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  1. Randy, I agree with your assessment. I see no need to NOT wear a mask while shopping because there really are only a minor number of us who have had both vaccines so far, but I also will be able to get together with people I know who are also wearing masks when out. And we will be able to get together with family when we go north for the summer. I'm going to Costo during the coming week for the first time in over a year! I have ordered from them for delivery, but going in person I have avoided, so gradually getting back into the routine of daily life again.
  2. Cause and effect is what happens at gathering where no one wears a mask and someone who is asymptomatic with the virus is shedding particles and 4-8 days later we see people who come down with the disease. Lots of super spreader events have been documented including weddings, funerals, etc.
  3. For some of the big facilities, the administration of shots will be handled by the federal government in some other way than the way individual pharmacies will bill for administration. Think about Medicare being SWAMPED trying to pay for each injection via individual claim requests. We were asked when we signed up for the original ones, if we had Medicare. I think for these (and I have no proof, but it makes sense) that the system running the big drive through injection sites will coordinate with the feds via some form to say we gave X number of shots to Medicare recipients and be compe
  4. Is the rig going to be titled in both of your names? Can you title/register it in just his name right now, then later, when you 'move' to Texas have the title/registration changed to reflect it as being a jointly owned/titled vehicle? Your husband goes ahead and 'moves' to Texas, easy to do if he goes to NC, completes purchase, stops in Livingston on his way through, gets his drivers license and registers/titles the truck while there. Then he visits Utah until he and your daughter will start their trip and you join later.
  5. There is nothing in what you posted from CDC that changes my mind. Also, we are going to see the numbers go up in about 2 weeks and Spring Training just started with a LOT of people pouring into the valley from all over the country. Why would anyone want to place themselves where it is possible they could catch the virus even if the results would be a lot less with the 2 doses of vaccine?
  6. I suspect it is "T**** derangement syndrome" that agesilaus was referring to in an attempt not to appear political. Arizona still requires, by county, masks in retail establishments, but you can take them off while eating indoors. Even though we have had our 2 doses, eating at a restaurant indoors is not something I would feel comfortable doing right now given the high positivity rate (though falling) in this state. Outdoor dining, that we might be able to handle. But there are a lot of people now coming and going in the Phoenix area because it is Spring Training season!
  7. It has been so routine now, that I often forget to take the mask off when I get in the car, especially if I had my hands full, put everything in, get in and use the hand sanitizer I keep in the car, turn it on, pull out and start down the road, sometimes I remember I have the mask on, other times, I'm in the driveway before it dawns on me to take off the mask. Just finished the last of the masks for my daughter who is a special ed teacher and her aide (plus some extras for other teachers at her school). She now has a all of the seasons of the school year plus a couple of masks with eagl
  8. I just figured out that using the mobile.hotspot website that I can see some text messages that have been sent by T-Mobile (welcome, etc.) to my hotspot, so tomorrow I'll try again with T-mobile to see if I can set it up the website login. Can't read messages on my device, but maybe since I have gotten some information from them on it they can help me set it up.
  9. I have spent over 4 hours over the past few days trying to get it fixed. The problem is establishing the setup to be able to look at the account from my computer. I have the hotspot, it is working, just can't look at the account from my notebook computer because I can't log into the account because they can't sent a text to the hotspot phone number.
  10. Well, I finally have the hotspot, it is working great and while speed goes down in the afternoon and early evening, everything is fine. HOWEVER, I can not get online account that I can see set up because I do not have a T-mobile cell phone! So if I want to change the credit card the monthly fee is charged to, I have to call in, etc. Over almost 2 hours being bounced from pillar to post today, and the people couldn't understand how I could have the hotspot but not a T-mobile phone! The reason I can't log in from my laptop is that they need a T-Mobile number to send a text to with the PIN
  11. Packnrat, it's your choice not to fly. You can't get on a plane without either a REAL ID (DL with a Star) or a passport. Up to you which you want to have with you if you plan to fly.
  12. Will you be coming into Arizona for Spring Training? Unless you can commit to being someone where for a month, I think you have better wait until the shots are readily available from Pharmacies or get the J&J one dose vaccine with a booster next year. Of course, we may all be having boosters next year.
  13. I’m sorry I used the term enhanced for the non-commercial Class A or Class B license. The DL with the enhanced STAR used for flying is completely different, and you don’t have to have it, though I’m not sure how easy it would be to get one now without a star. You can fly with a passport instead. We always carry both with us.
  14. Had a little muscle ache this morning plus sore arm, but an Aleve took care of that. Agree the serpentine is interesting. Second dose, they didn’t ask for DL, just the appointment number, logged us in and 20 minutes late4 we drove out.
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