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  1. Thanks for the info on Yankee Forks. Being kinda new at it, I'm not Shure when you should start applying for next summer any advice?
  2. I am 7 miles from T or C in Enchanted View park in /elephant Butte
  3. Kirk, New Mexico is a place I will stay in my big 5th wheel I keep it at a park year round but it is just too hot in summer for me. I m not volunteering in the winter. Thanks for the info about the state park Harriman its probley not too early to start applying for next summer George
  4. Linda, No I have a nice big 5th wheel in a smaller park at Elephant Butte. The park is $175 a month +electric. So Ill park the 19' for the winter.
  5. That sounds like good advice. I did do a lot of repairs on the mowers, saws, air conditioners, and golf carts as well as all the mowing .
  6. Im fishing in Montana now will winter in New Mexico then will try to get on in Idaho for a summer position
  7. Hi folks, now that this is all behind me I'm in a much better state of mind. I'm roaming again. Presently in Montana fishing. So I've been thinking about trying again the volunteer work camper next year. My question is what to tell perspective job offers about why I bailed out early. This was my first work camp job If I don't tell them then I'm in a class of no experience. If I do tell them it may hurt my chance of getting the position. What would you say? George the Greek
  8. I once used general delivery for almost a year in one place but that was 1974, might be different now. Post office In Black River falls Wi told me 30 days max for G D. Since I planned to stay the summer I got a box, When I left early I got a partial refund and key deposit back. Now Im traveling again currently in Ennis Montana area. TOld post office I'd be here two weeks and expect general D mail no problem here for 2 weeks George the Greek
  9. I changed out the pressure valve to an adjustable. Started with 55 lbs then tweaked it to 60lbs now I have nice pressure in camper. Thanks for all the advice as I work my way through learning curve of R V life George
  10. Hi all I'm about to hook up and move tomorrow. Going from Box Elder S D to Ennis Montana. I like to avoid interstate travel as much as possible. I m looking at hy 212 goes across the corner of WY then across Mt as far as Crow Agency where Ill have to get back on I-90 most likely all the way to Bozeman. Then pick up Hy 84 down to Ennis. Does anyone have opinion or experience on hy 212? I would appreciate any and all advice or information. Thank you George the Greek
  11. out with the old and in with the new so now its on to replacing the shower head couldnt fint anything in the owners manual about pressure so I set it at 55
  12. yes you are correct I bought the cheap version looks like the picture other than mine is not plastic its cast. I will for sure buy one maybe today, that is adjustable, thanks for the great information. G the G
  13. Oh my regulator is not settable its just one setting screw into hydrant then attach hose perhaps I should look into one that I can set like you have thanks for the idea GtG
  14. I'm going to do this today. bought a new shower head the original cheep little plastic pos that came with the rig was never much good. I got one yesterday with three settings and a shut off.
  15. I have a question on using the restrictor valve. When I first started R V ing I read to always use the restrictor valve as many camp grounds have hi pressure that may damage your rigs water lines. I use the valve but have low pressure in the camper. so how do you determine if the pressure coming out of the spigot needs or does not need the restrictor? George the Greek
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