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  1. That would be awesome. We are going to try to stay in town until daybreak, then head out to the rim at first light.
  2. Back to the planning stages. It looks like we will be staying 2 nights in July. the 10th and 11th. unfortunately it's a weekend. so we are crossing our fingers. Does anyone have any video of the road in? I'm concerned about that, having never seen it. Have you guys been down it in a class 8 truck? My rig has road tires all the way around and doesn't have a locker in the diff. I know there is a cell tower nearby, is the service for T mobile decent? We have to coordinate with some more people on the day we leave. Sorry for the rookie questions, In Florida we don't have good options to boon dock.
  3. So I'm about to click go on our campground reservations for next year. I'm a bit concerned though. We just got home from Gatlinburg and were frankly appalled by the number of people crammed into the national park. When the parking areas filled, people literally parked on us 441 and just locked the car and walked away. (not just one car, lots of cars) The owner of the campground we love there said the town is booming with people who have nothing else to do. Traffic was terrible. Is this the norm for all of the national parks? or just a anomaly? I kind of hate to drive 30 hours to sit in traffic with rude people. Anyone been through the black hills lately?
  4. Just be sure to run your mini split of of a true sine inverter.
  5. The cow in the car is a "pet" i read a story about it some years ago. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/bull-ship/
  6. solo318

    VNL Hood Repair

    replace it. it WILL crack again. Mine has been fixed on both hinges and cracked again on both sides. the replacement hoods are 1 piece instead of 3. they hold up better.
  7. If I can make a "driving style" observation here. I spend a lot of time teaching teens driving safety and skid control. One of the things i try to ingrain into the students is target fixation. For example, when your in a skid, don't focus on the tree you might hit. instead focus on the path betweeen the trees. The human body is awesome in the way it takes clues from the eyes. If you focus on the tree, you WILL hit the tree. If you focus on the path, your body knows what to do to get you there. The same thing applies to everyday driving. I challenge you to drive down the road and look at every pothole you come across. then count how many of them you miss. The point to all of this is that you need to look at the road. The larger the vehicle you drive, the farther down the road you need to look. when you get to a curve, you should be looking around the curve at the road. NOT at the guard rail or the drop off. AT THE ROAD... I have taught several people who have a fear of heights to safely navigate even the tallest bridges we have here in Florida (and some of them are HUGE). Give it a try in the SUV and see if it makes you more comfortable.
  8. I use sygic Rv on a the android stereo oin my RV. It works quite well, and hasn't let me down (yet).
  9. solo318


    we see more truck conversions/stackers than HDT/5ers. Especially around areas with racetracks.
  10. Now your just trying to make us Jealous. That sounds AWESOME
  11. Disclaimer: This Rant that will do no good at all, But sometimes you just gotta call a spade a spade. Okay, so this opportunity to help a fellow RVer isn't for you. Why crap in everyone else's Easter basket? You just need to decide which is more important. Doing something that is right, or arguing what is Legal. Sometimes they are the same, sometimes they aren't. If you are personally not ok with it. Keep it to yourself. When you're no longer able to drive maybe you'll need help too. Also did you even look at the description before you decided to insert your opinion? It is not illegal to drive someone else's properly registered car or rv. Any thing that is passed between two gentleman as a gratuity is just that. a Gratuity. If the owner wants to thanks you witha few hundred bucks and a plane flight home, why turn him down? End rant
  12. There is a campground on Tybee island. and the island is FULL of seasonal rentals. https://www.riversendcampground.com/ We drove thru it last year. Looks nice and well rated. lots of local stuff to do when the siblings annoy one another.
  13. I was just thinking how quiet this forum is getting. I almost posted something about not for hire signs just to get everyone riled up. I guess my wife is right, I do like to stir the pot. (of Dr Pepper). I have never had any not for hire decals on my truck and I've hauled race cars all over the east coast and midwest. I've only been pulled over once and asked if I was making money. I simply laughed and explained that no one is making any money in amateur racing. He chuckled and sent me on my way. Everyone asks me if I'm afraid to drive past weigh stations. I simply tell them "not even when the blue lights come on" It's just a man, doing his job.
  14. Let me give you MY personal experience, I'm still rounding up the solar leg of the system, but here is how it will look. 1st if your starting from scratch, I highly recommend a mini split for the a/c. (in fact I used 2 in my build) They are duty cycled units that don't start and stop all the time. When they due start they come on slowly so they don't hammer your inverter. In fact I can run them both on a 15 amp outlet. plus they are SUPER quiet. 2nd batteries. You can buy a 48 volt nissan leaf pack from a seller on ebay that would run a mini split for a few hours. you would need to match that with a 48 volt inverter (which is the most efficient of the options) and a set of solar cells that will charge the batteries via an mppt charge controller. 3rd if all else fails and it's raining you can get a generator auto start that will fire up the genny when the interior temp reaches your specified temps. this will also trigger the charger side of the inverter and recharge your battery pack. All of this needs to be accounted for before you start outfitting your van/truck. you should also add closed cell spray foam to the wall and roof cavities. That way it makes the whole package more efficient. Of course the easy way would be a big battery pack and a 12volt evaporative cooler in the van. If you don't mind the dampness.
  15. Good to know. We are planning mid June next year. I guess if it's full on the way to Custer we can camp on the way back. Do the storms seem to come in from any particular direction? Might help with set up. Here in Florida the afternoon storms usually com from the southwest.
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