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  1. I have seen dry bath is some older models. Maybe back to the late 90s.
  2. Wind turbines failed because that is what the engineers who run the system knew they would do under these cold conditions.
  3. Just think of what electricity did to the whale oil industry. And the invention of cars did the horse and buggy industry. I am sure there were people saying the same thing you are saying now.
  4. That is unfortunate, mail should never be left on the porch. If the mailbox is full, the carrier should take all the mail back to the post office and handle in the appropriate manner.
  5. I believe that if you put your mail on "hold" it is only good for 30 days. If you put in a forward, you non forwardable mail is handled in the appropriate fashion. It should not be put in a mailbox.
  6. So you are saying get rid of the unions? How would that help?
  7. I am in Yuma as well, and got an email saying that they had about 2500 doses for anyone over 65, but you have to call starting a 1:00 PM today to make an appointment. I started calling right an 1:00 but got the busy signal, so hung up and dialed again. I did this until about 1:30 when I got through to a ringing phone, but no one picked up and it disconnected after three minutes. When I dialed again, I got a message that is was a non working number, so I presume that meant that all the spots were filled. I looked at my phone at the end of this and saw that I had dialed the number 180 times.
  8. I belong to a rural carriers page on FB, it is a wonder as much mail got delivered as did. The stories the carriers post on there are horrendous. Carriers carrying more than one route in a day. Carriers going from an average of 70 parcels a day to a day of having 670. Carriers required to stay and work after their route is finished for another 6 to 8 hours to sort parcels for the next day. A huge failure of management, at what level I dont know.
  9. I would say you are getting your money's worth out of the postage you are paying.
  10. Where did you get this information? Are you talking about truck drivers who are USPS employees, or companies that contract with the USPS to haul mail?
  11. I saw a piece on the news yesterday about this problem. One of the ways the private carriers are dealing with this issue is having its drivers refuse to pick up parcels at several locations to keep their volume to what they can handle, and then because these parcel mailers cant use the private companies, they then send their parcels through the USPS, who as far as I know, doesnt turn down any business.
  12. Although, it has been several years since I retired, one of the rules that the USPS implemented before I retired was that there was to be no mail left in the post office at the end of the day that should have been delivered that day, so when something is not delivered it is put in with mail to be shipped somewhere else and then has to work its way back to the correct post office. Also, in probably many post offices and sorting centers there is a back log of mail to be sorted. Yesterday, I saw a picture of six or seven semi loads of mail waiting to be unloaded and sorted at one post office in
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