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  1. Please keep in mind we, US Oil Companies, are currently selling petroleum and fuels to other countries as we ask OPEC to increase production? Just a few years back we were told that the US produced enough petroleum for all of our needs?
  2. I have been told that about 21 degrees F less then outside temp. is all you can expect? Not different then a home AC.
  3. Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort, 4001 Bell Road, Hermitage, TN 615-889-7434. I will be there from 9/2 thru 9/5 2021.
  4. Since I live in SE Texas, we got two RV lots in the UP of MI to spend summers, Ma thru September. Taxes are less then $200 per year and owners fees are $650 per year per lot. I spent a total of $18,000 for both lots. The RV park is run by a board of directors with each lot having one vote. It has worked very well for us.
  5. Escapees, Family RVing, RV Magazine, several online RV daily news letters, Chess Life.
  6. Does it bother you to start up a company with the only purpose to not pay sales tax? If the article Kirk tried to attach is the one that I have read by same author, they will tell you not to do it. I fully agree, it is not something that I would do.
  7. With the internet you can search just like insurance agencies do. In fact there are websites that will give you the best price. I have found that if I pay the bill in full before the policy year starts I will get the best price. That said, all RV insurance is not the same, there are considerations like replacement coast, which some insurance companies don't offer. In a state like Texas all auto policies are standard, you chose the limits you want.
  8. I am surprised that Kirk speaks for most of us? I value Good Sam membership and their RV insurance is second to none. With the ten percent discount that many RV parks give your membership is gotten back soon.
  9. Please enjoy and congratulations.
  10. Looks like they will accept a document from a hospital?
  11. How do you get a Government approved document that indicates I have received the vaccines? What I have is issued by Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX?
  12. That doesn't change the fact that this was not handled correctly! Go back and read the emails that were sent. They don't make sense? Does it say that you are on a waiting list? Maybe it was just poorly written? If you look above and find out what complaints there are regarding this process maybe it can be improved? It needs it!
  13. As stated above, to many hoops to jump thru. I have been waiting to go but it will be some time before that can happen?
  14. I signed up for this before it was opened for registration and they stated that they would contact me when it opened up. They didn't and I feel that they, Escapees, did not handle it well. Very disappointed!
  15. Some where I read that the Canadian Government will require a US Government issued proof of shots? Where do I get that?
  16. I have the Dow Employees Credit Union. I am not a Dow employee or retiree. An auto dealer found them for me when I was buying a new truck. They had the lowest interest rate at the time. They are in Lake Jackson south of Houston but you can use any credit union's ATMs for free.
  17. We have the same pause policy as yours with DirecTV which we have had for many years.
  18. It is Dish or DirecTV. Look them both over and do what meets your needs. How long can you stop service?
  19. Regarding that low overpass that it missed, I would bet that the Motor Carriers Map Book didn't miss it!
  20. I have the Good Sam GPS with a 7 in screen. You would think that they would have an app to do the same thing?
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