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    In June of 2006, we sold everything and hit the road!

    We spent over thirty years in Naples Florida, in the pest control industry. Our work days were filled with appointments with clients. Our work time was always rigidly scheduled each day. Now, it is OURTIME and thus the name of our rig. It is our time to do what we want,and go where we want, when we want.

    We travel in a 27 foot long Outback travel trailer pulled by a Dodge One ton diesel dually. Our companions include June. She is Debbie's mentally disabled sister. We also have with us two rescue dogs, a Chatahoula Mix & Chihuahua mix.

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  1. Here are just a few: When we checked in, Mary, the owner, and Linda the office manager, both gave Debbie a hug and said welcome back. This is the type of people that are here. When I had my leg operated on the first winter we were here, one of our neighbors stopped by and asked how many times a day to walk the dogs while Debbie was at the hospital. Not IF but WHEN. Kathleen, our next door neighbor, stopped by after I got home and left me some homemade chicken soup for my recovery. A fellow stopping by as I looked under the hood of the truck and wondered to myself how I am going to crawl under the truck with my disability. He says:" I was a fleet meager for 30 years. Want me to take a look for you?" Being part of a true “community” is a unique experience in my adult life. Very much like a small town, everyone knows the business of the other. The nice thing is that everyone does care about and for each other.
  2. We will be at our winter home in South Florida and entertaining our son, in our RV. Since we started full timing, this has become a tradition, as the RV is our home.
  3. LOL LOL LOL LOL An upscale RV community at the edge of a very low scale community. That is really rich!! Yes, Bill Joyce, this is the same community!! Up until a few years ago, you could not even park you pick up truck outdoors, at your own house! You can dress up a pig as pretty as you like, but it is still a pig. The developer will sell lots, make money, and then be gone with the wind. Never to be seen again. .
  4. Don't forget to visit the Edsion/Ford winter home in Ft. Myers and the J Darling Ding wildlife center on Sanibel. The COE at Franklin Locks is very difficult to get reservations in the winter. Reserve now or have a plan "B."
  5. Our solution was to removed the bar and use the space to install a wire four drawer dresser. We no longer "hang" clothes They are folded and placed in the dresser. My wife has two drawers and I have two. There is also extra space above and next to the dresser for further storage. We often comment that we went from two full sized dressers and walk in closet in our sticks and bricks to the little wire dresser. But it works!
  6. No, we are all out working at the volunteer spots.
  7. A good remainder for everyone. Thanks for posting.
  8. X2 My experience in researching positions found this to be true. Lots of state parks ask for 8 weeks, instead of an entire summer.
  9. A partial explanation: When we retired, and went full time, we had two retired racing Greyhounds (65 pounds each) and a Belgian Malanois (105 Pounds) in our house. We put them and three adult humans in a 27 foot trailer and hit the road. Tight? You bet. But we feel that being a caretaker for an animal is a lifetime commitment. Dropping them off a shelter, or finding another home, just because they are "inconvenient" is not in our vocabulary. As those beloved pets passed on, we did "downsize" to a Chihuahua mix, (10 pounds) and A Catahoula mix. (38 pounds) So some you may see some "dragging" along 2 or three pets because that is the best, and only solution. Why take 2 or three dogs weekend camping? We did so because they LOVED camping. When preparing the camper, the day before, where it was stored in the back yard, the dogs would get inside and resist getting out! IMHO Dogs love camping because they get to be with their humans (pack) 24/7 and usually go for lots of walks while camping. That is something that often does not happen when the owners are working. Hope this helps you understand better "why," although you need not agree with taking the dogs/pets.
  10. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Happy camping.
  11. If there is anything wrong or broken that you find during the walk through, do not transfer any funds until they are fixed. Before you transfer funds, you have the power, afterwards the dealer does.
  12. No offense meant, but this maybe a case of what was said, and what was heard, are two different things. A deposit versus a charge of $ 15.00 certainly is. Hopefully the OP will update us.
  13. I have experienced some Corps. Of Engineers Parks that do not accept mail or packages at all. In nine years on the road and having mail and packages forwarded, I have NEVER seen a charge of $15.00. I don't say this often, but that is a "blatant rip off." There is no way they can justify that much money for the services received. A very poor business practice.
  14. I believe I would. My old 2005 is not affected, and the more I read, the tighter I will hang on to it.
  15. Noting new "Bad Dogs " are also trained to be that way, not just bred. Been going on since the 80's. I could have made a LOT Of money if I was willing to train these dogs. Each time I was approached, the answer was "No, thank you. I don't do that type of training." Many ethical trainers said the same thing.
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