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  1. We had a king size in our house and bought a Fifth Wheel with a queen bed not giving it much thought. It was hard getting used to a smaller bed, it is like trading in a loaded Cadillac for a base level Chevy with manual windows.
  2. Last winter, I needed a local address verification to open an account, so I mailed a empty envelope from the post office to the RV park I was staying at.
  3. I reworked my fresh water tank by adding a 2X4 board and sloping plywood floor on the far end of the tank, opposite the drain. With the drain valve open on travel days, the tank gets totally empty.
  4. So what is the difference in filling 10 gallon jugs vs just filling your RV tank? Just pour the kiosh water into your RV tank! Another thing, being from the Flint, MI area, the real story is the water always was/is safe to drink, it's the old pipes running from the street water main into the houses that were leaching lead. Newer built or houses with plastic water lines did not have lead issues. The city government faulted by eliminating the lead inhibiter chemical in the city water supply, as a cost savings. The real scandal started with the water testing, the city knew which houses to test for safe lead levels and which houses to avoid. When the city was demanded to test suspect houses, they changed their test procedure to require running the tap water for 15 minutes before taking water samples which would flush out the lead. We full time for the last 8 years and use our RV water tank of and on as needed and have never once cleaned or sanitized it, however I do drain it dry in between usage. Just this morning, the water hose froze up, so I turned on the pump and we will use tank water until the hose thaws out.
  5. I have a Texas CCW and I never carry on me. My thought for getting the CCW was that if I ever needed to step outside the RV with any firearm for defense reasons, then I might have a better chance of staying out of jail if I could show the LEO's that I was a legal permit holder.
  6. We requested our ballots to be sent directly to ND at a farm we are working at and they arrived on 10/6, last Tue.
  7. Try Yankee Forks State Park in Challis, ID. We stayed there 2019 summer at the visitor center as volunteers working in maintenance repairing equipment, mowing, and whatever needed to be done. They have 2 FHU sites and this is just a visitor center with no other camping allowed. The visitor center did also run 2 remote abandoned mining towns that included paid camp workers to stay onsite with their RV's for security and tours. The park provided FHU with water tanks and a generator. This would be a cool summer job in a gold mining ghost town, set in the ID mountains. The town host that summer routinely seen bear and mountain lions on the mountain sides and had a trout stream next to their RV. Joni was the Park Manger, she was hoping to retire soon but the contact info should be still good. I would advise making contact ASAP to get your name on the list for 2021 openings. Joni Joni S. Hawley Park Manager Land of the Yankee Fork State Park 24424 Hwy 75 | Challis, ID 83226 tel (208) 879-5244 website | map | passport “Leaders in outdoor recreation since 1965.”
  8. The video was a school project from the farmer's then 12 year old son. We had a snow storm during the 2018 harvest which then required the trucks to be pulled from the muddy fields onto the road. Usually the beet cart is not needed and the trucks will load on the run along side the beet harvester. We are training 4 new drivers this 2020 season out of our 18 seasonal driving crew (9 trucks running 2-12 hour shifts). The goal is to not have to shut off your truck for the entire 10-14 day harvest. That's a good harvest season!
  9. Shoulder season camping is becoming very popular. When we volunteered in MO, they sponsored a Halloween event and all sites that weekend were booked a year in advance. Deer hunting camps were also popular during hunting season. It was strange seeing deer hanging from trees in camp sites and hunting gear visible.
  10. 2020 beet harvest is gearing up and farmers are in short supply of drivers. In ND & Mn, no CDL is required, just a regular driver's licenses and some farms provide free RV hook up's. The harvest season in ND runs Oct 1st until completion which is usually 2-3 weeks depending on weather. The pay runs $20 - $30/hr and most farms work 12 hr shifts. Check out other locations like Mich or Idaho that also have beet farms in their areas. https://grandforks.craigslist.org/search/jjj?query=beets&sort=rel https://www.crystalsugar.com/sugarbeet-agronomy/7-gold-standards/harvest/ There are also job openings working in the beet piling stations if you don't prefer to drive a truck. https://www.theunbeetableexperience.com/apply-online/ Here is farm video of the farm the wife and I have harvested for during the last 6 years. The beet harvest begins at about the 16 min slot on the video.
  11. Thanks Kirk, I have followed your post for the last 10 years and have used your information as mentoring advice.
  12. We have volunteered in 28 states in our 8 years of full timing, with a goal to hit all 48 states. It seems like state parks are expecting the most from volunteers due to universal budget short comings. We never get a formal written contract and will verbally renegotiate the work load as needed with the understanding that we could leave if things don't get worked out (never happened yet). We recently arrived to camp host in a N. Indiana S.P. and when we arrived were told the other 2 volunteer positions were unfilled for a 288 camp site park. So we were the only host here! The original work verbal agreement was to pick up garbage, clean fire pits for our 1 of 3 loops and to fill in the 24hr week requirement, we would assist the front gate on Fri's. This turned out to be pre-checking in cars prior to the gate stop in full sun, on pavement, and in 90+ July heat. When we arrived, we negotiated to pick up garbage and clean fire pits for all 288 camp sites and forego the check in job. I had the upper hand in this negotiating because they knew if we left, they would have no host for the cg. We still average 32 hours/week because we want to and the wife and I can clean all the vacant of 288 camp site fire pits in 6 hours each/12 hrs total. We like to volunteer because it keeps us busy as we want to. We have learned not to volunteer at S.P.'s back to back or you will get burned out. Try a N.W.R. or a different adventure inbetween S. P.'s. We also don't agree to clean bath rooms and have found most S.P.'s don't expect that. We will monitor bath rooms and change toilet paper if needed along with emergency cleanups, but no scheduled cleanings for us. We have found that 1 month is ideal for a volunteer stint, any longer and it just becomes a job. For some states, that may require getting creative, like in CA that has a 3 month volunteer min so we got 2 parks to agree to a 6 week stint each. In NY, they have a 2 week max volunteer period, so we signed up for 2 different state parks. As a volunteer, don't be afraid to market your skills/strengths and taylor the volunteer job to your desire. The worst they can say is no! We also make it a point not to return as volunteers, although every park has asked us to, but our reasoning is that if we would have stayed/returned at the last park, we would have never experienced the current park. Each park is a new experience, whey waste time doing repeats.
  13. Last winter I hired on as a spare school bus driver in the S. Texas area. The school district was so short on drivers, that they invested CDL training, medical exam and the hiring process to hire me. I told them I was only in the area for 3 months as a winter Texan but they were having the bus superintendent covering the spare driver position. I do plan to return next winter for another 3 month stay and hope to rehire again as a spare driver. Two 3 hr shifts/day that paid $15/hr + benefits and no state income tax. We volunteered 12/hr/week each at a nearby RV resort that also that included a free site. It was a neat experience!
  14. Our Samsung has the reversible door option. I removed a screw from the opposite side and got a 7mm bolt and knob from a hardware store (my bolt was too short and I had to weld 2 bolts together, a better option is to just buy a long enough screw )
  15. Here is a retirement community in S. Ohio that is looking to fill the last of 3 RV sites they have. We just arrived a week ago and it seems like a nice gig. Waverly, OH USA Show on Google Maps 2019-02-28 14:45:24 7519Combine Your Love Of RVing With Your Love Of Gardening Job Duties: GroundskeeperCompensation: See ad text. Job Duties: Help older residents take care of their front yard gardens, work in the Cooper Wildflower Woods, and help with maintenance of the Garden Railroad, and the Hummingbird Garden. Compensation: FHU, opportunity for private contract work in the village Details: We are looking for a retired couple who would love to experience life in a retirement community for a few months while living in their own RV. Bristol Village is located in beautiful rural southern Ohio at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We need volunteers April through November. You choose which months. We expect 20 hours per week per couple for FHUs. Duties include weeding, watering, planting, and grooming flower beds and gardens. Resident volunteers will be working along side of you on some days while other days you will be on your own. Schedules are flexible as long as you get in your 20 hours per week giving you ample time to travel and explore the area on your own. Bristol Village residents are extremely friendly and active. You will have free access to all the activities and facilities offered including a swimming pool, exercise room and a cafe. In addition, there are a number of state parks and attractions within a short driving distance. hallbetsy@155hotmail.com
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