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  1. You bought a great trailer and it will serve you well. I look forward to your comments as you explore a wonderful new lifestyle.
  2. X2. Just take your time and you will be fine.
  3. As others are saying, I don't see anyway of doing this short of tearing into the roof or ceiling to put cross joists from the joists on both sides of the one your cutting. There is no other way I know of to support the load.
  4. They vary alot. Most are quite nice and reasonably spaced. We never felt cramped and always had space for a 10' square pop up that I used for my shop or craft room.
  5. Actually that decrease in rally attendance is across the board in all RV groups. FMCA is now recruiting towables to try to increase membership. Escapees is now reaching out to younger people. Just a sign of the times about shifting priorities with younger age groups.
  6. You might want to investigate Vanguard as a place to put your funds. It is a very conservative mutual fund company that has beat most investment counselors over the long haul. Their investment counselors charge far less than the typical counselor.
  7. Desert Trails just outside of Tucson is far less than that and is a wonderful park full of activities, music and great friends. And it's not your typical paved parking lot parks you find around Phoenix. Tucson is full of culture if that is your thing, too. And far less traffic.
  8. My wife and I travel for 3 months a year in a 26' travel trailer with absolutely no problem so you should be just fine in what you are looking for. I would not go the Casita route as that may be too small. Just know that most of us buy our first, live in it for awhile and then figure out what we really want. So used is often a good choice so you don't loose so much when you trade it in.
  9. I've used the free Last Pass for years and find it very easy. It's free across multiple platforms and computers. I don't see any reason to buy the premium version.
  10. Re the Wi-Fi signal in a metal clad trailer: we have found it is true that it can block a weak signal. We use an inexpensive booster system. I can't remember the name of it but we stick the antenna on a window with a suction cup, it amplifies the signal then makes a hotspot in The trailer that all of our devices can use. Works like a charm. The trailer is in storage so I can't get the name of the system right now.
  11. We had a Springdale before we went fulltime and it is the only RV we have owned that never had a single problem. After we got off the road full-time we looked for a used one with the floor plan we wanted but couldn't find one so bought another brand. Even though it's not a high end unit I wouldn't hesitate buying one.
  12. We had a fifth wheel and now a pull trailer with table and chairs. Tables are bolted to the floor--just four ordinary screws and they never moved. Chairs always sit exactly where we left them no matter how bad the road with out any bungee cords or anything else. Not only more flexible layout but decent chairs are far more comfortable than the booths.
  13. Bring you passports and if you go nowhere else in MX, stay in Deming, cross the border into Palomas and have lunch at the Pink Store. It's worth the trip. Just type in Pink Store, Palomas, and you will see all the great reviews.
  14. I bought a Kindle Fire because I wanted a cheap tablet. I now only use my laptop for serious typing or other heavy duty work. I discovered the Kindle reading part and love it. I use my local library ebooks and buy an occasional Amazon book. Love the dual use. Only drawback is an occasional glare on the screen but no big deal...just tilt the tablet slightly and it's gone.
  15. I wouldn't buy anything. Within a day or two on the road you will know what you need for your style of RVing. Keep it simple and enjoy the journey.
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