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  1. Since the kitchen is on the slide, and our slide has a slight backward tilt when extended, the water in the coffee maker is always higher in the back of the holding tank, and butter in a pan will go away from me, but it is so slight that it doesn't bother me. The slide topper still collects water in a heavy rain and we have to be very care to bring it in slowly so no one around gets a shower. Hasn't been a problem as we haven't seen real rain in Western Washington since June 14th! They even have a heat advisory out for Seattle area for tomorrow and Tuesday as it will be in the high 80s for those days! We just grin at our relatives complaining about the heat. 😎
  2. Is it purposely slightly out of level to ensure proper draining off of roof and side toppers? Not enough for most people to notice, and everything functions properly, but enough for water not to pond.
  3. They have excessive heat warnings out in Seattle area because it is going to be in the mid to high 80s! My sister sets her AC to come on if it hits 75! Years of living in hotter climate, anything below 90 just doesn’t raise an eyebrow from us anymore.
  4. No, that section is still pretty rough, but doesn't compare with I-5 or Highway 99 in California. The section of I-40 from Flagstaff to Kingman was atrocious 2 yrs ago, but haven’t been on it since.
  5. "Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun". Lyrics in a song by Noel Coward
  6. Welcome to the group Dennis. I'll second everyone's suggestion of Escapees and Passport America. If you are interested in membership parks, I'd invite to read our page from our blog on Membership Parks. There are several things to consider and I agree it takes a while to know if they might fit your traveling style, especially if you haven't done much RVing before you retired.
  7. RV, I never said I objected to Apple security alerts - all of whom I see before you have publicized them here. I do object to the almost joyous glee by the authors of those articles, which are usually by NOT long term Apple users. Never seem to see Apple users pointing out problems with other the products of other manufacturers, mainly because we are happy with our choice and see no reason to try and disparage what others use.
  8. Well even the dry heat of Arizona at 120 feels almost to hot to handle, but if you are in the shade and have a little water, you can survive. Contrast with 98° heat + 90% humidity we had in East Texas and we would pull all the guys off of construction projects or other outside work because they simply couldn't handle it. Which is why in the summer in East Texas big construction projects would start before daylight - like concrete pours at 3:00 am!
  9. US Highway 99 from Bakersfield to Sacramento - has to rank down at the bottom along with Louisiana I-10 if not surpass it!
  10. Dan, I'm sorry, but this is a long running point of contention between RV and myself regarding the intelligence of Apple users. And like most Apple users, I don't have updates automatically loaded, but we still get alerts and then we decide whether it is time to upload the update or whether it can wait until we are somewhere with better cell coverage. DJW - ?
  11. You do know that we get automatic alerts from Apple when there is a system update, right?
  12. Solo, you know that all threads go off on a tangent at times. I assume that you've already looked at AllStays and RV Park Reviews for private parks on the east side?
  13. Plywood prices are falling because the saw mills are back working. May take time to get to your area, but the mills are running!
  14. Do you really need your car if you are traveling with several others that have cars? That would increase the possibility of finding sites.
  15. There are 3 dots on the right side of your post. Click on it, and file a report asking the moderator to remove you. That would be the quickest way I know of since there doesn't appear to be a way under account settings to completely remove yourself - which by design protects you from someone else removing you who isn't a moderator.
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