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  1. Sounds like you're getting closer, Bob. Glad you found a good tech. Hope they treat you fairly on the invoice. Was the wire that rubbed through in a visible location or hidden? Have a safe trip to your next destination.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Do you have confidence in the shop personnel? I sure hope they find the problem soon. Did you or they clean any connections? You mentioned the battery terminals. It was not that hot when we were through there last week! But, it was hot here at home +100F. Today a nice 80F.
  3. Bob, did you take your truck back to TEC and were they able to troubleshoot?
  4. That is a real bummer. At 2% the soot level is good, correct. Is the problem that it is stuck in de-rate? What is the plan now?
  5. That is 2%, correct? You should be good to go! Did you get it done yourself or did you have to call the mobile mechanic? Glad the problem is solved. We were on the road through Prineville earlier this week. Love eastern Oregon.
  6. Very few obey the rule. Common courtesy says keep right except when passing.
  7. Are these true Little Giant or are they knock-offs? Little Giant at Lowes
  8. Looks pretty flat to me. Used to drive one of these when I worked for Hannig and Olbreicht around 1956-57.
  9. Glenn, it may take only two years to build, but what about all the years it takes to go through all the governmental hoops before construction can start?
  10. Toyota's 2nd Warning An interesting article about the great movement to electrify all vehicles and the reality of doing so. This is the second time Toyota has voiced their concern.
  11. Yes, sir! He can post wherever he wants. I just made a suggestion of where he might get some "real world" experience from folks who have HDT's and many experienced members at a site that has over 80k+ posts. Just a suggestion, and yes he can post wherever he wants. No problem. Just trying to help.
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