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  1. I want to see the ARCH on our way through (if possible). And St Louis should be right around lunch time.
  2. I'm planning our trip to SD for this July. I'm interested in making a lunch stop somewhere near St Louis MO. Hoping to find a park along the river that I can get my rig in and out of safely. It needs to be pet friendly as well. Thanks as always, Steve
  3. Thanks a ton. It will make my life easier come July.
  4. Thanks Jay, I've driven through a bunch of time and it's been smooth. But last year it was crazy. we must have changed roads for 45 minutes all following detour signs. I'll relax a bit more this year. Hopefully they got it figured out. Is there still a bridge out and a detour in St Louis?
  5. I was looking to see if anyone has driven it lately. The DOT website is no substitute for someone driving through the area.
  6. We are heading back out to South Dakota this summer. Last year the interchange from I70west onto I29 North was a complete maze of exits and freeways. (supposedly due to construction). Has anyone been through there recently? Google maps lays it out like I remember from years ago, But last year we were "winging it" in the dark with crappy directions.
  7. solo318

    Early VNL wiring

    Yes, but there were 4 or 5 ways they wired the cruise control I've been working with all of the options on Mark's site. (which is fantastic BTW). Without the correct wire numbers I can't trace it through the firewall connector back to the ecu.
  8. solo318

    Early VNL wiring

    Thanks guys, Mine is a 97 build and the wires are numbered differently. Marks diagrams have been truly helpful, just not for what I'm chasing down currently.
  9. solo318

    Early VNL wiring

    Does anyone have the wiring diagram CD for a very early vnl? build date late 97? Volvo cannot seem to find the cd anymore, even when I give them the part number from volvo corporate. I'm specifically concerned with the cruise and the ground circuit through the clutch and the brake switches. I'm would love the whole set of files though.
  10. Can you monitor the cruise switches on a gen 1 volvo with it? That coold be REALLY handy with my intermittent cruise issue. The software looks promising, but it can only read what the Engine ECU puts out.
  11. Try a scan gauge "D"
  12. How in the world do you successfully get reservations from Reserve America? I'm trying to book for next year and even if I log on at 1201 AM 11months out (the supposed "booking window") all of the campsites are reserved. What am I missing? Do I have to do the "I'm a little teapot" dance? How in the world are people getting reservations that far in advance? I'm even a Florida resident!
  13. Let me make a suggestion when it comes to the car. Install some e-track in the floor under the car tires and use the newer style over the tire tie downs. They anchor behind the tire go over the tire and then ratchet tight out from under the car. https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Cargo-Control/Erickson/EM58523.html They make loading and unloading the car a metric ton easier. No more crawling under the car to hook a strap up. The E-track is also really useful for other stuff as well.
  14. That would be awesome. We are going to try to stay in town until daybreak, then head out to the rim at first light.
  15. Back to the planning stages. It looks like we will be staying 2 nights in July. the 10th and 11th. unfortunately it's a weekend. so we are crossing our fingers. Does anyone have any video of the road in? I'm concerned about that, having never seen it. Have you guys been down it in a class 8 truck? My rig has road tires all the way around and doesn't have a locker in the diff. I know there is a cell tower nearby, is the service for T mobile decent? We have to coordinate with some more people on the day we leave. Sorry for the rookie questions, In Florida we don't have good option
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