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  1. If you can park for a couple days in Durango, there is a fabulous round trip Steam Locomotive ride from Durango to Silverton... Well worth the time. https://www.durangotrain.com/ Edit: Just noticed 2gypsies comment on the Durango & Silverton RR... I agree with them!
  2. Thanks, Derek. Got a son in college that this could well apply to. I will pass the article on.
  3. Thanks, Derek. Timely subject for me. Not using a VPN currently, but with all the hacking going on, giving it some thought. Appreciate the info.
  4. My wife and I went thru this decision process eight years ago, prior to our going fulltime. What tilted our decision towards a Class A rather than 5th Wheel, was to have the ability to easily tow a car "4-wheels-down" for 'roaming' purposes... rather than roaming in a more costly large Truck. We had never RV'd in our life... so we were starting fresh, buying what we needed. We ended up with a low-mileage 2007 National RV Dolphin, 36' ft, and a low-mileage 2008 Honda CRV, using a US Gear Unified towing package. We still have both, and both have worked splendidly for us. As we slow dow
  5. I am sure you've probably covered this, but Roadside Assistance Service such as the club offers... would be an essential thing to have. https://www.escapees.com/benefits/escapees-roadside-assistance/
  6. I am a former IT Technical Services Manager, IBM Mainframes, Sun Solaris, AIX, SNA, TCP/IP... and as a retired Full time RV'er I maintain just two Windows environments - a Dell Desktop, and a Dell Laptop (all ssd). Shucks I don't even have a smart phone. 🙂 But I would never begrudge a good Computer Geek all the electronics he/she would want and enjoy. And to provide park-wide support is an extremely valuable & considerate thing to do.
  7. Kirk, if you delete the browser cookie for the WSJ, it resets the counter. I find I can get 3 viewings before having to reset. Just fyi for folks.
  8. Hi, Derek. Glad your shot went well. We've had ours (Moderna), and my wife had side-effects about like you... and I had slight temperature, muscle aches, headache, and bone aches. Tylenol helped a lot after the 2nd shot! Like you, we will be observing CDC recommendations for the duration. Its a feeling of relief... opening the door to better days ahead. Take care, Jim
  9. Currently 30 degrees here in Atlanta, Texas (Texarkana). Forecast Sunday thru Friday .... Cold, snow, with Monday being 5 - 9 inches, and Wednesday being 7 - 11 inches. Lows during this 5-day time period will be down to 9 degrees, highs up to 34 degrees. Well... at least we got the COVID shots done!
  10. My wife and I received our 2nd Moderna vaccine shot last night, at Christus St. Michael Clinic in Texarkana, Texas. We are out of state residents, here visiting family for the snowbird season, no problem. We registered in person on Jan 4, 1st shot on Jan 6, then 2nd on Feb 3. The whole process was extremely smooth, no hitches, no mistakes, Both doses, DW had no reactions, I had fever, muscle aches, headache. Kirk mentioned Tylenol after shot... that clearly helps. Thanks, Kirk! We are smiling ear-to-ear... thankful the Good Lord provided Science.
  11. Thanks, Kirk! Just added these recommendations to my calendar entry for the appointment. Jim
  12. Thanks, Barbara, for the advice. We take dose #2 in two weeks, and I will remember the hydration for sure.
  13. Yes, Scott, I was concerned. The Vaccine provider (Christus St. Michaels Clinic) provided a data sheet that covered the potential side effects, but still... So I double checked the Internet 🙂 just to make sure that the vaccines did NOT contain the virus itself... No, of course... and then took two tylenol and a nap! Hope all is well for you.
  14. We got our vaccinations two weeks ago in Texarkana, Texas, Moderna. Shots were in the 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM timeframe. My wife had no side effects. For me, by the following morning, I had fever, bone aches, headaches.,, which lasted all day, Tylenol helped tremendously. Went to bed that evening and woke up side-effect free the next morning. And very grateful for the vaccinations... No problems ever since.
  15. Years ago in the 70's, as a young Yankee newly in Shreveport, Louisiana, I got pulled over one morning on 4-lane 70th Street, after a 2" snowfall. Road surface was slushy, but temps were above 32... no problem. Shreveport Policeman said, "speeding too fast for conditions" and wrote me out a ticket. (I was doing the speed limit) Politely I said, "But officer, I am from Michigan, and this is not much snow at all". He gave me a hard look... and said: "Improper lane change!"... and wrote me out a 2nd ticket. No dummy here, I shut up. (I did appeal both tickets and got them dropped.)
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