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  1. We had plumbing issues at the house before we sold. Tree roots loved to creep into our main sewer pipe out. At that time, we started using the Scott 1-ply TP, to reduce blockage and reduce the frequency we had to have a plumber come out and "rooter" the pipe. When we sold and went to the RV, and read about various issues, we used the same TP. We haven't had a single blockage in two years. Others are correct, though, that plenty of water in your flushing makes all the difference. You can find it at almost every grocery store, Walmart, etc.
  2. There's also Arlo. That one has a base station (which you can wire to DC with an adapter). But like the suggestion above, you'll need Internet. Also, I don't know the draw on the base station, but I suspect it'll run your batteries down after a time.
  3. You just need to update your eyes to the 2.0 version. Kidding aside, have you contacted their support to see if there are options you can't find?
  4. When we were looking, a year and a half ago, I think there were only three Class A toy haulers. (We ended up getting a fifth wheel toy hauler, and an F-350 to pull it.) Thor Outlaw was one. There was a Newmar, I think, too. Found this article while looking up the names: https://campertrailerreport.com/best-class-a-toy-hauler/
  5. You should check this attached white paper. Provided by Avanti Lalwani at Briter Products. I WILL be re-doing my 4x Battle Borns this way. Okay, couldn't attach (too big), linked instead. https://dwo.net/BatteryWiringDoc.pdf
  6. I can comment on some recent roads. I-80 in WY, like another commenter said, was really pretty good. Yes, there was construction, but those sections are still better than a lot of roads we've been on. I can say that I-70 (at least westbound) from Kansas into Colorado was complete shite. Not sure who is building the roads there, but they need to go up to WY and learn from them. I-80 east and west around the Chicago area.... just junk. It's like every time they moved the paving rig, they had no idea how to make a "seam" in the section. We spent a lot of time on the motorcycles yesterday between Sheridan and Chicago and my back is killing me. Bump.... roll for a bit, bump, roll for a bit, repeat. Closer into Chicago proper, the pavement turned to a more "concrete" style and wasn't bad. It amazes me how some of the backroads, some of the US and state highways can be SO much better than the interstate. Also, if you're in the Chicago area, be sure to "avoid tolls" in your Google maps. When we were here a year ago, we got onto one of them, and I think it cost us something like $30 plus. That was the first one. There was another right after (some "skyway" or something), cost us more and it was only like a 2 mile stretch! I've also heard that 285 between Texas and Roswell, NM is a very, very bad road. Talked to several people about it and they said that's all oil field hauling through there and big rigs all day, every day. Apparently potholes abound. Glad we missed it.
  7. Was told by one of the organizers that the magician/comedian had some flight delays, had to drive up 6 hours from Denver. Unfortunately, she missed the sound check. They do perform them, but travel delays are generally unforeseeable.
  8. Thanks for the info! We'll be coming up I-25 from Cheyenne, then takin' a left on I-80. We'll be the ones with the big Momentum and the wife on the stingray sidecar!
  9. We are fulltime insured through Progressive.
  10. May I make a recommendation for future things like this: If you're a Google user, set a reminder in the calendar when you know a date. We do this, almost religiously. For when the registration opened for Escapade, as well as when it opened for the Grand Design National Rally. We know there'll be a rush, so we set up a Google Calendar event, with reminder 2 days out, 1 day out, 6 hours and 30 minutes. Nag, nag, nag. It works! Now, if you didn't plan to be there or go, but now you find yourself there, well, this isn't a helpful solution! Safe Travels!
  11. Not my post, but @Kirk W, thanks for all you do to help folks like us that have questions! I see your responses in here all the time. Thanks from a stranger!
  12. You could just tape the area, if it's not too late. Like blue painter's tape, etc. Then you could just peel it off. When in doubt, that's what I do. Protect all the things!
  13. Glad to hear. Reading the RVTravel newsletter this morning, the editor addressed that he talks about campground crowding a lot, but many readers are writing in to say the opposite. I'm sitting in the CMA Iron Mountain campground, and there are PLENTY of spaces. Across the street at Shadow Mountain, too. (Mena, Arkansas.) I think the "campground crowding" must be Yellowstone and the like. I'm either working at the computer or on the motorcycles or in the truck seeing things. We don't stay at "resort" campgrounds. I'm not retired, so... not gonna spend the kids' inheritance completely on a $125/night park. If I can get to $400/mo with electric included, I'm absolutely ecstatic!
  14. Bear in mind that along with your 6 months back home, you'll be storing your rig here in the states for that time. Ensuring you have a safe storage facility is important (and a cost you'll need to factor in). We often hear about travel trailers being stolen from storage lots, so definitely do your research, ensure the rig is as battened down as it can be. Depending on what part of the country you plan to store it in, you may need to consider winterization, too. And battery storage. No batteries will last 6 months unattended without a trickle charger. Removing them is likely your best option. I have no idea of the costs, but you might considering renting initially, as you indicate you have no experience with them. If you outright purchase one, you'll definitely "worry" about it while you aren't around to take care of it.
  15. Also, forgot to add, that we are generally planned out for at least 8 months, if not longer. Since we build our itinerary around bike rallies, family visits, other events, it's easy to know where we need to be.
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