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  1. We have had a few friends here in north Texas get vaccinated. One said their Dr called them and offered it to them. He told another friend, and that person called their Dr who had them come in and get it. There's a Texas website with a map showing where to get vaccinated. We called one, but they didn't have any more at this time. Called another and they offered to put us on their waiting list for sometime in the next couple of weeks. There was no mention of residents or not. Here's a link to that map: https://txdshs.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html
  2. We really can't complain too much about 2020. We haven't been sick or out of work. Our family and close friends are doing fine. As things worked out, our travels would have been pretty limited even without corona. We set aside travel for the year and helped out in a couple of interim situations, staying busy all year long. Since we didn't do any travel, and since my annual expense sheet is all about RV travel, I'm opting to not publish our RVing costs this year. Basically, it would only list monthly campground fees plus upkeep. We do plan on returning to the road this year
  3. You might look at PPL in Houston. Buy a used rig and then put it on consignment with them to sell when you leave. I think that rather than a Class C I would buy a travel trailer or 5th wheel and pay someone to move it to a long term RV park. The trailer would take a lot less of an investment.
  4. Thanks Todd - so many of these type of groups become places for people to come and gripe about not getting their own way about something. By keeping the focus on photos and reviews the general "feel" of the group is more positive and helpful.
  5. Can't help but mention that I actually wrote that description. I started both the Thousand Trails and Fulltimers groups on RVilliage. After a few months I lost interest in keeping them going and passed the leadership on to other, more interested parties. I think that since then, the leadership has been passed along at least one other time. For now, I continue to do blog reviews of Thousand Trails and other places we stay. I also started a Facebook group focused on photos and reviews of Thousand Trails. That group started slow but has now grown to over 800 members.
  6. Here's an informative, interesting article on how the vaccine was developed so quickly: How They Made a Vaccine So Fast (lifehacker.com) For those who don't want to read, some of the main points are: Viruses like SARS and MERS are in the same family as this one - so much research was already done Considerable work had already been done in developing this type of vaccine (nothing of the virus, itself, is in it) The government cut a lot of red tape - for instance the FDA promises new drug reviews within 10 months of their submission - in this case they reviewed it in
  7. Yep, looks like we are back. Don't know if anything has changed, but so far as good.
  8. To each his own. We flush it - Scott brand. No problems over 8 years of full time.
  9. Even if it's not required it just might keep the guy with the weed whacker from nicking your hose.
  10. Here are a few "must haves" for us: A tire pressure monitoring system Progressive surgeguard Rinoflex sewer hose + extension Adjustable water pressure regulator Roadside safety reflectors for breakdowns Extra fire extinguishers Oxygenics shower head
  11. All I can say is that if flushing caused our water heater to come on it would be on all the time.
  12. Here's my approach. 1. Decide on a general route and destination, like the Black Hills of South Dakota via Atlanta and Mammoth Cave 2. Go to Google Maps and let it map the route 3. Decide how many miles you want to travel that first leg of the trip, say 200 miles 4. Right click on the starting point, select “measure distance” 5. Drag the marker out along the route to around that distance – you can then drag the line from the side to make it more closely match the highway route and more closely match your desired distance 6. You now have a target area for a place to stop. Go to cam
  13. Best of luck in your planning! You'll find the best HDT information available here on this forum. So far as budgeting information, I imagine you'll have to look at people's pre-2020 information to find anthing useful. 2020 has been such an atypical year that I doubt there will be much that will be helpful. In fact, I won't publish my expenses this year.
  14. Re-upped for three more years. Sure appreciate Escapees.
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