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  1. Class of ‘06 and this year we bought a home and are in the process of selling motorhome. There comes a time when the mind would be willing but the body says no.
  2. Scott, this is exactly what has happened to us, only medical problems are finally the deciding factor. And we had a feeling such would be the case when we started looking for a house last fall. Though I must say, while we lived in the desert when in our 20s, summer didn't feel as hot as it does now. I know it could have anything to do with being in our late 70s! But life goes on and we adapt and it is great 9 months of the year here, no snow to shovel and we can always take the car for short visits in the summer to relatives in the PNW.
  3. After Dave's quad bypass I reviewed ALL of the bills that Medicare received. What was interesting that if something was billed under Part A (ie, the actual hospital stay) it was billed either right at, or pretty close to what Medicare would pay. If it was billed under Part B (like physician's charges, etc.) that was where there were WIDE differences. Same hospital when Dave had his pacemaker implanted, he had to stay overnight, but whole thing was billed as a day surgery and under Part B - widely different bill from what Medicare paid.
  4. Because it is standard practice. That's why people without health insurance, or very poor health insurance, end up going bankrupt.
  5. They bill, expecting to be told that no, the procedure/item is worth x,y,z and then take the difference between what they bill and what is paid AS A LOSS on their corporate returns. This is especially true when things are billed onto Part B. Usually Part A billing is close to what Medicare approves. But part B (office visits, lab work, outpatient surgery) have the huge gaps. Another reason why more and more procedures are now "day surgery" not overnight, so considered part B.
  6. I-5 to Lodi has no roads, and that's where you pick up 12 to go west.
  7. Good luck on 99 - it was really a piece of work last summer. Personally I'd go I-5 down because we had such a horrible time last year.
  8. Why have you not contacted Senator Murray's office? Or Senator Cantwell's? Both of those senators really do work for people in Washington State. Federal agencies tend to respond rather quickly when a Senator's office makes an inquiry. Send all of the documentation you have along with the narrative you've put together here, to both of their offices and let them know that you are sure you aren't the only one in the state who is getting gouged by the agency.
  9. Given the low vaccination rate in the Midwest, I would think your travel plans would prompt you to get the second booster.
  10. When you are on a major US Highway, like US Highway 95. with no constructions signs saying that the section is gravel due to road construction, then one should know they are not where they should be! I am sorry, but trying to blame the GPS for getting SO FAR off of the road they were using to go to Las Vegas gets away from the fact that it was HUMAN ERROR. Now the human error could be not looking at a whole map showing US 95 from Reno to Las Vegas, to not understanding what your particular GPS unit does or doesn't do based upon what you set up. Early days of computers the term GIGO was widely used when something didn't work right.
  11. They are looking at a slightly different vaccine for fall. Problem is the new variants are mutating so fast and when you have so many people NOT getting vaccinated, it means that more mutations will occur. The virus has become endemic and they will be tweaking the vaccine (sort of like what is done each year for the flu) for a while until the next new virus emerges and we are again in lockdowns.
  12. Yup, both got the 2nd booster a little over a week ago. Just to much unknown about this quirky virus and it's ability to mutate. And yes, going into stores, etc. we still wear our masks. Only place we don't is when eating out, which we do very infrequently at smaller places at off times when it isn't so crowded.
  13. I turn 77 this May. My mom died at 97, her youngest sister at 90, and my Aunt Barbara (whom I am named for) is now 98 on the way to at least 100. My great grandmother (mom's side) lived to be 96. Longevity runs in both sides of the families, so I have to plan accordingly. Dave on the other hand has already outlived his father, grandfather, but largely due to the increases in medical care in the past few years. We have enough to do everything we want to right now and hopefully at least 20+ yrs worth a portion of which I will live with my daughter and son-in-law and anything left goes to her.
  14. CarboPlatinum for me. But it did the trick, 28 years and still no sign of Ovarian cancer returning!
  15. Whether SS or other investment types, the thing going for you is TIME. The longer you are able to invest, the greater the return. We've 16 years worth of pulling retirement income and all of our investments are worth more now than when we retired, in fact we have recouped (so to speak) all of the initial investments through our withdrawals and now have investments returns making more returns for us. And if it weren't for the RMD, we would have even more still working for us. The trick is to be able to enjoy the early years of retirement when the body is still in good enough shape to get out and about. I use to think the downhill slide after 40 was something; that's just a teaser to what happens after 70. But advances in medicine (a lot due to Medicare being in place) means that we are still going, just a little more rest stops along the way. 😎
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