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New job. Jacksonville Florida/ correction Palatka, Florida

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We have stayed at Pecan Park a couple of times. The jet noise is extreme. We stayed at Flamingo Lake off of the I-295 West Beltway near Jacksonville for a night in April. Seemed like a decent park. Don't know about their long term policies/rates. There are a couple of other parks off the West Beltway, but we have not stayed at or been to any of them. There are also more parks a little farther South in the Waldo area.

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  • GlennWest changed the title to New job. Jacksonville Florida/ correction Palatka, Florida

Palatka? That's cool! My daughter lived there until recently. I recommend 4 Lakes Campground. It's pretty new and we enjoyed it. It's the only reasonable option we found anywhere near Palatka. You would need to park your truck offsite in the back, though. That's what we did. Not a lot of options in that area. Jay

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On 6/11/2021 at 4:02 AM, GlennWest said:

Oh. Might better find something else. Don't want to hear that for months.

Not only would you hear it, but if they are flying right over you will have the heavy exhaust particles covering your rig in no time. PBIA in the 1990's to 2003, of course the sugar burn was worse a couple times a year, at least you won't have to contend with that near Jacksonville. 

In the early 1990's I stayed at a park near the Air Force Base, but was in my pickup with a topper and not the HDT. Only time I stayed near Jacksonville. Had to pick up my Temp Nursing License for a job in Clewiston, FL. "Americas Sweetest Town", surrounded by sugar cane fields. 




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5 hours ago, Jaydrvr said:

There's also Keystone Heights RV Resort, which is very new and nice. Their sites have slightly more room. Our HDT and 40' fiver fit on the concrete pad, but not a lot of extra room. Jay

Ouch, they $1000 monthly for back in. Pull thru 1100.

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The Florida campsites have been crazy expensive for years now, insane prices in the season (Nov-March). One of the reasons we moved here, our mortgage is less than the local campsites. Primary reason, cost of building campgrounds vs. return on investment. Big part of the year the sites are sitting empty, generating minimum income (primarily storage of rigs here and there). You build dozen of houses in Florida on the same site, they are sold before they are finished. As of this mornings news 1100 Californians move to Florida per day (average income $105K)

I investigated some time ago the possibility of investing in campground partnership (and living in it). Serious (and expensive) requirements on sewerage and water system and many other aspects. Long-gone are the days of leveling the swamp, dumping down gravel and multi barrels septic systems. We have four campgrounds in Port St. Lucie. Two older ones (small lots) and two brand new ones (gorgeous). One of the old ones was completely redone and is very nice. I parked the 40 footer and my semi in both of them and they were OK if you can back in. But old or new the prices (particularly in the season) were and are way up there.

The RV industry is again in the boom cycle, far more rigs are being built than the campgrounds that can take them, so supply and demand, you have to pay more, or the guy who can will get "your" site.

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So Henry you are saying I will not find rv parks in the 4-500 range. That is disappointing. Pay is less in Florida than here in Texas/Louisiana also. Bummer. But I will only be about 400 miles from my previous home where all my sisters and brother, nieces, nephews live. Get to visit some so not all negative.

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