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What do you say when asked, "What do you?"


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My answer has always been that I am retired, and a now a professional volunteer. Only if asked more to I bother to expand upon my career.


On occasion I have also told people that I am working on becoming a part of the "idle rich" and so far have the first down pat.

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I say I'm too busy having fun, have no time to work, so I retired and travel fulltime chasing good weather and good times.


That's a good one! "Ya know.. I've been so busy playing I just haven't been able to find the time to work. [thoughtfully] What year is it now anyway?" ;)

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Retired, do nothing and proud of it.


Just this morning I was sitting out front with my cup of coffee when a neighbor stopped by and asked what I am doing. I told him that I am doing nothing today. He then commented that I did nothing all day yesterday, so I explained that I am not finished yet. :P

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When we first began our 7 year fulltime adventures, we got another comment - "You're too young to be retired! Go back to work! Mostly from other fulltimers and SKPs at the SKP parks and Coops we visited in our first full year of travels. I'd invariably be asked if we were working on the road first, and when I'd say no we are fully re-tired they did not know what to say thus the above comments. We were the youngest fulltimers we met back then as I was 45 and my Significant Harassment, of 43 years now, was (cough 43 cough) younger. Today we see a more diverse group.


For all you noobs I strongly suggest you join SKPs and make your first year of fulltiming doing the Southern route starting at Rainbow's End in Livingston TX, across the I-10, and I-8 then up the coast and around the Washington peninsula to Chimicum the most Northern of the SKP Coops at that time. Easterners can start further East, but we traveled only West of the Mississippi, as we'd lived all over the Eastern half of the US as Air Force Brats and then for my 27 year career with the AF. We were stationed in San Antonio TX twice, and three years at the AF Academy in Colorado Springs, I lived in Colombia for two years when I was 5 and 6 y/o, and we lived in Germany for 7 years, but that was it. So we were anxious to travel the West, especially the coast, because we originally set out to get a sailboat and be liveaboards. We tried to hit every Escapee park in that first year but we didn't detour to visit JoJoba until our second year. It worked out quite well for us as we stayed at military FamCamps in between SKP parks. Retirees, it was amazing how easily that worked. And we made a lot of friends, and learned so much from all the wonderful folks we met in the SKPs group, that we recommend that for anyone not really sure where to start.

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We retired about six months ago. We are in our fifties, and apparently we look young for retired folks at least. We hear, "You're too young to be retired" statement pretty often, especially from those our age or older than us who are not retired. Suppose I'm still not quite comfortable with the idea that I'm not a "profession."


With other RV'ers it works well to say "Were retired and full-timers." They completely get it. For others we meet, we seem to have to explain things. Still trying to figure it out.

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