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Ignoring all the spam we are getting I am having a forum behavior problem.

My normal routine is to logon on, click "unread content" and start looking at threads that interest me. The problem I am having is I look at a thread, read it and then go back. I keep getting sent to the top of the forum again and need to scroll down to the last thread I read. This is starting to get old. Why can't the forum return me to where I left it? Is there an option for this that I magically lost.

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1 hour ago, Alie&Jim's Carrilite said:

Click on the "Mark Site Read" button it gets rid of everything but the threads that are currently taking place.

They don't want to get rid of everything, they want to go back to where they were reading through the threads.  This is a recent development, I don't like it either.

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2 hours ago, Sehc said:

Seems like the forum header changed at the time this issue started for me, using Firefox. That is when all the Asian posts started as well. I will try using Chrome.

I highly doubt that the Asian posts were in any way related. We are slowly making progress with them, but it takes a little time.

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I belong to a few forums. This is the only one causing problems. This forum doesn't play well with FireFox, it does better on Chrome. This is the only forum with Chinese selling University Degrees. I will stay away from here for a bit. It is too scary.  I hope you get your shit together real soon. It is a great bunch of friends on here. 

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Pat or Pete,

I retired from the USAF in 1997 after 27 years at age 45, and moved into our 34.5 foot HitchHiker fiver with our 1992 Dodge diesel dually. Then we full timed for seven years. My Significant harassment wanted to come off the road to be with her aging parents and I was then 52. We just settled the estate and I am 66! We are moving as the hot humid south is not, nor ever, was our cup of tea. We like snow and four seasons. I don't have a lot of years left to ski.

I did not work when RVing not even work-camping as we were actually traveling to see all parts of CONUS. (Continental US) We did everything West of the Mississippi, and from Mexico up to and including Alaska.

I did do almost five years from 2004 as a Modern Post frame steel skinned building sales and IT for the then small company. We grew fast and with our own rolling plant and five locations I decided to go back to retired status in 2010.

I made a lot of money with them but did nor need the money, it was a hobby like period not a work like period, despite pulling many 18 hour days. I had them build a 24X30 insulated workshop for me and I wanted more concrete on the apron and he wanted a website. Before I knew it I was sucked into a quasi-partnership for a percentage of all sales. I retired again because it wasn't as much fun anymore, became routine. But I did get to use my Industrial Engineering degree and training. ; - }

Now I agree completely! LOL! I seem to have less time retired than I did working 12 hours a day, sometime 6 days a week in the military! We rarely take our little Scamp out camping or traveling anymore.  I hope to change that with the king size bed and other upgrades I'm doing to it. It is a rarely used 2013 deluxe model.

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Nope, it has a queen sized bed where you are supposed to sleep sideways.

In front of that it has a sofa that has a back that swings up on a piano hinge to be supported by two metal posts making a top bunk and a bottom bunk both narrow but fine for my size. I flipped it up, then used the bottom cushions to make it even with the cushions that belong up there. We wanted to get a gel foam cooling topper and when we measured it with the couch back up, it was bigger than a king bed lengthwise, and was exactly king size in width.

So we bought a king size gel topper with cooling cover. We are now trying to figure out how best to use the massive open space under it for storage. That is next. It helps that we have pro contractor table saw, Dewalt 12" miter saw, brad and nail guns, electric sanders. My wife is a retired master interior trim carpenter. She did coffered ceilings, 20 cut trim returns, windows/doors, crown base and stairs. I can't cut a 45 for a picture frame!

Anyway we are looking at what others have done. We have solid 1/2" cherry flooring planks but the weight would be prohibitive.

We needed a TV antenna that worked inside and out with no built in amplifier which I found. The rest are LED bulb changes and doing routine maintenance before we go like repacking bearings, sanitizing fresh water tank, and setting up the locking storage boxes in the long bed truck forward of the hitch.

I don't know about a lot, but I do know which side my bread is buttered on and I hope she ne3ver leaves me. It has been 46 years next month, and we decided to keep each other around for some more.😮☺️

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