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  1. So do you all like being domiciled in S D ive been contemplating this for a while. I will be headed to montana soon and thought of maybe becoming domiciled in S D
  2. this is an update I've struggled with finding a way to finish the season here. This past week all the other volunteers quit and left. I spent the weekend asking myself why am I here and could not come up with one good reason. So I started my week on edge but was still thinking its only 5 more weeks. A situation developed which made me feel disrespected and talked down to. SO the decision became clear. I will finish the week then will also leave. I do feel bad not completing the season here but it is just not in the cards. I've got to hope the next place is fun and is better, I know I'm here to work but as a volunteer I expected to be treated with just a little bit of respect and have time to enjoy the area. Thanks again for all the replies you wrote George The Greek
  3. thanks for the info I did apply at some state and national parks but I was late and most positions were filled and being a single limited me some too. I did not have any previous camp volunteer experience and jumped on this first job to take me. Funny I traveled halfway across the county to get here which is OK i like to travel. Made stops for fishing in some great places. i was just about here and two of the parks that didn't hire me called, one in Idaho and one in Utah wanted to know if I could still be interested. i told them Id already committed to this place and my word is my bond.
  4. thank you all for taking time to respond to me. This was my first time out. I now understand there is good and bad W K situations I just got the bad one first time out. This is a very privet place like a club members only. I take pride and get satisfaction in a job well done, always enjoy working in the shop[ fixing what others could not. and willing to go the extra mile. Ive had a talk with owner when first getting the position. then again a few weeks in as i realized I was working many extra hours and 7 days a week. I told him I was not looking for full time job and not interested in a few hours every day of the week. I was going to try to finish this season and forget about this volunteer work camp life. After reading some of your comments I think Ill try again but next time I will be better prepared. thanks again George the Greek
  5. Have any of you ever felt like they are taken advantage of while work camping? I'm on my first assignment so maybe this is just the way it is.. I agreed to not more than 20 hrs per week in exchange for FHU , mostly grounds maintenance. Ive not worked less than 30 hrs per week and most weeks its 7 days . I get satisfaction on the grounds looking good and repairing equipment in the shop. It seems all work eat and sleep. To you experienced work campers, is this the normal? should I just "suck it up" Im here and will make the best of it and finish out my agreement until Labor day. I'm asking so I know what to expect moving foreword with future assignments G the G
  6. I had the exact issue. When connected dome to the outside cable input I could not get power to the dome. I think there must be some diodes or some such thing only allowing signal in and not out. Soooo I ran coax from dome directly to wally and solved problem. The down side was I had the coax routed under the door into the coach. I bought another outside coax connector drilled a hole rubber grommet and an interior wall plate near the wally now I have a working system that looks neat and professional. I still don't understand why I could not get signal out through the original set up for park cable. Im happy with my new set up G the G
  7. I did that yesterday also hope that will solve the issue thank you for your reply
  8. thanks for the idea I just moved the thermistor one fin to the left it was on the farthest to right fin the fins I will recheck temp again.
  9. Thanks for the info Im about 1800 miles from selling dealer so that's not an option Ill see if ther is a S Dometic dealer anywhere close by though G the G
  10. your right its a DM2672 and the plastic thing is the thermistor fridge is new as well as the camper t the probe attached to the cable was not inserted into the plastic piece on the fin I put it in but runs at 33 34 degrees Im thinking it should be closer to 38 40 degrees am I right or wrong in this thinking.?
  11. My fridge runs too cold the plastic piece that slides up and down does not seem to make a difference. Is there a master setting someplace?
  12. Ive traveled from New mexico to Wisconsin the long way. This unit worked well no issues I just wish the monitors screen was larger
  13. Thats pretty much what I did found hot and ground wire on middle running light on back it works well i do wish for a larger monitor screen though
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