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  1. Also, forgot to add, that we are generally planned out for at least 8 months, if not longer. Since we build our itinerary around bike rallies, family visits, other events, it's easy to know where we need to be.
  2. We've been fulltiming for the past year (since March 2020, NOT Covid related, I always feel the need to explain). In addition, we went from "zero to hero". Fulltiming is ALL we've done! My wife is a planner. (Her business is as a cruise agent, she's not been too busy for the past year and a half.) As a travel planner, this is all a no-brainer to her. We say "we would like to see X" or "attend this motorcycle rally" or "see this family member". And when. From there, we use tools like Campendium, The Dyrt, etc. to determine campgrounds around the area. Since we don't care too much a
  3. Bear in mind that, as a general rule, "unlimited" plans rarely apply to hotspot data. They almost always apply to "data from the phone". (The phones know how you're using it.) To spend the good money, this is what we used: https://www.mobilemusthave.com/Ultimate-Road-Warrior-Bundle-with-Poynting_p_168.html (Currently, we only have AT&T but are adding Verizon soon.) Changing Lanes has a video on their installation, which very similar to ours.
  4. Was there a problem using the reseller that MMH connects you with? That's what we did with our Pepwave from them. Sure, it's like $140/mo, and initially was unlimited, now AT&T has it limited to 500GB/mo. I'm hitting under that with a decent margin, though. For you, needing 30GB, you'll never likely have any bandwidth issues.
  5. Setting up your own blog is quite easy, and free. Unless you're super technical or otherwise care about things like domain names, etc. Just starting here is probably the simplest thing you can do: https://wordpress.com/ Like someone above said, this is more of a discussion area. Just "putting it out there for others to read and share", well, definitely better suited to a blog. Millions are using Wordpress, and you get something like "yourOwnPrefix.wordpress.com" Before we got into the RV (over a year ago), we focused heavily on bikes, and I did a few here: https://twowheelsonebike.w
  6. A lot of people have said "The best Windows machine I ever owned was a Mac."
  7. It definitely gets dirty, but is super easy to clean, in my opinion. (Not counting having to actually GO up on the roof; that's the hard part!) But a little mineral spirits cleans it right up. I had to remove some Dicor to re-run an antenna wire. While I was up there, I cleaned several spots that were starting to show its age.
  8. If you're asking if you can keep Michigan plates on your car now that you're a resident of Indiana, the answer really is "no". Not if you own the vehicle, and certainly not if you don't have a permanent residence in Michigan still. Just change 'em out, do the work.
  9. Some RV makers (I know that Grand Design is one of those, no Class C's, but just an example) offer full on custom paint jobs, as opposed to "white with decals".
  10. We went with this one, pretty happy with it: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08XLQ8ZNB/ One thing I will say about these extension ladders, though, is that when you don't need the full height, that last step can be tough, as you'll have several "steps" collapsed to make one BIG step. You said 12-15', but I find that this one works just fine to get up on top of my 13'6" (all things height) fifth wheel. Hmmm. Well, I went to my Amazon orders to see what I had gotten, mine is actually 15.5 feet. Either they don't sell it anymore or.... I don't know. Mine is also not orange like
  11. https://www.cellmapper.net/map https://maps.t-mobile.com/ https://www.att.com/maps/wireless-coverage.html
  12. We used https://nrvia.org/locate/ when we purchased our rig. We were in the Dallas area, but buying in Southern California. Prior to signing all the papers, we had the inspector arrange with the seller to do the inspection. He found a couple things that, after further negotiation, covered the cost of the inspector, but gave us a heads up so we were prepared. (Fortunately, the rig was in very good shape.)
  13. I had to look them up. Ran across this post in just .04 seconds in Google: https://rvshare.com/blog/best-rv-swamp-coolers/
  14. Another point on the tuning: It wouldn't just be the vibrations of road travel. It would also be, more likely, the fact that an RV isn't well insulated. You're basically "outside". Humidity, heat, cold, changing altitudes ... those would all cause that piano to have be re-tuned constantly.
  15. @hemsteadcThat's a REALLY good point. Should've added that to my list. (I'm not a piano player, so didn't occur to me! Though, years of violin should've clued me in!)
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