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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Military people!
  2. The problem issues of 2004 was caused by an unknown diver of my RCA Cambrio Tablet with W10. I tried DriverEasy paid version but no luck! I found a sound driver; but it is a generic from Intel. It shows up in the Device manager. It works without any sound from the speakers! At least the others seem to work thankfully!
  3. I would not have a clue! I still have a problem with no sound. I did get a driver working with an Intel driver that allowed the tablet/portrait to work with my 2&1 RCA Cambrio. The manufacturer says the original driver has Not Found so I had to use the Intel one; but no sound in the speakers. Oh well at least the other part works! When this one quits I am not buying another Microsoft computer again! Will be using my Android tablet; Smartphone and the MacBook Pro for my PC. Oh maybe mess around with the Lenovo and Linux withRaefila 19.1. 🤣 🤣
  4. I did get my old RCA Cambio Tablet to work again! In August I received the new 2004; but the Sound driver went to the Ozone some where! LOL! I tried unsuccessful to get it working with the settings to no avail! After getting 6 hours this morning shazam! I got into the Device Manager and a tab on top clicked on Legacy to the trouble and found the Sound and Games device clicked and out of a dozen drivers I found the USB Audio. Then it was Vulaa! It worked! I may not have done all these directions properly; but I am not a Genius with the inner workings but am darned happy! Think I am going to leave these Upgrades alone for awhile! LOL! I was out of posting for about 6.5 months due to a Brain Blood Clot and Stroke since 03/08 to 03/13/2020. My own Audio Speech and word comprehension quit working! I had a speech therapist which ended 6 months ago. I now have about 85% of it again!
  5. Well I believe it is. in a quandry as this pandemic has hurt many of us from the country to the VA! I had to do a Telecall with my Primary Care Dr. in April after I had a stroke and blood clot in my brain in March 09; 2020. With having a speak impediment caused by the stroke I managed to talk with her! I have a podiatry (foot) appointment tomorrow; we have to go to another entrance to be checked for Temperatures; being sick; etc. then wear the mask in the hospital that is a problem with my COPD! I then have an appointment with the PCP in Sept. 15th for all the tests I had from the Stroke. So here it is with most all of us who need health care! We either need to go with the roll or go elsewhere ??? It beats better than the alternative!
  6. I lightly read a video on Vanderbilt University Hospital that has some hope of a vaccine for CUVID-19. Hopefully it will shed some light on it!
  7. Have a safe and good day and do not forget what it means!!
  8. I sure would like to see Italy and China's reports of the COVID-19 tallies or if they are reducing!
  9. Pieere

    Memorial Day

    Belated Memorial Day!
  10. This old Veteran prays for them! God Bless!
  11. Got mine on the 1st of May or there about! I had to buy my abode a new water heater; an awning; and labor. I also have a 15K roof AC; but more labor extensive before my finances eked out! Seems like Fall before it gets done! So I guess some taxes will be-falled from the Stimulus monies. O' and I still need to pay food; rent; fuel and utilities. LOL!
  12. Just don't understand why the old drive with Linux Raefalia works in the Lenovo computer!
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