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  1. 956 443 3255 Olga Gomez is who we use for similar. She is located in Mission Tx.
  2. Have done exactly this many times. Call you local DMV, they have the answers.
  3. Per title, Looking for recommendation for someone to install a residential refrigerator and a mini split in the RGV. who you got? thanks
  4. LIKE....again.....thanks
  5. Awesome. I have found several shops that are worth going back to or mentioning...........................Please share the list!!!!! thanks
  6. Is there some website or technique that sort the Corps of Engineers campgrounds that accept the "Senior Pass". Thank you
  7. https://www.truma.net/water-systems Great for a shower, not hot enough for a cold bath tub.
  8. I stood personally in the Escapees Legal Dept. office to discuss this very concern in October 2019. Paraphrasing: The female attorney, sorry don't recall her name, told me directly that Escapees has a form letter, if you will, that addresses this concern and has always solved the situation with Schwab and many other institutions. She went on to say that it is a matter of time until all institutions will be contacted by the Feds to address the issue and when the non-compliance fines get large enough, each institution will be searching for a solution. This matter of time may well be longer that any individual's lifetime. She also stated that this Escapees Form has been 100% accepted each time utilized and had been used many many times. I did not ask if there was a fee. I use #50xx for box number. I am very comfortable for when and if the situation arises. P.S. Evidently this does not arise frequently, as the first person I saw in the legal office wasn't aware of the situation. On the other hand may have been new to the office.
  9. Stayed at LaSalle Rv park 3 years ago. Had everything you would need including plenty of shade. It has changed hands since, cannot give opinion of new owners. Plenty of room for our 46 foot fifth wheel.
  10. bja1234


    The above dishwasher was installed in the unit we purchased used. With only 2 of us the dishes are minimal. Hence, we have never used the dishwasher. We are always located with full hookups. We do use the dishwasher for storage.
  11. I sure would like to see the ceiling unit. Thanks
  12. We have friends that use HH and think it is fabulous.
  13. If the only reason you prefer to park on this particular side of the driveway is hookups, how about moving the hookups to other side of driveway?
  14. Tie a light rope around the old starter, then hand the other end up to a helper positioned above the tire for assistance. Seems lighter this way when laying on back with hands extended above head...............Experience is a wonderful thing to have and a SOB to get.
  15. After brushing the stainless steel burner tube, I use a gas welder tip cleaner to unplug the holes in the burner. You can get the tip cleaners at most hardware stores, which are just like a tiny round file that doesn't really enlarge the holes, but removes the crud. Ditto exactly
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