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  1. Mine is already over $200 per month. I have a dish on top of my RV that is for DirecTV. We really don't like Dish, we have had it.
  2. Go to South Florida during the winter! That is how I winterize.
  3. Thanks but we don't do without full 50AMP hookups.
  4. That makes sense, we are both large people and that may well be why we like the king.
  5. I want a 17 inch screen on my laptops not 14 or 15.
  6. King, we have had queens and didn't like them.
  7. There must be somebody that has it?
  8. I have a Texas Right to Carry License and I carry a semi automatic pistol in the lower 49 states. I keep it loaded but not one in the chamber. An unloaded handgun wouldn't help me if I need it. It may not be legal to do so in some states but if I need one I will be glad that I have one.
  9. He has not been 100% correct in the past. I know that he doesn't like Camping World and has predicted their demise but they are still here and seem to be doing well?
  10. I also see no need for anything like that?
  11. All you have to do is to tell them that the RV is out of state and they will let you renew and tell you that you have three day to get it inspected when it gets back in state.
  12. I have both CoachNet and Good Sam, don't know why/ I have only used Good Sam with a tire issue on a Sunday and the service war good.
  13. Willie Nelson was busted buy the Feds and they turned it over to the locals and they just let him go and said that they don't have time for all the pot busts that the Feds give them.
  14. I pay about $2,100, Progressive, for the same coverage you noted, 2018 Cardinal 3825 FL, 42 feet. It is rated for full time but we don't. Not much difference?
  15. I use a tankless compressor, Viair (sp) for my fiver, 110 lbs per tire.
  16. Texas A&M just started in 2020. It is new and no MDs yet. All of the rest except TT and Baylor are part of UT. Your list doesn't include U of Houston which just completed its first year. A medical school is one that educates MDs.
  17. Texas A&M does not have a medical school. Medical Schools in Texas: TT in Lubbock, UT several places around the state and Baylor in Houston. U of Houston just started one.
  18. I was wondering about A&M clinic? A&M doesn't have a medical school.
  19. That is now so but Walmart has had unleaded fuel for $1.60 per gallon and diesel for $1.74 per gallon near my house for almost a year now! Several stations near by have lowered their prices to match Walmart's! The FlyingJ diesel is $2.29.
  20. You have to unhook your auto before you park your RV. So only length of RV.
  21. Electric, chock tires, after I check that my five slides have room to open, level and then open slides, water and unhook electric from truck. If I am going to dump, sewer next. Good luck.
  22. Most RV are for occasional use only. If yours is rated for full time you should be go to go, if not, I wouldn't tell service people who do warranty work on it. I have heard, maybe on this forum, that you can void the warranty if full timing.
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