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  1. in the video, he said she woke him up, he did not say he was driving at 6:03-04 when asked by the reporter, he clearly says she was driving, he was sleeping he later says he had a hard time breaking the windows out in his bare feet, not that he was driving bare footed, he was sleeping bare footed, and was woken by his girlfriend when she lost control of the truck (all the TV news reports and the police report states she was the driver, he was sleeping) Not that it matters that much who was driving, just a spectacular crash & fire, that they were lucky to walk away from
  2. This was a few days ago in S California, near the I-5 & 91. Not much left of the pickup or toy hauler. The couple were dragged out of the pickup by a passing trucker before the flames took over. Still under investigation as to why the pickup & toy hauler flipped over. The crash was about 1:30 AM and no other vehicles involved, so I suspect the driver dozed off and then over corrected, but thats just a guess. The flames were so extensive that you'll hear the fireman in the video say, we're running out of water, and they finish with a portable extinguisher. here's the video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1lk6cbyUGA
  3. Its a personal decision, based on your priorities, preferences and budget. A $475 monthly HOA fee seems excessive to me, but if their amenities are worth that much to you, it may be a good fit. Also, if you've never dealt with an HOA bureaucracy, be sure to understand how they can and do sometimes dictate every little detail of your life on their property. Read the complete HOA rules ahead of time, talk to current owners about how cooperative or dictatorial the HOA board is. Sometimes those boards are full of folks whose only enjoyment in life is making your life miserable. When I decided to switch to summer & winter RV homebases after 5 yrs of fulltiming, I chose to buy remote land and install my own utilities and improvements. After years of alternating between boondocking and RV parks, I realized I prefer having my neighbors a 1/4 mile way, and I prefer space to fire off my AR15 in the back yard, rather than a pool or golf course.
  4. Before Covid you could renew your SD license up to 6 months before its expiration date, but not a day after. You could apply for a DL extension and they were readily given. During Covid they closed their offices and all licenses were automatically extended to 12/31/2020. So far that date hasn't been extended, so everyone who expired in the last 6 months is currently trying to get renewed before 12/31/2020. As a "fulltime traveler" SD does allow you to apply for a renewed DL by mail (every other renewal), but that still requires proof of a one night stay within the last year.. In addition to the standard renewal application, you must send them a signed Residency Affidavit and a receipt showing your name & address for the one night stay, and a document showing your SD mail PMB address. If you're over 65 you must also send a vision statement signed by your eye Doc in lieu of the in person vision test. Driver’s Licenses for Full Time Travelers | SD DPS PS: since re-opening their offices, they no longer accept walk ins. You must get a pre-scheduled appointment and those are taking several weeks to get. So don't go to SD until you have an official appointment, or you'll be sitting their several weeks waiting.
  5. A subject often discussed here, may be headed to the US supreme court. Those fulltimers who work for pay have always been interested in which state gets to tax their mobile income. In the past its usually been the state where you physically earned the income that got to tax it. Although there were 6 states that took a different approach called the "convenience rule"; meaning if your mobile work outside the state was for your convenience, then the state the employer was physically located could tax you. This "convenience rule" by some states has never been successfully challenged in court. With the drastic increase in working from home due to the Covid restrictions, this issue is coming up in many locations where it wasn't an issue in the past. There are several areas of the country where its common practice for workers to commute across state lines, such as NYC, Boston, Omaha, and others. A recent case that is working its way toward a possible supreme court hearing is New Hampshire vs Massachusetts. New Hampshire residents working in Boston were taxed by Massachusetts. Now due to Covid those folks are staying home in NH and working remotely. Mass maintains they have the right to continue taxing their total income; NH disagrees. Although the case is not based on fulltime RV'ers; if the court eventually makes a ruling in this case, it has the potential to impact working fulltime travelers. States Square Off Over Taxing Remote Workers’ Income - WSJ NJ says billions in taxes ‘sacrificed’ to NY by Garden State’s remote workers | Fox Business
  6. https://sdsos.gov/general-services/concealed-pistol-permits/default.aspx and the Federal ATF List of states with Brady exemptions https://www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/permanent-brady-permit-chart
  7. SD residents including fulltimers most certainly can buy handguns in state, I've bought 2 myself at 2 different SD shops.. It is true that some of the larger outdoor sports & gun shops choose to not sell handguns to those with PMB addresses. But other SD gun shops have no issue with the PMB address and the ATF has no policy on PMB addresses, they told me its up to the FFL shop to decide. The 30 day stay has nothing to do with buying a gun, it's a requirement for a SD CCW permit and its up to each county sheriff to decide what type of address is acceptable. When I did mine many years ago the Pennington County sheriff had no problem with my stay being at a local campground. If you get a SD Gold or Enhanced CCW, those include an exemption from the background check requirement.
  8. I always used a Power Service product in my diesel motorhome and diesel HDT. Never had any issues and both of those would sit parked frequently for 6 months and start up 1st turn of the key. My experience with the diesel on my liveaboard sailboat was different. I attributed it to the boat sitting in cool water with hot humid tropical air around it. crud & slime would build up quickly in the tank. Most marinas had someone setup to do what they called "fuel polishing". The would hookup in/out lines from my tank, to a pump and dual Racor filters and continuously pump my fuel through their system until it ran clear through their filters. This process was common in the marine industry, not sure if its used elsewhere.
  9. From my insurance brokers handbook--- Vacation Liability — this motor home/RV insurance provides personal liability coverage only when the RV is parked off public roads and while the unit is used for recreational purposes. It does not overlap with or apply to any loss payable under automobile liability coverage. For example, if the insured's friend slips on the step of his parked travel trailer and is injured, coverage is provided under the vacation liability option. It also does not apply if RV full-timers coverage is purchased instead. Unlike full-timers coverage, which grants broad personal and premises liability coverage, vacation liability applies only to a loss at the campsite or at the motor home. Thus, some insurers refer to this as campsite liability. You need to specifically ask for an RV Fulltimers Policy. Yes it costs more, because its a combination of vehicle coverages & homeowner liability coverages. When you owned a home you got your primary liability coverage through your homeowners policy. Now that you don't own a home, you need this extra personal liability coverage added to your RV policy.
  10. At my Colorado summer cabin, 8500 ft, we ended up with 12" of heavy wet snow on the ground this morning. Power out all night. Since the trees were all still fully leafed, the added weight of all the snow broke off branches & toppled whole trees all over the area. We always look forward to the color show the aspens put on each Sept. Not gonna be the same this year. Our highs 3 days ago were 80, todays high is 40.
  11. We've got an early winter storm forecast for Colorado. Predicting 12" of snow in the high country tonight & tomorrow morning. We went from highs in the 80's to highs in the 40's for the next couple days. This is about a month earlier than normal. But plenty of sunny fall days to come before leaving the mountains.
  12. As always, its best to be upfront & honest with your insurance company. When the appropriate policy terms are applied, you are not faced with last minute surprises. I now have 3 homes, all 3 sit vacant for up to 6 months each year ( I prefer not to deal with renters). Although the one in SD is my legal "primary" home, for insurance purposes all 3 are insured as "seasonal homes" and the insurance company is well aware of the situation and has no problem with it. RV'ers aren't the only ones with part time homes. At my summer hometown in the Co mtns, over 50% of the homes are owned by Texans as 2nd homes for summer and sit vacant all winter, all fully insured. When I visit my sailboat in Fl and rent a condo until the boats ready to take off for the Bahamas, its very apparent that almost 50% of the condos & homes in some Fl towns are owned by cold climate snowbirds who only visit in the winter months and sit vacant all summer, all fully insured. etc
  13. Just a heads up if you're planning travel E/W thru Colorado on I70 soon. Due to the Grizzly Creek Wildfire I70 is closed in both directions between Glenwood Springs and Gypsum. The fire started right in the I70 median from sparks from a flat or chains dragging and within 10 mins engulfed the entire area. Its been closed for about 10 days as the fire grew from 5 acres to 30,000 acre on both sides of I70. Most local options have been closed also after truckers tried going over Independence Pass and other dirt roads to get around. The official detour routes are lengthy out of the way far south or far north. CDOT did announce today that they expect to have it back open sometime next week, pending fire fighting progress and weather.
  14. This is one new reason why Walmart's are starting new parking restrictions to gain control over their lot space for upcoming planned drive in movies https://corporate.walmart.com/newsroom/2020/08/05/walmart-brings-the-big-screen-to-its-parking-lots-starting-august-14
  15. I did it 3 times, in 3 different states, and still own & use all 3 as part time seasonal homebases. My total costs from purchase to improvements and buildings varied from $25,000 to $60,000 to $125,000. Each one was completely different from the other. There is no secret formula or trick. It takes lots of time and money. If you're looking for a easy, cheap way to own your own RV lot, I agree with the above, try to get an Escapee or similar park lot to live on. I didn't go that route because the primary reason I wanted my own homebase was to avoid having other folks living 10 feet away from me. After 5 yrs of alternating between weeks of boondocking to weeks in an RV park to recover, I discovered I did not enjoy RV park living and although I enjoyed boondocking, I wasn't willing to do it fulltime. So my first recommendation is to be honest with yourself and think deeply about why you want to do this. List your priorities and minimum needs and maximum budget. Planning a good boondocking site for a few weeks is completely different than planning a site to live on for the next 10 yrs. Second, plan on 100's of hours looking and researching and doing due diligence on potential purchases. There are lots of scammers out there in the raw land business. There are lots of rules & restrictions that are not clear without hours of research at the County Courthouse. Trying to setup an RV living property anywhere close to residential developments is asking for trouble (unless its in an established RV development). You need to be willing to go remote and deal with the extra costs and issues that come with living out in the middle of nowhere. The alternate is buy a property with a mobile home and existing utilities that has room for an RV pad. Yes, I'd do it all again. I've never been happier. But its not an easy or cheap process.
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