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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Fridge-Fixer-HRQ16-Series/dp/B08GXQKWZX/ref=sr_1_13?crid=3RZZVVE1SAVPR&dchild=1&keywords=fridge+fixer+rv+lock&qid=1634243050&sr=8-13 make sure to get the appropriate model for you refrigerator
  2. We have had a Truma for 4 years. It has worked perfectly per specs the entire time. It heats water to 118 degrees (I think) every time I have checked, which is specs. I installed it so my wife could take her daily bath with out heating water on the stove as the tank water heater would run out of hot water before adequate water was in the tub. It all works good until the outside temp is below 70. At that point the hot water must warm the fiberglass tub, which cools the water in tub below desired bath temperature. Sooo, the wife still heats water on the stove. I contacted Truma and they were only interested in covering their tail. Scalding liability was 2 of every 3 words in their part of the conversation. The Truma uses 20 pound of propane per month. Wife's daily bath and sink water are the only uses. Sure would like to find someone that could change the temperature.....birddog reward available....
  3. Don't recall mail, do recall ordering rv parts that were delivered.....phone is 386-467-2002.
  4. We stayed at Georgetown Marina/RV. Very rural, nothing fancy, many fisherman, we liked it. Very reasonable rates. 1533 Co Rd 309 Georgetown, Fl 32139
  5. I mounted mine on a platform 7 feet above the rear bumper, plenty of room for bikes below.
  6. We have had a Truma for 3 years. Has always worked per specs. Unfortunately the specs are too cold for a bathtub so we microwave some water to bring the temperature up to wife's specs.
  7. 3 times I have received jury summons more than a month after the show up date. I usually get my mail from Escapees bi-monthly. When I call the court to tell them I am out of town, they have always thanked me for the call even though I was way late.
  8. 60F this am, at noon 75F, dewpoint 49F, 5mph breeze....can't disclose location, me and the other guy like it just the way it is.......
  9. I know of several NH frames rebuilt, mine being one of them.
  10. 956 443 3255 Olga Gomez is who we use for similar. She is located in Mission Tx.
  11. Have done exactly this many times. Call you local DMV, they have the answers.
  12. Per title, Looking for recommendation for someone to install a residential refrigerator and a mini split in the RGV. who you got? thanks
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