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  1. Call them and talk to them, you may be surprised at what can be negotiated, especially if you have a skill they really need.
  2. GM uses a oil monitor system that is based on engine revolutions and time, the system does not have any oil testing capabilities. At any time a person can reset the oil life monitor back to 100% and the system will start the count down over again, even without actually changing out the old oil. A lab test is needed for a true oil analysis. The operator needs to know what conditions the vehicle is operating in and to adjust the oil changes according. My truck is pulling heavy loads, so I change the oil at the 50% oil monitor level. I would do the same frequency if my truck were operated in
  3. Make your own trap, I've used waste motor oil or old antifreeze and it will work all winter up north protecting farm buildings. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrCwDPMa4Ngg0wAoxAPxQt.;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Nj?p=mouse+trap+pail&type=Y219_F163_204671_102220&hsimp=yhs-freshy&hspart=tro&grd=1&ei=UTF-8&fr=yhs-tro-freshy#id=6&vid=8318e13f97e199395bbbdb50e56bd678&action=view
  4. We started out only volunteering and did so because we like to choose our hours and projects. In the last couple of years we have taken on some paid jobs and it is nice being compensated for our efforts even though our budget does not need it. In our 8 1/2 years, we have volunteered in 30 states and plan to hit all 48. For paid jobs, we have worked at a ND farm hauling sugar beets, sold christmas trees in Forth Worth, worked 2 private RV cg's, and drove school bus in Texas ( they trained and assisted with "S" CDL licenses). Don't be afraid to try different things, sometimes what you think
  5. I change my 06 (325k miles) and now 18 Duramax oil at 5k miles using synthetic oil. My truck is pulling a heavy load for most of it's miles and the Blackstone sample results show I could easily double the miles between oil changes. For the DIYS $50, a 5k schedule averages out to be 6 months for my truck which is a good time/reason to crawl around under the truck and check everything out. I always change oil immediately after a long pull when scheduled while setting up the camper and no campground has ever said a word if you do it fast and discretely. Used oil goes back to the next Walmart stop
  6. We have been happy with our mattress in a box, delivered a year ago. https://www.nectarsleep.com/mattress
  7. If you can't beat them, then join them. How about making sure the water gets diverted away from any controls, like adding a drip chain, or drain tube?
  8. I just use plain water through our 1600 PSI power washer which does a good of cleaning our TPO roof and a replaced EDPM slideout roof. Contrary to popular concerns, the flexible roofing will just flex and not tear when being cleaned with a power washer. With plain water, there are no streaks on the siding.
  9. I transferred the fifth wheel title to our son's name that lives in Michigan and have used his permanent plate for the last 8 years. I figure he is going to inherit it anyway! Now if I could just get him to pay for this new water heater I ordered.
  10. Try this company, https://www.sasrlink.com/ They hire for temp stocking positions all over the US. One person we knew would boondock in the stores parking lot and work for a couple of days before moving to another city/location. As far as tax goes, if someone is complaining about paying taxes, it's hard to feel sorry for a person that must be making money! Paying taxes to support your country should be a good thing. My wife and I have done very well with the sugarbeet harvest and christmas tree sales. In the last 6 years, those 2 yearly jobs have covered our expenses while vol
  11. Tire PSI will increase by 1-2 PSI for every 10 F increase in temperature. If you start out with cold tires set at max PSI, and then experience a 100 degree tire temp increase from rolling resistance and ambient temp of the day, your tire PSI will increase 10-20 PSI. If a 10-20 PSI under inflation is bad for tire operation, then it stands to reason that a 10-20 PSI over inflation would be just as bad for any tire.
  12. A year ago my TPMS showed 2 tires had gotten to 130 PSI that started out at 105 PSI, before long, I hit a pot hole and cracked both rims on that side. I learned a lesson the hard way that day and will no longer let my 110 rated PSI rims and tires exceed 125 rolling PSI. On rare occasions, I will even stop and release some air to stay below 125 rolling PSI. This method may be controversial for some people to accept, but it is working for me and I'm getting good even thread wear.
  13. I found the best price on the internet and had the tires shipped to our campground. I took off 2 tires at a time and Walmart charged $10/ea to mount them. For me this was least intrusive method and also gave me good practice to my changing tire skills. Don't forget to swap out your spare tire with the best tire of your removed set. Becareful that your tires are not too over rated or you will have a rough ride. I have a Cameo that weighs in at 17k loaded and I run my Sailun G tires at 5-10 PSI below max based on weigh charts and observed tire wear. Keep in mind your tires will increase 15-
  14. I take a 2 finger swipe out of the grease tub and put that onto the palm of my other hand which is enough to pack 1 bearing. Press the bearing down onto the grease 3-4 times until you see grease oozing out of the other side, then move to another part of the bearing and repeat. Ask any auto parts store for their high quality synthetic wheel bearing grease.
  15. gjhunter01

    RGV Parks

    Mission Bell RV resort is a nice place, this is our 3rd winter here. They have a motorcycle ride every Thur's AM. http://missionbellrvresort.com/
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