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  1. The Slabs https://www.frugal-rv-travel.com/TheSlabs.html
  2. Are you going to put oak strips between the truck frame and your deck channels?
  3. I wondered what that white stuff was! Haven't seen that for ages. Looks like you are doing a real nice job. Take care; hope it warms up for you to get the project done.
  4. usbusin

    Classy RV Park

    Ah, Classy RV Park!!!
  5. usbusin

    Classy RV Park

    And the name of the park is?
  6. He also unloaded the front axle by about 800 lb. So is that not to be included in the trailer weight? Isn't that part of the tractor weight?
  7. Reminds me of the time our golden retriever got a cholla in her mouth. A hair comb worked fine getting it out. A wonderful and loving dog but not too smart!
  8. usbusin

    Engine heater

    Mine did that. Just the water getting hot around the heater.
  9. usbusin

    Off road and winter

    I think the answer is; they have a heavy pin weight to load the rear axles and this also unloads the front axle.
  10. What is wrong with an air bag suspension front axle versus leaf spring front axle? Do I suspect "mushy" steering and handling? I would think the ride would be smoother.
  11. Go to Google Maps and search for "propane filling stations".
  12. 2006 Volvo 780 with D12D engine Per OP 1st post
  13. What is the purpose of this procedure? How is it safety related or? Is there any way to bypass this?
  14. I would go with Chad's explanation in the HDT section. He has the qualifications I do believe.
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