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  1. The reason I got "motivated" to create a wiring manual was a picture a customer shared with me. This was the "electrical portion" of his bed conversion for which he paid good money. Needles to say this Jackalopee no longer functions and he's in the midst of replacing it with a new one. The manual will show how to do this which should result in this. Just to "clarify", Jackalopee does not need to look "this pretty" to function. Longer wires with good crimps in right locations will work just fine. But, doing it the way I show actually shortens the installat
  2. NTHEWIND google RV plug wiring, multitude examples of this Whoever you talked to and whoever wrote that manual reside in an alternate Universe.
  3. Does this clarify things?
  4. There are opportunities in the more rural areas away from the cities. Interesting thing about Florida "rural areas" is that quarter mile outside of big city sprawl it becomes rural instantly. And I mean rural with nothing except turf farms and angus. So rural campgrounds can be found in relative proximity to cities. We criss crossed Florida for couple of decades before we settled here and took advantage of older parks. Closer to cities and in cities the cost are steep (Disney taught them what public will tolerate). We have in Port St. Lucie an exclusive Class A ownership resort (don't bother p
  5. The center pin on RVs is for the yellow wire and does nothing on probably 99% of RVs. On older RVs it used to carry reverse light current. RV sockets and plugs are indeed an absolute PITA to wire, that's why I am creating a wiring guide to make it more palatable. There is another issue I became aware about. Apparently some manufacturers found another "source" for the RV plugs than those manufactured forever in the past by Pollak. They are different enough to make it very hard to go into Pollak socket supplied with the Jackalopee. I bet you in our "global economy" they found somebody who c
  6. The Florida campsites have been crazy expensive for years now, insane prices in the season (Nov-March). One of the reasons we moved here, our mortgage is less than the local campsites. Primary reason, cost of building campgrounds vs. return on investment. Big part of the year the sites are sitting empty, generating minimum income (primarily storage of rigs here and there). You build dozen of houses in Florida on the same site, they are sold before they are finished. As of this mornings news 1100 Californians move to Florida per day (average income $105K) I investigated some time ago the p
  7. Installation tip (actually suggested by a customer). Swap the brown (running light) and black wires (ICC marker). Works great as the running lights feed but now you can flick those on and off with you dash or steering wheel mounted "flicking"😀 switch.
  8. Solved that problem decades ago. Every RV I owned (after cursing the first one for a while) had the plug on the umbilical chopped off and replaced with the DOT Pollack one and the RV socket replaced with the DOT semi socket. Ignore pin number, they are different on RV connectors vs. DOT connectors, go by the wire colors marked on the socket and the plug (black to black, red to red, etc.). Incidentally, the two airlines you see above were for the BluDot air over hydraulics braking system I installed in my fifth. Another one of those DIY firsts where I worked for 5 cents per hour, but
  9. Demo display setup showing all it's functions.
  10. This was the second one I did for this customer and he didn't care if there was an extra cable at either end. All installations are slightly (or a lot) different, so for a neat installations pre-wiring it in this fashion is not practical.
  11. On DIY projects actually less than that. His boss is a real %$#hole.
  12. Crimp and solder is the ultimate in reliability, ring also a better option. Too cautionary things on this approach. The wire is pure copper, it solders like guano unless you clean it and use good flux, or good flux core solder. The RV side is a real PITA and the wire colors do not line up nicely out of the bundle (lots of crossing of wires towards the end). If you make them longer to help that, the remaining jacket will be too far back and the cable clamp will clamp on the wires rather than on the jacket. Not the end of the world, but just saying.
  13. One the significant engineering challenges in electronic brake controllers engineering is what to do when you come to a complete stop. The pendulum retracts and that signal goes away. Do you still need brakes? You can look at the brake light. OK, the brake lights are on so he still has his foot on the brakes, so how much braking current do you need to send to the trailers brakes, minimum, maximum, someplace in between. Maximum would be safe, but if you sit at the red lights for a long period of time you will cook the output transistors in the brake controller. I had that discussion with a brak
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