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  1. The first Sunday of May, 2013 was my retirement day. The next day we headed out to begin our fulltime Adventure. We are still in the RV. We've traveled coast to coast and made lots of good friends. We've toured, workcamped, and took some breaks from travel to help out churches needing an interim pastor. We are still at it. More on this here. PS: I would have loved putting this in the Class of 2013 thread, but alas it has been locked.
  2. We've been fulltime since 2013. Only had to vacate once - that was with the 5th wheel getting slide repair at the factory. We have also slept in the 5th wheel while in a service bay, just leaving during the day. In the motorhome we have twice spent the night in a shop's parking lot. In both the 5ver and MH we just chalked it up to the life of fulltiming.
  3. I like seeing this. So often people just keep doubling down. If I ever make a mistake I hope I can follow your lead.
  4. We fulltimed in a 5th wheel for 6 years before trading for a diesel pusher. Honestly, there are plusses and minuses to both. Here's a longer article I wrote about our experience to date: http://pastorscott.com/travel/comparing-a-5th-wheel-and-a-diesel-pusher-motorhome/
  5. We phone and say, "I'm an Escapee and got a jury summons..." and before we can finish the statement the lady interrupts us and says, give me your name and the summons number. If you are ever in Livingston and available to serve, please let us know."
  6. One of the categories included in the listings of CampgroundReviews.com is cell service from various carriers. Researching potential campgrounds on that site might be helpful. https://www.campgroundreviews.com/
  7. I have a Facebook group: Thousand Trails Photos and Reviews - you'll find lots of Thousand Trails information there. The TT campgrounds are a mixed bag. Some are terrific. A few are subpar. Most are somewhere in between. You’ll almost always have water and at least 30 amp electric. Often you’ll have full hookups. Generally, there will be a surcharge of $3-5 for 50 amp service. There will be a pool, possibly some kind of spa, an Activity Center, and maybe a few other sports venues – generally these amenities will be somewhat tired but progress is being made in bringing them back t
  8. Just to be clear - the ferry I mentioned and posted the photo of is a passenger ferry that takes you out to Mackinac Island.
  9. We had no problem crossing the bridge. One of the ferries takes a side trip once in a while and goes under the bridge prior to heading on out to the Island. It is well worth the effort.
  10. It is a bummer. I just installed Bitwarden on the PC, an iPad, and, on my Android. I was able to export all my information and import it into Bitwarden. Everything seems to have synced between my devices. Of course, the apps each have different setups so there are three learning curves (especially iPad which is always out of step with eveything else). For now I have disabled LastPass so I can try living with Bitwarden.
  11. Might be better to use onboard water. You can always temporarily hook up to refill. Now, if you are staying monthly the heated hose might be a good investment.
  12. We got our second Pfizer shots yesterday, 3 weeks after the first. So far few side effects - sore arms and my wife just felt bad overnight and this morning. We got our vaccines in Grayson county, Texas, from the county. Very well organized. We "live" in Polk county but aside from when I filled out the form online to get on the waiting list no one ever mentioned residence throughout the process Here's hoping that all who want to be vaccinated will get the opportunity sooner and not later.
  13. Most everyone recommends Campground Membership Outlet for both selling and purchasing used Thousand Trails memberships. They make their money from the transfer fees, so it doesn't cost you any extra for using their service. Also, they have a reputation for responding to inquiries quickly. Their website is: https://www.campgroundmembershipoutlet.com/
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