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  1. Maybe in the future you could get a phone that does wireless charging. Then you don't have to worry about the charge port. That's always been a weak point in my older phones. I really like wireless charging. Jay
  2. Hmmmm.. Guess I'll have to watch it a few more times to figure that out. Jay
  3. Good question, and this is all true. We all have different levels of comfort with risk and need to evaluate that independently. Incidentally, yes, I've (I think??) seen Supplements in the $600 range. Each person needs to calculate the risks and costs for themselves, as Blues has done so well. Jay
  4. This is true and yet another thing to consider. However, my experience, from a single source, (me), is that the 20% portion of the bills are very modest and reasonable. In most cases, they were still much less than the Supplements I priced. An extreme example - a Medicare bill for approximately $1.4m billed out the 20% portion to me at less than $6k, or 0.4% of the actual bill. Very manageable and certainly not shocking at all to me. This may have been the one time where a Supplement would've actually been less. Jay
  5. This is quite inaccurate. There's absolutely nothing to be careful about. There are dozens of Advantage Plans available (disclaimer, I'm looking in FL), so many that it's difficult to navigate them all. If there's a hiccup and you default back to Original Medicare, you simply pick a new Advantage Plan in your next open enrollment period. There are no restrictions to changing back and forth between Medicare and Advantage, other than the yearly enrollment calendar. I've personally done it and also discussed it with Medicare personnel. Jay
  6. You've done a quite thorough job of navigating the Medicare maze. Well done! It's difficult to understand at best. Couple things.. Medicare itself is the default form of insurance. Should something screw up between the annual election periods, you default back to Original Medicare, which happen to us one time when I messed up my late wife's Medicare Advantage. You don't "qualify" in any way for an Advantage plan, but you do for your typical Supplement, as I understand it. Finally, the Medicare charges for days 61-90 are one of the most compelling reasons we've always used an Advantage Plan. We've been very happy with that. Jay
  7. Thank you for the updates. They're much appreciated, as we once again were forced to cancel at the last minute. Hopefully some day we can actually attend in person. Jay
  8. Jaydrvr

    Drom box

    You need to use the Other Media/insert link from URL button. Jay
  9. If you go back and read his posts, Glenn doesn't actually use any prescription drugs, therefore absolutely no point in getting more than a very basic plan. Jay
  10. The penalty increases for each year you don't have Plan D and it never goes away. Ever. Probably a good idea to get the cheapest plan you can find to avoid the penalties. There are some very reasonable ones available. Jay
  11. You need the Part D drug plan to avoid the future penalties for not having it. You don't need a supplement. Most of the time, the supplements cost far more than the Medicare deductibles. Jay
  12. You have a beautiful rig and I wish you the best in your sale. If there's anyway I can help with the listing, just ask. If you don't mind, I'll post the other links so they show. Jay
  13. Okay, this is EXACTLY what I need! Sign me up!! Jay
  14. It actually is X-rays. "Computed tomography (CT) scan is a useful diagnostic tool for detecting diseases and injuries. It uses a series of X-rays and a computer to produce a 3D image of soft tissues and bones." (Courtesy the Cleveland Clinic)
  15. This isn't going to be much help, but the reality is that FL is not friendly to the HDT way of doing things. You can't just convert the HDT to an RV registration. They don't really allow a fifth wheel (load bearing) setup. I'm currently just staying fully commercial, but haven't figured out what to do when I retire. Jay
  16. When you get to a certain age, those random things just sort of pop up into the conscious part of the brain. I had a lot of those experiences recently while emptying our family home of fifty years. As I responded to the post I was visualizing the little six inch extension cord I made to use use with my new Honda EU-2000 for the sole purpose of providing a bond. I had just installed a Xantrex RS-3000 inverter and a 525 a/h battery bank so I wouldn't have to ever idle. But the inverter wouldn't recognize the output of the Honda, until I figured out the bonding thing. Good luck, Jay
  17. Yep, that's all it takes. Not exactly kosher, but it works. Jay
  18. Are you familiar with the bonding hack generally necessary to "fool" the management system? Usually, the power management block requires bonded power. You can make a "bonded" plug to insert into an unused outlet on the genny to bond it. Jay
  19. Often the original poster chooses not to participate in the ongoing conversation. That shouldn't stop others from carrying on a conversation about the general subject matter, or peripheral topics as well. Just my opinion. Jay
  20. For about $5000 (each), you can have the fancy Bose seats with active suspension.. As I recall, they're based on the same principle as active feedback speakers, using sensors to track and accurately counteract the motion of the seat. Jay
  21. If you're ever in the Joplin neighborhood, stop by 4 States Trucks. They have an extensive collection of seats and usually have a decent selection in stock. I can't remember how many have air to them, though.. Jay
  22. I agree, there's not likely to be much of a market for this, but obviously the seller thinks there's enough of a market to be worth it. Jay
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