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Nitrogen filled tires


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When we bought our TT 2 years ago the mechanic told us we had nitrogen in the tires but could top off with air anytime. According to him it is no problem and we've had no trouble at all.

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Does your trailer climb to 40,000 feet and encounter -40 degree temperatures and then land on 120 degree runways? If it does, then nitrogen is for you. Otherwise there is no benefit to nitrogen in vehicle tires that justifies the cost.

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The great thing about nitrogen filled tires is if you travel at 30,000 fett elevation and extreme cold and extreme heat. The bigget benifit is to the dealer selling the nitrogen refills...lots of money in his pocket.


Otherwise just use plain old compressed air.



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Nitrogen has benefits in tires used for air craft or race cars.


For a vehicle at normal speeds, it serves no practical purpose.


It is a profit center for the tire seller.


If it makes you feel better, spend the money on it.


It won’t hurt, but remember that it is not as easy to find 100% Nitrogen for bring tires up to pressure.


Normal air contains 78% Nitrogen, so is it worth it for an extra 22%? I think not.


The next time I tow my trailer at 200 MPH or it has the name “Boeing” on it, I will use nitrogen.

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Amen to what Mark and Dale Bruss posted. Kind of goes along with Scotchguard and undercoating. Having worked race car tires in the pits for a number of years, bleeding off the air Goodyear used when mounting, then putting in nitrogen, the reason this was done was to keep the chassis dynamics the same(as close as possible) during a green flag run. Trying to keep the pressure build-up to a minimum. As far as I am concerned, airplanes and race cars only.

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The psi rating on tires is for cold tires.....always check them and adjust them cold.

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Just start using air BUT make sure it is DRY air, water in an RV tire is not a good thing.


We carried our own small compressor so we'd be assured of clean, dry air, a search here will turn up several discussions with comparisons and recommendations.

Google search string to search just these forums for air compressor:

site:http://www.rvnetwork.com/ "air compressor"


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I took our nitrogen filled tires to NTB and they looked at me as though I had two heads. I don't. They told me to take our vehicle back to the dealer as we even had different valve stems. We couldn't use the 'standard' fitting that you find at most gas stations.

All a ploy to get money out of your pocket.



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Y'all need argon in the tires. Its the exact same gas used between windows for better insulation and sound cancelling. By using argon you:


Keep your tires cool

All road noise vanishes as the argon gas muffles and cancels out sound


I also have 1000 used paperclips for sale. Better than new ones as each and every one has been tested in the field. Just $10 per 100 count or take %20 off $80 for the whole 1000. What a steel.

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The air you are breathing is about 78% Nitrogen when the tires were mounted on the rim. Since there is no way to remove all the air from the tire while on the rim without collapsing the tire and introducing more air. No-one is actually getting 100% Nitrogen in there tires anyway-so that is an outright lie.

Nitrogen acts exactly the same in your tire as normal air; Boyles Law governs expansion rates of all gasses.

What does make the difference is as Stan said, moisture in the air. One must have an air dryer on their compressor outlet to greatly reduce moisture getting into the tire.

Some say Nitrogen has larger molicules that cannot pass through the tire inner-liner as easy as air. Well, if that is true,and you keep topping off your tires with dry air, eventually you wind up with a tire containing almost 100% Nitrogen.


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I think some of the rationale for using nitrogen inside tires under pressure is its lack of oxidative damage which is exacerbated by oxygen under pressure. Oxidation from outside is the reason for date stamps and the wisdom of changing tires more than five years old. Oxidation occurs despite their sitting still. Dry rot if you will, as oxygen leaches out some of the chemical constituents by oxidation.


Fill your tires now as if it gets picked up by Oklahoma for executions by inert gas asphyxiation, the cost will likely increase. I just had a morbid thought. If we go to all electric cars no one can end it all with CO easily. Guess they'll have tires though.

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Make sure you also change your tire air from winter air to summer air when you take your RV out of winter storage. And make sure you check your blinker fluid too.

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Guys.........hush-up......I don't want my old tractor to hear about air or the N-gas........it has had liquid filled tires for 31 years....ya same tires.......Good-somethings as I recall......... no, we don't drive these old tires very fast anymore......





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