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  1. Gremlins - when I can't figure why something strange happens in the coach, I know it is a Gremlins attack just to drive me crazy!
  2. Linda, have your tried flushing for a period of time and then checking the temperature of the water at the toilet? That would tell you very quickly if somehow the lines have been switched.
  3. We bought a new car last year in Arizona, I calculated the tax owed wrong (added a penalty because we were 3 days over the 30 days to get the paper work in because of the bank we were using) and sure enough I got a check back for the overpayment within 2 weeks. They do this all the time and are most gracious when you call.
  4. X3 I want teachers to get it as soon as possible!
  5. Georgia, Floating conspiracy theories. Hospitals bill by codes of treatments provided. Since COVID interferes with several body systems, if you have it, are ill and being hospitalized, if you die it will be COVID related. Could you have died of your underlying pathology that week, the following month, year. Yes, but COVID exacerbated the process, so a COVID death.
  6. How lucky that your immune system is able to fend of infection and your wife was able to develop sufficient antibodies to recover. 250K were not that lucky. And for many of us with ongoing chronic conditions getting the virus would be a death sentence. To brag about not wearing masks when your wife did catch the virus seems strange to me. BTW - have you been tested for antibodies?
  7. Unfortunately Kirk there are an awful lot of people who will laugh that off as "won't happen to me". It is just so sad to see people dying because of ignorance or obstinance. Either way, they are still dead. 300K by Christmas. 😢
  8. Antibody levels and length of immunity seem to be dependent upon how severe of a case the person had and how active the immune system became. People with very mild cases may not activate as may T cells and thus not have long term immunity. It is really very complex issue.
  9. Vern, Where did you get the idea that you had to be more than 500 ft away? Close proximity, indoors, without masks, is the greatest risk. Next is outdoors, but hopefully with nice breeze anything is dilute. With masks, risk is greatly reduced. Take the last time you were close to your friend, and count 14 days from them - that's the incubation period. Most people are positive within 7 days, but 14 is consider the safe point. Just keep doing what you are doing and try not to worry.
  10. That's a very scenic road for cars, RVs no. Couple of 9-10% grades in spots, not long, but steep.
  11. Jim, if you go back and look at the statements on masks they never said no one needed a mask. They knew then that it would probably help, but also knew that the hospitals were running short and needed them more and if they said everyone mask up, what would stores have been like - - you think TP was bad! So they said most people didn't need one and gradually they came to understand that there was no way to tell who was infectious and that everyone need to be treated as such, hence getting a mask. Easiest way to decide about a vaccine, if Dr. Fauci and Dr. Hotez are getting one, then that's the signal to move ahead.
  12. Same way, but LONG the descents require more diligent efforts in keeping speed down. Of course you already know that don't you?
  13. Veronica, if you plan on being there for Thanksgiving, start at least a day earlier. If weather is clear up I-5. If not, CA 20 over to the 101. Steady wins the day, don't worry about others speeding past you. Also, when big trucks go by you will feel pushed to the right, take a firm hold of the steering wheel and keep the rig in the center of the lane. You will soon learn to anticipate that and using your mirrors to see trucks coming up you can get yourself set. You will find yourself needing breaks during the day, take them and make sure you are off the road before dusk. For going down passes, shift down at least one gear at the top and USE THE BRAKES sparingly. When you do apply them, apply firmly, bring speed down 15-20 mph and then GET YOUR FOOT OFF until the speed returns to level that you applied brakes before. On I-5, you will have 7 miles of downhill into Ashland, OR and it you can get going very, very fast if not careful. Riding the brakes will burn them out.
  14. The OP asked for alternatives and Highway 101 is not that hard as all of you are making it out to be unless you are insisting on doing 80 mph! Unfortunately the OP didn’t tell us the size of the rig, how ‘new’ she is and the specific time frame. I’m assuming Christmas and family she feels she must’ve go to see.
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