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Vehicle insurance

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Hey all,

I've been R V'ing a couple years now. My insurance agent and company is not happy that I travel all the time. I will be looking for new insurance company that doesn't get wigged out when a client travels full time. Any ideas are much appreciated.  i am becoming a citizen of South Dakota mid August, I noticed one of the mail forward services has in house insurance agents. Is this a good route or should I look for independent agent and company. What works for you?

George the Greek  

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Can't compare because we have only had NGIC (National General) since we began full-time in 2014. Recently we had total loss on both our 5th wheels and major damage to our truck. National General came through and were great to deal with at a very stressful time. Always easy to get someone in the phone and the adjusters they sent out were so professional and thorough. Replacement value on one 5th wheel and market value on the other. Plus getting the truck back like new. I honestly can't say enough good about how they helped us out when we needed it most.

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I just got a cuote from the insurance folks at Americas Mail box $1,146 for 6 months on my dodge Ram pick up and another $541 for the camper.. the policy i have now is $448 for 6 months truck and camper.. Problem is the insurance I have now doesnt like I travel so I need to replace it but this is highway robbery  I will call some of the places you have suggested below thanks again and I hope I can afford to continue driving

G tG

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With the internet you can search just like insurance agencies do. In fact there are websites that will give you the best price. I have found that if I pay the bill in full before the policy year starts I will get the best price. That said, all RV insurance is not the same, there are considerations like replacement coast, which some insurance companies don't offer. In a state like Texas all auto policies are standard, you chose the limits you want.

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Check the breakdown of your coverage for something along the lines of "fulltimer liability," for about $100/year, just to be sure.  Places like the ones Kirk mentioned understand fulltimers, but it never hurts to double-check.

Years ago I had Geico quote a fulltimer policy for me, but when I checked the breakdown, I didn't see a premium for fulltimer liability.  When I called back, I was told that "fulltimer" to them meant that the policy was good for traveling 365 days a year.  However, I think most fulltimers want the personal liability coverage they no longer have when they give up homeowner's or renter's coverage.  I certainly did.

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