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  1. Is it my imagination or does the rear overhang look extreme on that rig? Looks like its tail is a little bit low.
  2. Agree with Moresmoke. That is the type on my Cat. Unscrew, pump and screw closed until tight.
  3. Excuse please, very sorry, did not see: For sale : at beginning !! So sorry!! Apologize. Okay?
  4. And, you purchase this where for $115.00? Cheapest I see is $176.26 on ebay.
  5. Duckduckgo won't track you if you're concerned. 😉
  6. Ray,IN that is the site I used too. I filled out the forms and it didn't work. Oh well, such is dealing with big companies and not getting a live human or any way to chat or email. My home address is 1/4 mile off!! If someone uses any GPS other than Google they are lost
  7. Has anyone figured out how to send map corrections to Garmin? I tried and got back a notice in my spam box that it was not accepted. In reviewing comments on the subject, people have tried for months/years and finally given up.
  8. Would not a shop where Glenn is currently located be able to do a compression and leak test? At least you would know what the problem may be. You don't have to commit to the shop that does the test.
  9. What engine do you have, Glenn?
  10. The bottom two links don't work.
  11. The link doesn't work.
  12. Sounds like you're getting closer, Bob. Glad you found a good tech. Hope they treat you fairly on the invoice. Was the wire that rubbed through in a visible location or hidden? Have a safe trip to your next destination.
  13. Sorry to hear that. Do you have confidence in the shop personnel? I sure hope they find the problem soon. Did you or they clean any connections? You mentioned the battery terminals. It was not that hot when we were through there last week! But, it was hot here at home +100F. Today a nice 80F.
  14. Bob, did you take your truck back to TEC and were they able to troubleshoot?
  15. That is a real bummer. At 2% the soot level is good, correct. Is the problem that it is stuck in de-rate? What is the plan now?
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