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  1. Count my Wife and I as Medicare Supplement Plan 'G' advocates... In 8 years of Fulltiming, we have used our policy in Michigan, Texas, South Dakota, and Arizona. No problems whatsoever.
  2. Thanks, rpsinc - I think I will do just that.
  3. Kirk, it could well have been behaving that way all along... and just not noticed. This 'just completed' Summer is the first time in our 260K miles that we were driving it in the temperatures of Yuma... so very well could be the first time any 'computer control' could have needed to kick in. I did ask this question of the Honda Dealership Service Mgr... and he was not sure but suspected it to be 'computer control' situation. My chief concern is to discern whether or not I still have a problem prior to departing on a long driving trip... And I think I am checking off 'problem fixed'! Thanks again, Kirk, for help & suggestions. We'll be driving by Dallas in a few weeks... on our way to Texarkana... and we will wave 'hi' to you and Pam! Take care.
  4. Some follow-up for closure: I had the local Honda dealership do some PM type work (Fuel injector, plugs, valves, etc) for a high Mileage car (260,000+ miles), and have been driving the car extensively for three days. The PM work, along with a new A/C kit, has put some great life into the 2008 Honda. Hope so, as we are looking at a 10,000 mile road trip in a few weeks. It does seem as if the A/C, with engine under load, does reduce cooling a little bit... and restores cooling as soon as the engine load is eased. Can't find any documentation on this, but have noticed the 'effect'. Not documented, just observed. So, like SunDancer268 suggested, it appears a computer controlled engine will adjust A/C loads to accommodate extra engine strain. I think that is what's happening here... Thanks, folks, for the help & observations! Jim
  5. bobsallyh, thanks for the information. May be heading there soon. And... You have been such helpful folks over the last couple years that my wife and I have been coming to Wellton... I just want to note such, and say to you, "Thank You".
  6. Good to know, Kirk. Thanks for mentioning. My wife and I are, and have been, Flu Vaccine people... pneumonia vaccine, etc. Plus, we are both 70, and Alice is subject to pneumonia. We don't take chances.
  7. No problem, 2gypsies. I have had dental work at Sani Dental, and I believe I still have a card with their numbers on it. But Thanks for the good pointer!
  8. Good to know - Any recommendation on how to physically cross? Currently, the parking lot is closed, and the only way I can see is drive across the border, or park way back on the highway and walk.
  9. You bet, agesilaus. If you find any definitive info about los Algodones, many people would appreciate hearing. I will do the same. For us, it is a 70 mile round trip there, and the only practical pedestrian parking is the Quechan Lot (on border, American side)... and when it's closed, wasted trip.
  10. Check ahead for the mexico dental clinic. We went by the Los Algodones parking lot today (Quechan Reservation), and it was locked mid-afternoon. The appearance is that the border is still closed to pedestrian traffic. We hope things reopen soon, as we need exams & cleaning. We have good successes with dental work there over the last 5 years.
  11. Thanks for the comments, Folks. Please keep them coming... for 'oldjohnt' and myself! I will be taking it in to the Honda dealership next week for 100,000 mile PM work and will run the event by them for their reaction. Car has 260,000+ driving miles, plus approx 60,000 towing miles... still runs great and looks great.
  12. Yes, about a year ago... once... just about the time we started to have AC problems. Wasn't sure if it was the start of problems or like what we just experienced. Interesting that today we did the same trip, temps below 100, and no problem. I shulda been a mechanic!
  13. We have a well-loved 2008 Honda CR-V toad that just recently developed AC problems... So yesterday, we had an AC kit installed replacing Serpentine Belt, parts, AC Compressor, etc. - seemed to run fine until this afternoon in the Hot Yuma Sun going over telegraph pass on Interstate-8. Towards the top of the grade the AC cooling stopped (blower kept going)... we peaked out... then on the way back down the cooling kicked back in again. Outside temperature was about 109 degrees. It was almost as if the new AC sensed an increase in engine temperature(?)... shut down briefly... and then resumed cooling. I am scratching my head trying to figure out if I have a problem here or not. Anyone ever experience anything like this before?
  14. Got the Fort down, bobsallyh! Fact is that we have some haze move in... maybe dust? Smoke? Not sure, but the temps truly have come down a little bit. Tomorrow still to be a high of about 91 still. I can take a lot of haze for 91 degrees. 🙂
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