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  1. I guess there is a difference between doing it in person and doing it by mail in Texas. Will see in 2024 when I turn 79 and have to renew again and that has to be in person. Of course it would be in person anyway, just a couple of years later.
  2. They look at what is circulating in Southern Hemisphere, as well as other trends and make a best guess at the 4 strains that will probably be circulating. Between pushing flu vaccine early, wearing masks, washing hands, little international travel, plus lower incidences of flu in other countries, we just might have a better than usual flu season.
  3. That’s also what we decided to do this year. With Dave recovering from surgery, we just can’t risk it this year.
  4. Blues, what state? AND yes, you provided proof of residency - your current driver's license. Most states (like Texas) require more than just the current DL you have.
  5. Remember, the 98.6 is the AVERAGE temperature of healthy people. And your temperature varies through out the day. It also goes up if you have been walking outside in 114° heat to get to the physician's office. Lots of physician offices found that people's temperature went down at least 1 full point this summer in the Phoenix area after their patients sat for a few minutes in the waiting area.
  6. Al, That's always a problem with the flu vaccines, trying to figure out which of the different flu viruses will be circulating. So sorry you caught a strain that wasn't included in last year's vaccine. The flu can be really, really serious .
  7. No Jim, you did not get the flu from taking the flu vaccine. Either already had the virus in you and there was no time for the body to make antibodies against the flu (takes 2 weeks). Or it could be the case that the flu strain that you were infected with was not included in that year's vaccine - it is always a balancing act to try and figure out which flu strains will be circulating and which have mutated enough to warrant their being included in the vaccine. Generally, even if you get the flu, having had the vaccine will lessen the severity of the disease. Now if you have a reaction when you get the shot, you should investigate with an allergist because you may have a allergy to some egg protein, or something else in the vaccine. There are people that are people who can't take a number of vaccines because of how they are produced.
  8. So you are a Q follower? No, there are not hordes of people setting fires all over the west. Some have been started by people doing stupid things like having gender reveal parties involving fireworks. Have you even looked at where a lot of the fires are? Also, there were no people in a lot of area in 1926. So nothing was done to fight the fires, they just grew until a rain event happened. I grew up in a logging community, my dad towed logs down the river, and at least every other summer, there would be a lightening strike somewhere up the mountains (Cascades) in our valley that would cover the valley in smoke for a few days. All of the loggers would be furiously moving equipment that might be in the path of the fire, dad, along with this crew, would work up on the fire lines helping get things moved, and come back covered in soot. Eventually a soaking rain would come in (PNW is a lot wetter than CA) and then there would be a race to get charred timber logged off of burn sites before the heavy rains and slides came that winter. But back then they didn't go MONTHS in Seattle without rain - now that is happening more and more often. Which means longer burn times, more ash/soot in the air, more damage to peoples lungs.
  9. They aren’t kids, they are adults and they should be intelligent enough to know close contact then moving around the country leads to outbreaks of the virus, causing sickness and death.
  10. We try to move on Mondays. I love Sunday afternoons after the weekenders have left, the park becomes quite, and no hassle leaving Monday morning about 10 am, plus no line up at our next park that afternoon between 2-3 pm. Let the weekenders have the roads getting home on Sundays so they can go back to work come Monday morning.
  11. Medicare is pretty straight forward, 80% of approved charges are paid. Yes, the 20% could be huge, but once you figure your risk level, then hall of the supplement insurances must provide the same benefits in each class. Part D was added later by pharmaceutical interests in the hopes of forestalling Medicare from negotiating drug prices for all beneficiaries. There is no need for it to be this way. Worst thing that ever happened was allowing the advertising of prescription drugs to the general public! and Medicare Advantage programs are good for the companies, not for people.
  12. Yes, you can get snow after Labor Day in the Rockies. You need to watch the weather this time of year, and be prepared to hunker down for a day or 2 if a storm is overtaking you. Don’t stray to far from I-80, they keep the interstates open for the most part. And we are almost to October!
  13. With the Class A that we have, can’t do online, so had to do by mail, plus upgrading to the Real ID. Because of our driver’s license type we can’t renew online.
  14. Yes, I had to submit proof of residency to Renew. I bet you did too, just didn’t remember it? Copy of coach registration, voter’s Registration card, insurance were good enough. IIRC it took only passport to establish citizenship, but 2 pieces for residency.
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