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  1. If he has DirecTV those are the satellites that the SK3005 will find.
  2. Today was the day our temporary forward ended after I had changed the end date last week, and today we had mail in the box just as I expected without us having to contact the local USPS office.
  3. Yes, if you made a permanent change of address, he would be correct.
  4. The guy at the counter is misinformed or ill informed. We put in a temporary forward for the winter, and because we are going home a little earlier than the end date on the forward, I changed the end date, and I fully expect that I wont have to do anything else to see my temporary forward end on the date specified, and delivery resumed to our residence. I will let you know how things go.
  5. Try Bank of the West
  6. pjstough


    We have stayed at White Sands RV Park. It is a pretty nice park and right behind Walmart. They dont take reservations but usually have a few spots available. We have stayed at Boot Hill RV Park as well. It is pretty nice but more expensive, and they are usually full. We have also stayed at Shady Grove RV Park. It is not a bad place for overnight.
  7. Because there are so many people who are so easy to scare, and they end up living their life in fear, so they buy guns thinking everyone is out to get them. I believe the medical term is paranoia.
  8. I have seen dry bath is some older models. Maybe back to the late 90s.
  9. Wind turbines failed because that is what the engineers who run the system knew they would do under these cold conditions.
  10. Just think of what electricity did to the whale oil industry. And the invention of cars did the horse and buggy industry. I am sure there were people saying the same thing you are saying now.
  11. That is unfortunate, mail should never be left on the porch. If the mailbox is full, the carrier should take all the mail back to the post office and handle in the appropriate manner.
  12. I believe that if you put your mail on "hold" it is only good for 30 days. If you put in a forward, you non forwardable mail is handled in the appropriate fashion. It should not be put in a mailbox.
  13. So you are saying get rid of the unions? How would that help?
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