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  1. Thanks for the info on “get r v parts” I will keep that information. I tried to buy the entire gas valve assembly before I knew it was the coil. I had both the old and new part number seemed like no one had them in stock. Of course they all blamed Covid 19 for lack of parts. Seems this is now the go to answer for everything 🥸 g t g
  2. I have not been able to insert a picture. Id been reading the posts on refrigerator issues. Then one day out of the blue mine developed an issue. I could run on 110 but not gas. Being I do a lot of boon docking in remote areas I needed the gas to operate. Tracing the issue my igniter was not getting powered, Changed the chip board and igniter started clicking and sparking but no flame I checked all grounds again. Could not hear the coil opening the gas flow or smell any gas. More testing realized the little coil that sits on top of the gas valve assembly was at fault. The only was I could buy one was to buy the entire valve assembly for $212. I lucky ran into someone that had a wrecked camper and gave me the coil. put it on and had gas flow and ignition. id called a few R V repair shops all dais 3 or 4 weeks before we can look at it and leave it with us. It would require 3 or 4 hours of diagnostic time. Long story short I fixed it my self. the new chip board was from Dinosaur and has a control knob on the board to adjust the temp, the old one did not have an adjustment other than the thermistor. It came factory set on #3 and seems to be a good setting.
  3. Update I called around and first to call me back offered me a Policy just a few dollars more than the old Policy and they do not have a problem With me traveling most of the time. George the Greek
  4. I just got a cuote from the insurance folks at Americas Mail box $1,146 for 6 months on my dodge Ram pick up and another $541 for the camper.. the policy i have now is $448 for 6 months truck and camper.. Problem is the insurance I have now doesnt like I travel so I need to replace it but this is highway robbery I will call some of the places you have suggested below thanks again and I hope I can afford to continue driving G tG
  5. A few days now since I took pump apart and cleaned it no leaking back yet.
  6. I pulled out the pump this afternoon, and took it apart. I cleaned it best I could put it back together and seems to be OK now. I might still order a repair kit online. The dealers only want to sell me a new pump George the Greek
  7. I don't have that valve on mine its a hose connection for city water. And An inlet to fill fresh tank
  8. Oh boy the simple things are most often the hardest to find. Stopped at a few R V places and the parts counter people say they never heard of a problem like this or a rebuild Kit. Of course they are quick to sell me a new pump for about a hundred and fifty dollars. i am about to open the area the pump is and pull it And takeoff the head and see if some little bit of something isn’t holding it open then if it isn’t I guess I’ll try to order a rebuild kit online $19 for the kit is a lot better than $150 for a new pump the The camper and the pump is only about a year old
  9. Hello all When I use fresh tank and 12 volt pump it works fine. My issue is when I hook up to hydrant at a park it is all OK except that water back feeds into the fresh tank. Its slow and If I let it go long enough it would fill the tank. I usually open the drain valve and let it drip out. The ground is wet under the valve. Ive looked at the plumbing (all pex) and don't see any check valve in line. I believe there must be a check valve in the pump. Am I thinking correct? Do I tear into the pump and see what is what, and do a repair is it repairable? or do I buy a new pump? thanks for any guidance George the Greek
  10. I e found the winters to be mostly mild but then again i am from Wisconsin originally. The first two winters I stayed were quite nice 50’s and 60’s some 70’s. Last year Dec and Jan were cold some nights below freezing and a few snow storms, but then again look what happened in Texas.
  11. Hey all thank you for the insurance i formation this is a great forum for information thanks again George the Greek
  12. I've spent the past 3 winters in and near T or C I like it. there is a few nice parks and some not so nice. The town is slow paced with thermal hot spring pools to soak in. Active senior center with meals dances and card games. last year Covid changed things a bit.
  13. Hey all, I've been R V'ing a couple years now. My insurance agent and company is not happy that I travel all the time. I will be looking for new insurance company that doesn't get wigged out when a client travels full time. Any ideas are much appreciated. i am becoming a citizen of South Dakota mid August, I noticed one of the mail forward services has in house insurance agents. Is this a good route or should I look for independent agent and company. What works for you? George the Greek
  14. Yes Ive been on the road for a couple weeks heading to Michigan for the summer job. Probably take another two weeks to get there. I don't travel in straight lines and get side tracked easily. I expect to show up for the job on 7 may 2 days early to get set up and ready to start on the 9 mY
  15. I thought I posted this update yesterday but don’t see it. First thanks for the reply’s as always very appreciated. I picked up two new Goodyear’s and two new rims one had leaks the other i just decided to replace as a precaution ,if one failed the other one could be next. Im parked at a friends farm for another week then will see how they are on the road. Thanks agIn for the help George the Greek
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