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  1. "The fundamental problem is that while the USPS generates enough revenue to cover its operating costs, its pension and retiree health care liabilities push its bottom line into the red. The USPS has operated at a loss since 2007. From 2008 to 2018, it reported $69 billion in losses. For the 2019 fiscal year, it lost $8.8 billion on $71" The USPS has operated at a loss from 2007 on because in 2006 the Congress and the President thought it was a good idea to force the USPS to pay about 6 billion a year into the retirement fund, which will then have enough money in it to pay retirees 75 years into the future! This a a requirement that no other private business or government agency, or quasi-governmental agency has to pay. The only reason for doing this was to continue efforts to destroy the USPS.
  2. You are free to believe whatever you wish, but there is no way on God's green earth that the USPS loses 5% of the mail. On a side note, mail that is returned to the sender for any reason is not "lost mail."
  3. The problem with ending Saturday delivery is that the mail does not stop on the weekends. Mail is still processed and transported. As it is now even with Saturday delivery, Mondays can be very hectic with basically two days mail that needs to be sorted and delivered in the same time frame as one days mail. Add a Monday holiday, then there would be three days mail to be delivered on Tuesday. The US Postal Service can work as well or as poorly as those in charge of its' operation want it to.
  4. I have an old plan as well. I pay $130 per month. I believe it is limited to 700 minutes per month, with unlimited text and data. I never come close to the 700 minutes, but as I do more streaming using my phone as a hotspot using FoxFi my data usage is going up. Last month I used about 80 gig of data, but I have heard of people with these plans using up to 1000 gig of data per month. I do believe there is value in these plans, but not sure all the details to sell them, but I do see there are some for sale on e-bay.
  5. It is a Patriot Act thing. Not sure if the rule was allied correctly though, but I believe that the USPS no longer just lets people rent boxes without providing a verifiable address.
  6. I cant imagine working in that post office! Although, when there are that many snowbirds coming there through the winter is going to cause problems no matter what, but the problems there in winter cold be alleviated with better management! For the life of me I dont understand why management does not allow more clerk hours than they do. Not sure if it is the local Postmaster that is the problem or management higher up that likes to see the chaos that is the Quartzsite post office in the winter. If you want to know what DeJoy did, imagine almost all post offices like Quartzsite in winter all year round as far as mail transportation and delivery.
  7. That is some BS! I can see requiring an ID to pick up General Delivery mail, but never would I ever mail an ID to a post office in advance.
  8. Your member of the House of Representatives, and your two Senators. By the way , it is these people who keep the USPS from closing small offices. When the USPS wants to close small offices, customers complain to their Congresspeople and the Congresspeople not wanting to maybe lose votes, then get the Congress to keep these offices open, but without money to make it worthwhile.
  9. You should not have to fill out an application to get General Delivery Mail, but we have been to places where that is the standard. When mail is received at a post office, and addressed to General Delivery, it should have a date placed on it, and held for 30 days regardless of whether the recipient has filled out an application, but some Postmasters just make up rules as they go along.
  10. From the OP. "Here is farm video of the farm the wife and I have harvested for during the last 6 years. The beet harvest begins at about the 16 min slot on the video."
  11. Call Paul Maddox at 602-549-3638. He does troubleshooting for HWH. If he doesnt answer, leave a message. He will get back to you as quickly as he can. He posts his information on another RV forum, so not problem posting it here. Good luck
  12. What do you see as problematic with mail in voting? Some states have doing it for quite some time without issue, and our military have been doing it for years without any issues that I have heard of.
  13. When I had the same problem, the issue was the controller, not the motor.
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