plus,
  4. Thanks for sharing Derek! Should be an interesting ride. Lenp
  5. Have you updated the phone's operating system lately? Might help. Apple seems to be pushing iphone updates 2-3 times a month. Not sure about Android. Lenp
  6. Tim & Peggy, Concur with John 100%. I always tell people if they are looking at a house battery DO NOT consider a battery that has a CCA rating. To me CCA means thin plates and a starting battery. Good luck in your search! Lenp
  7. Several years ago I read an article that stated something to the effect that if you limited the discharge of your (flooded) batteries to less than 50% you would get TEN times the number of charge/discharge cycles out of them versus letting them discharge to 10% or lower (i.e., 200 cycles from 90% to 10% versus 2000 cycles of 90% to 50%). Thus, I try to stay above the 50% level and the last two sets of batteries have lasted well over eight years! I can remember years ago (40+) having to replace batteries every year. Probably due to improper care on my part. Lenp
  8. The pink stuff will freeze just like water - it jut DOES NOT expand like water. Lenp
  9. I may not be doing it correctly but this has worked for me for years..... 1) Bypass the hot water heater and drain the tank 2) Pump the pink stuff throughout the system until you see it coming out EVERY tap (takes a few gallons) 3) Follow the washing machine instructions for winterizing (essentially get the pink stuff into the drum and then let the machine pump it out) 4) Leave the pump on and connected to a jug of the pink stuff 5) Turn on the ice maker and let it make ice until the ice is pink (might take all night) 6) Turn off the pump and remove the jug of pin
  10. Starlink won't help you much as of right now. It IS NOT mobile YET. You can move around some within a specific geographical area but only a few miles. It does work great here at the house. Lenp
  11. I don't think it can see through trees so doubt is would "see" through the roof. Lenp
  12. System arrived today and operational within an hour! 158Mbps down and 24 up. Certainly can't complain! Lenp
  13. I expected to be writing about how great Starlink is by now but, thanks to FedEx, delivery has been delayed until Monday. Stay tuned! Lenp
  14. Received my invitation February 9th and signed up immediately. Received notification today that is was shipped and will arrive Thursday (25th). Invitation said 2-4 weeks for delivery so 3 1/2 not bad. I have a 360 clear view of the sky here in sunny Central Oregon so, hopefully, it will work out well for me. Currently using wireless ISP and getting good service but speeds limited to 10-20Mbps which is OK but current $50/month plan allows only 100Gb before charging additional $1.85/Gb overage. Happy with what I have but just had to have Starlink! After years with HughesNet I
  15. Got the invite to join the "Better than Nothing" beta testers yesterday. Placed the order immediately. We will see how it works for me. Quoted 2-4 week lead time. Lenp
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