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  1. A year ago my TPMS showed 2 tires had gotten to 130 PSI that started out at 105 PSI, before long, I hit a pot hole and cracked both rims on that side. I learned a lesson the hard way that day and will no longer let my 110 rated PSI rims and tires exceed 125 rolling PSI. On rare occasions, I will even stop and release some air to stay below 125 rolling PSI. This method may be controversial for some people to accept, but it is working for me and I'm getting good even thread wear.
  2. I found the best price on the internet and had the tires shipped to our campground. I took off 2 tires at a time and Walmart charged $10/ea to mount them. For me this was least intrusive method and also gave me good practice to my changing tire skills. Don't forget to swap out your spare tire with the best tire of your removed set. Becareful that your tires are not too over rated or you will have a rough ride. I have a Cameo that weighs in at 17k loaded and I run my Sailun G tires at 5-10 PSI below max based on weigh charts and observed tire wear. Keep in mind your tires will increase 15-
  3. I take a 2 finger swipe out of the grease tub and put that onto the palm of my other hand which is enough to pack 1 bearing. Press the bearing down onto the grease 3-4 times until you see grease oozing out of the other side, then move to another part of the bearing and repeat. Ask any auto parts store for their high quality synthetic wheel bearing grease.
  4. gjhunter01

    RGV Parks

    Mission Bell RV resort is a nice place, this is our 3rd winter here. They have a motorcycle ride every Thur's AM. http://missionbellrvresort.com/
  5. I agree with Kirk, no contract should be needed. We have also volunteered all over the US and these jobs are suppose to be interesting jobs that we do for fun and experience. If you find yourself in a position of doing a job or hours you don't like, then you are enabling the job to control you. Never be afraid to renegotiate your volunteer job to make it fit your desire, usually this will be a win/win improvement for both parties. The old rules of a career job environment do not apply in a volunteer gig, make the job work for you and have fun, or walk away. I feel that a verbal/hand shake agre
  6. Adding a door window is pretty easy. I got a kit from PPL for about $90 and later seen kits in Middlebury, IN RV stores for $20. Most doors are metal exterior with foam inside. Using a kit with a pattern, just mark out the opening and cut it out using a metal jig saw blade, then install the window (1 hour max job).
  7. We replace our fifth wheel slide out carpet on a regular basis now, almost yearly, since the cost is so little, less than $100. We find carpet remnants at a Home Depot/Lowes that are 6' X 12' that have binding sewn around the edges. I can cut the remnant down the middle and use the old carpet pieces for a pattern, using staples along the back wall and double sided tape on the front edge. The wife loves changing the carpet often and for that price, it's not worth having the carpet steam cleaned.
  8. My calculation is just a guess based on watching others dump, since I don't need to do that chore! It takes most people a min just to get out of the RV over to the dump valves, then they stand there drinking a cup of coffee while waiting for the tanks to drain. It don't look like a fun job from my view point and I don't care to make it part of my routine. Anyway you look at it, I have saved alot of hours not manually dumping waste tanks and there is always the risk of forgetting to dump on schedule and having to make a last minute dash. I also use a couple of gallons of water and 2 dish
  9. We just spent Nov in Co at a private RV park and our job was to clean the showers and bathrooms each day which was suppose to take 3 hours, but wife and I could get them all done in 45 min. It really was not a bad job and we would not be against doing it again now that we have tried it.
  10. For the people that are concerned about the TP in the trash smell, they must have never tried it. TP does not smell in the trash any more than garbage in your RV trash can. Besides, if the trash does smell that bad, then it's time to take it out to the dumpster. For 8 years of FT, we have continued to use the TP in the trash method and this has allowed us to leave both waste valves open when we have FHU's. This has saved me the chore of regular tank dumping and countless hours saved not dumping, 2 x week x 10 min x 52 weeks/year x 8 years = 138 hours not spent dumping My experience
  11. We had a king size in our house and bought a Fifth Wheel with a queen bed not giving it much thought. It was hard getting used to a smaller bed, it is like trading in a loaded Cadillac for a base level Chevy with manual windows.
  12. Last winter, I needed a local address verification to open an account, so I mailed a empty envelope from the post office to the RV park I was staying at.
  13. I reworked my fresh water tank by adding a 2X4 board and sloping plywood floor on the far end of the tank, opposite the drain. With the drain valve open on travel days, the tank gets totally empty.
  14. So what is the difference in filling 10 gallon jugs vs just filling your RV tank? Just pour the kiosh water into your RV tank! Another thing, being from the Flint, MI area, the real story is the water always was/is safe to drink, it's the old pipes running from the street water main into the houses that were leaching lead. Newer built or houses with plastic water lines did not have lead issues. The city government faulted by eliminating the lead inhibiter chemical in the city water supply, as a cost savings. The real scandal started with the water testing, the city knew which houses to te
  15. I have a Texas CCW and I never carry on me. My thought for getting the CCW was that if I ever needed to step outside the RV with any firearm for defense reasons, then I might have a better chance of staying out of jail if I could show the LEO's that I was a legal permit holder.
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