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  1. Thanks. East of the Mississippi US cell has been outstanding for me but west of big muddy their foot print is sketchy 11 years I had US cell now its time for a divorce.
  2. Hey all I’m thinking about changing cell providers. I’ve been with U S CELL for many years. When I lived and farmed in Wisconsin, it was my beat choice price, coverage, and support. Many times friends would visit with their Verizon or sprint phones and be cussing about poor coverage in my remote area while I had great coverage with US Cell. now that Im traveling full time Im finding out this provider is not doing as well out on the road. Many others are getting great coverage with other providers. I’m needing opinions on which is your favorite carrier and why. I do use
  3. Yea Kirk when I was up that way last year it was crowded and any flat spot along the was was full of R V’s This year the LTVA’s had a lot of empty spaces. The parks in town seemed to have a good amount of rigs in them at the show I was a le to park right close to the tent
  4. Just when I was beginning to think it was easier to get the first position last year than get the second this year, bingo! got many offers now to consider One place offered a position with 32 hrs.@ week paid and a site FHU, its a huge place in Utah. another in Colorado I didn't get a good feeling on the phone interview and declined especially after last years issues 🥵 then spoke with a place in Michigan I like there way of doing business and felt good about the interview. I was hoping this would pan out but know I cannot worry about what I can not control. Low abd behold I got a E mail y
  5. I was up that way yesterday a few things I noticed, boon dockers were in the BLM areas but certainly not full and many places had a lot of room. The tent was shorter. There was a few R V type vendors and many many non R V vendors. Was defiantly less of a R V show and I was able to get parking right near the big tent
  6. I got an E mail from the V A in Wisconsin to come in and get the vaccine, but I'm in Yuma right now
  7. Ive seen others put the "u" in sewer hose and wondered why now I know thanks Kirk. Does the "U" cause any issues with draining?
  8. Thanks Kirk for the great explanation. I'm leaning on just leaving it as is.
  9. Kirk, that sounds like it could get spendy. I was hoping there was a product to just use like wax., but that would be a lot of work also. what's involved with reapplying gen coat?
  10. The exterior siding on my Sunny Brook 5th wheel is a bit faded and chalking. What should I use to remove the chalking?
  11. that would be a good idea do you know where they are available? george
  12. I sure do appreciate all the good information you all are sharing although its kinda over my hear. I've looked and there is no cigarete lighter plug in this rig. I looked at the batteries and the cpap machine and took pics of each hope that answers some of the questions you asked may have to upload separate.. I cant seem to upload pictures or even copy and paste Ill tell you what I found. Battery tag says no DC24 CCA@0 degrees F 500 MCA@32 degrees F 615 23 Amp Ave. 150 Min if that tells you anything Ii have two hooked together the Cpap tag says --------DC24V ------3.75 A
  13. All good information I have a Springdale 19’ tt i’ve not seen a cigarette lighter type plug in there is a couple of USB outlets my cpap is a resmed ill check power requirements in the morning I really should figure this out now that Im doing more and more boondocking you have given me information to get started with thank you
  14. I dont really understand all the technology but sounds like i need a 12 volt converter Purchased from someplace. Plugged into Cpap And where does the power end plug Go to. I believe all my outlets are 120.
  15. Yhis may have been asked and answered previously but I couldnt find the information. When I’ve fot shore power I plug in the CPAP when Im boon docking, which Im doing more of now I dont use the Cpap And not get as good of sleep or feel npt as good next day. so how do some of you power your machine? I’ve got two 12 volt house batteries thanks for any help George the Greek
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