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  1. Best of luck in your planning! You'll find the best HDT information available here on this forum. So far as budgeting information, I imagine you'll have to look at people's pre-2020 information to find anthing useful. 2020 has been such an atypical year that I doubt there will be much that will be helpful. In fact, I won't publish my expenses this year.
  2. Doesn't look like a big deal to me. Apparently, a discussion about getting ballots, etc. turned (I know we are all shocked by this) into a political debate. The debate was shut down and the moderators had to regrettably stop ballot discussion to keep another fire fight from erupting. Nearly every Facebook group I'm on is battling the same problem right now.
  3. Re-upped for three more years. Sure appreciate Escapees.
  4. I added a wide angle lens to the bottom part of the rear pickup window. It makes it easier to see the hitch when backing up. http://pastorscott.com/travel/2018/10/03/2018-project-wide-angle-lens-for-hitching-the-5th-wheel/
  5. The easy one: BLM in the RV world stands for Bureau of Land Management - public lands where RV camping is allowed - sometimes disbursed and sometimes in campgrounds (without any hookups) - mostly in the western US - https://www.blm.gov/programs/recreation/camping You can have a lot of fun around the campfire with "Boondocking." Some people think it is staying anywhere without hookups (including Walmart or in a rest area). More commonly, it means camping in an area without designated campgrounds or hookups (often on BLM land but not necessarily) - check out the most famous boondocking area Quartzsite, AZ. Have fun in your research.
  6. It was nighttime when I looked out the front window of the motorhome. I noticed the registration sticker on the window and realized that it expires this month..10. "Boy does time fly,' I thought, "it doesn't seem like a year has passed". I started making plans to find a place big enough to do the state inspection. Today, from the outside I looked at the sticker again. Guess what? From the outside the month is "01" and not "10". Too bad I didn't notice the year the other night. Time doesn't fly as fast as I feared.
  7. Sounds like you have done a good deal of research. That's what we did too - I didn't want to jump off a cliff and then try to figure out what came next! I think this thread is one of the best real world budget information to be found anywhere: http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=120595
  8. No smog test anywhere in Texas on diesel engines.
  9. Thanks Todd - We've stayed at a lot of Thousand Trails, glad to share our experience with any who are interested.
  10. Help me think through this: We are in the motorhome, in Texas - parked long term in a campground My tags expire this month I don't especially want to break down everything (again set up long term) just to go get an inspection somewhere So, sometime around the end of the year we will be ready to travel again I can stop and get an inspection on that first travel day, but my tags will still be expired Is there a good workaround to the lack of tags? Thanks.
  11. There may be more room in the day to day expenses than in the camping expenses. For instance, limit your eating out. Or, from the camping side, travel less, stay longer, or, as Kirk suggests, volunteer for a campsite or work camp. Also, we don't boondock - you can save a lot of money staying on BLM land. As I've said many times, our purpose isn't to spend as little as possible - instead, it is to live on what we have to spend.
  12. I don't think the OP ever returned to the conversation but I agree with JimK (the very first response) that putting off retirement is a prudent thing to do. Meanwhile, they can start downsizing, getting a rig ready to go, and "practicing" by making local camping trips.
  13. Had to smile - I think the longest pull through sites I have ever seen were at Schoodic Woods in Acadia National Park - probably 300 feet long. So, as always, the answer is "it depends." If you plan on visiting every National Park you are going to find some with tight length restrictions.
  14. I didn't mention that another "fix" for us was that when we changed RV parks our new spot had the driver's side of the rig in the afternoon shade of the motorhome. Now its the curb side that is taking it on the chin. North Texas is expecting 104 this afternoon...then we should start a gradual cool down all the way into the lower 90s.
  15. In my case, I put a small 110v fan at the bottom as a temporary fix. With 100 degree sun beating on that side of the RV all afternoon I had to do something. I just unplugged the ice maker and plugged the small fan in, pointing upward. Made a nice difference. I also replaced the thermosister. The original still showed resistance changing based on temp, but it smelled a bit burnt. Also, put a clip on fan inside on the fins. I went from temps nearing 50 inside, to high 30's. The fins show 28-30 degrees. Of course a better fix would be getting out of Texas in August!
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