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  1. Very sorry to hear this. Condolences to his family.
  2. Living in the northern tier on military bases, you could always tell the newbies/southern boys/girls. Just a tiny bit of snow/ice, you'd see them in the ditch along the hiway.
  3. They make lite TTs you could pull but by the time you load it up it might put you way over. Think minimalist living, nuttin wrong with it. All I would add about your 150 (I've had several in my lifetime) would be it's stopping a heavy camper in a timely/safe manner. Ya don't want one pushing you through an intersection, etc. or pushing you down a steep downgrade with no-where to go. My opinion, if your not going full time for a couple years, get a smaller/less expensive TT for now and go all out on a newer/heavier truck. Overkill on truck is always best. Depending on what you think you m
  4. IRS.... I can't think of one good thing about them and their... codes.... The way I look at it, I used *MY* money, which I have already paid too much taxes on to make this money. *I* used *MY* $$, not theirs to earn this, not their $$. Gawd Dayum thieves, the whole lot of them. I have no problem paying taxes on my pay, no problem paying it on $$ I work for, but this, charging a person out the backside for using already taxed $$, dayum thieves. Yes, I know, not a darn thing I can do about it albeit seriously wrong theft on their part. I have heard that if you hang onto the stocks over
  5. We still have 5 acres filled with fruit trees, large garden and 3 poultry houses/runs. The only thing I have going at the moment is the fruit, garden, 2 roosters and 3 hens so we can survive, I have a room full of canned produce and a couple freezers full of beef/pork/chicken and some fish so we can/will survive quite well. Yea, even down to where we are now is more work than I can handle some days but, I can manage/survive when the SHTF. I have had, can get back to if needed, 1000 head of poultry in 3 different locations but you talk about work..... wow... also access to ~20 quarters of la
  6. I've sold most everything investment wise, just have a few stocks to ... play... with. I'm thinking hard about investing my $$ in some farm-land. Land is not being made anymore, will always be worth $$, have a good renter to take care of it, good for income yearly. I won't farm it, that's for the youngins... did enough of that, plan on staying retired. With crap going on like happened today, just how long before the market crashes hard? We can't even get along well as americans, what's to happen to stocks/$$?
  7. I still don't get why someone, anyone would gamble on a company's failure or loss in value (shorts, if I understand it right), that's just betting on a failing economy, IMHO. I am invested now, most of my stocks are up over 100%, some over 300%. I figured out how to invest in stocks myself this spring and during the huge drop, dumped a lot of $$ (to me anywayz) into about 30 stocks, I gambled on the companies ability to survive and grow, not die off.... I also had shares of ACB before the back split but with the liberal take-over of our gubermint, pot will probably be legalized and pot stoc
  8. Again, I'm not the smartest but that sounds really .... STUPID... I've been doing stocks, well, funds most my adult life and have won some and lost some but no way in heck would I bet the farm on something like this. IF you have a couple dollars to gamble like this, the craps table at any casino is a better bet... IMHO
  9. I guess I don't understand what a short seller is. It stands at $729 at the moment and if you purchased this year under $400, just how did anyone lose $$? Unless they bought when it was hovering around 1k/share... then you don't sell til it goes back up again. This stuff is way too complicated for my simpleton butt..... LOL
  10. I would guess mobile home hauler? But it does not have that style hitch but could have been removed? Would make someone a nice HDT RV hauler I would agree.
  11. There's already too many darn charities with their hands out concerning vets, don't need another one lining some one else's pocket. I see this as a spammer.
  12. Send me your number, I'll call you. You can plow my snow, clean around my house all winter! While I love where I live, I HATE snow and moving it! Move it one day, blows back and have to move it again the next couple days. I'd rather be on the ice fishing! Or rather be in Aridzona during the winter..... dayum covid...
  13. Thanks, I'll check it out in a few days. Today started out very bad for us and has gotten worse... not a good day, week, end of a very crappy year....
  14. Thank-you, will definitely check it out. I'm already seeing the scope we have is of low quality so come spring I will be looking for a good one. 🙂
  15. Yea, just did google translate again, first time it replied with a foul-word, second time said go away.... LOL.. google...
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