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    We are retired so we have no interest what so ever. Whatever comes up is interesting to us. Traveling and staying out of Cold weather is our goal.

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  1. We ran water and filled the bucket from the outdoor pump at our hunting camp but we had a outhouse. We cut wood for the stove.
  2. Put it in the trash…. I just threw up in my mouth.
  3. We use primarily FJ when on the road .They are most everywhere easy on easy off plenty of parking and not a bad restaurant. Just filled up diesel locally 2.795 and 8 cents off with the RV plus card was 195.9. We have seen it over 5.00 per gallon a few years ago.
  4. When our local Dr of many years says it s OK to get it we will.
  5. All of the lower 48 plus Alaska and a couple of Canadian provinces. It took us many years to accomplish that.
  6. We belong to a sportsman club with a very nice range in Florida and a family member has several acres in the countryside here where we can shoot. Since we no longer hunt most of our long guns passed to our sons. We have been a sport shooter for many years and worked the national matches at Camp Perry in years past. We hold a CCP from Ohio because we can.
  7. yes I saw that. It is a big number but with the number of folks that get free admission and the number of parks it does not seem all that big.
  8. Will they be receiving any additional funds from the Governmnet to off set the loss of income as a veteran I would rather pay to support them.
  9. Handgun laws.us is a good start. We are good in 39 of the lower 48 + Alaska with our Ohio CCP
  10. We have been RVers for many ,many years this 3402 is our 6th Rv and 2nd 5th wheel. The first 4 were bumper pulls and we did weekends and maybe a one week vacation. When we both retired our goal was to see the USA and winter in a warm place. We have been doing that since 2006.
  11. This is the first forum we joined one year before we purchased our first 5th wheel(but our 6th RV) We were leaning toward full timing and this was the place to learn. We did learn, we did not full time. We belong to the Montana Owners club and this forum. We did so because we chose to.
  12. We have never had a warranty problem.
  13. Quartzsite is a long haul for us being from Northern ,Ohio. We have however been to Quartzsite twice as we happened to be traveling in the area. We prefer to get our meds and medical , dental work done in the USA. We are not fans of boondocking such as it is in "Q" or camping in the dessert .It is however a experience and should be on the RVers bucket list
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