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  1. I would think that insurance would be cheaper in SD as compared with Florida but I would much prefer Florida. Good Luck
  2. Kirk has stated about all you need for the questions you asked. With a 2006 model I would think that the water pump on and off is where he stated. I newer models, like my 2018 Cardinal 3825 FL, all most everything is on my control panel. I can auto level from the outside but that is it. I have wondered what would happen if the control panel went out?
  3. That would be a very big lot for a co-op type RV lot. I have not seen any that big. I have two RV lots, side by side, in that type of park in the UP of MI where we spend our summers. Both lots together are about 70 ft by 60 ft. Good luck.
  4. I have worked at a hydrogen/carbon monoxide plant in Texas for Air Products and Chemicals. I was many years ago but I know that it has not changed much since then and hydrogen is volatile. Much more so then propane.
  5. I think that Kirk is !00% correct. My taxes are not to difficult and I have used Turbo Tax for years. I do like the fact that they go back and get last years information. Not much changes from year to year for us.
  6. I have been RVing with a fiver for a number of years, maybe 20, and have never been stopped by any type of law enforcement. I think like that person above, law enforcement does not want to bother old persons in a RV.
  7. Regarding Willie Nelson, the Feds found some weed in his bus at an inspection stop in West Texas and they referred him to the local law enforcement and they set him free stating that they didn't have the time for low amount pot possession.
  8. Whomever told you that any 250/2500 would handle 3,450 lbs of pin weight was mistaken. 300 lbs of people and a fifth wheel hitch and that much pin weight will put you over weight.
  9. I was the CEO of a company before I retired in September 2016 and I have had lots of experience with United Healthcare. It has all been bad. One thing that they did for me was, because of their increases for health insurance, I took our plan for over 500 employees and self funded it and in two years saved more then $600,000. United Healthcare was almost impossible to deal with! The last time they bid on our health insurance they wanted a 10% increase and when I told them that we only spent 60% of our premiums on healthcare they responded yes but the ACA which we had been under for two years. I
  10. We use an Advantage Plan this is local to the Houston, Texas area. It only covers emergency care out of that area. We chose it because it does not cost extra. We have used the provider for many years. They want about $600 per month for supplement insurance for both of us. That is $7,200 per year. With the Advantage Plan I got a new pacemaker for a total of $200. Some skin cancer cut off my chest for $200 and throat surgery for $200. The throat surgery was the fourth try and it worked. Also two months ago hernia surgery for $200 as well. That I can afford. They only issue is that we spend 4 mon
  11. King, we have had queens and find them to small. Both of us are big. All we really do in the bedroom is watch TV, sleep and do laundry.
  12. I wonder why they bought DirecTV if they are now trying to sell it?
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