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  1. I use Sirius for $5/mo. Have it on my truck and cell phone. I just connect my cell phone to the car I'm in, or I just stream it to my blue tooth connected hearing aids. I have it on my phone calendar to remind me every 11.5 months. I call to cancel, tell them too damn expensive and they always offer me another year for $5. I would not pay $10/mo, their service is nice but not worth paying more for. Too many free radio apps out there although you do have to put up with commercials. Same with the TV. As far as compressed, or audio quality, 20 years of working on jets with my now bad hearing and tinnitus, it does not make a difference to me.
  2. Nope... LOL Had a house and big barn. Although one time I thought about boondocking in a toy-hauler and bring along a lot of chickens with me. I'm down to 40 now.... still a lot of work but no, not in an RV... LOL (don't ask about how many chickens I've had... lost count after the first thousand).
  3. Nothing to do with camping, but in my younger days, I had over 200 pairs of birds from finches to mccaws. Just imagine how many I usually had at one time? LOL, yea, it was a serious lifestyle, especially if the ones I raised did not sell real fast... all that while I was in the military.
  4. Avoid? My advice, RUN! Run away very fast. They can be bullet proofed, but that involves making it a $10k fine or more if the EPA catches you. New head studs, remove the EGR unit and a few other items. Do it right, should run $3-5k, depending on who does it. Then you will need to have the puter flashed, IF you can find a company to sell the the software.... EPA went after/are going after those ppl with huge fines so no reputable programmer will sell it to you. I had a 2005 F250, sold it because I wanted a won ton dually. I talked to the guy that bought my truck from the stealership a month later. Towing a small boat, the engine, with 30k miles on it, took a dump. Luckily for him it was within 30 days, the stealership put a new 6.4 in it for him. It cost the dealer, 18k. So, I will repeat what I said earlier, RUN! IMHO
  5. Holiday Inn Express?
  6. Okay dokie, first post, not gonna happen, especially for some fly buy night poster, er, one and done. Bet this got posted on more RV sites than here.... LOL Second remark said: the rooster at 5am? LOL, love hearing my roosters in the morn, they actually will go all day. BUT, I had one young roo that for some odd reason would *bark* at the moon, ie every darn night ~2am every night. Was funny for a while but soon got old. I did not complain to the rooster union, we just invited him to dinner..... hehehehe Third remark: I think you're barking at the moon... what's wrong with that? I love barking at the moon after a couple beers. After a glass or 2, my wife joins me... LOL No offense y'all, I'm just in a quirky mood today.
  7. Yes! When you cut it down to rescue that nice old vehicle, count the rings. 😼
  8. Try messaging them but they have not been back since they posted this, good luck with contact. Perhaps call Thousand Trails Bend, Oregon to see if they will give you info but again, good luck with it.
  9. Mostly agree with all that. Yes, an idiot driving a rig like that is scary! I don't care what the cost of the rig, just makes me think someone is compensating for something if they need to do crap like that to a pick-up. I once saw a Toyota Tundra with a 5th wheel that would make my dually strain. There was a true idiot! Yes, I could buy an HDT for half what my truck cost but my truck does more than haul an RV. My truck stops my Rv just fine, I learned long ago to haul within my limits and to keep brakes properly adjusted.
  10. Mostly agree! I loved my military time, did 20 years but my health pretty much said John, said health, time to go. I was enlisted so can't say I never worked, I worked hard but loved it. I was young enough to do another job and retire from that although from damages to my health during military, then pushing my already bad health harder working again as a truck driver... LOL, I call everything I did an investment in my old phart days. Just glad I listened to my dad in my early days and dropped extra cash into investments instead of liquid assets, etc. TY for service!
  11. Yes, and no. The big savings is where my kids are shooting for, live on interest from the principal. As far as less to live on after you retire, no, in my case and many others, takes more. We don't sit, we travel, other countries, etc. Between that, and my wife and my hobbies, we are now free to pursue them and they are not cheap. Hobbies we could not afford when we had kids and both of us worked. Our investments here and there during our work-life, dollar here dollar there we did not miss or need, invested and now paying for our retirement. We did the right jobs to guarantee our medical is covered the rest of our lives (and I paid dearly for it) so that's safe. Payed for everything we have before retirement, have the ability to pay for what we buy if/when we wish, not lavish, but a good life. We have what I call a burial savings, enough to cover both my wife/myself when the time comes, no bills other than utilities/taxes so not strapping the kids with it. Passing it on to the kids, not our intentions, we plan on spending what we spent a lifetime earning and kids know it. Well, house, tools, vehicles, all will make a nice inheritance but it is what it is. All that is/was done through investing for 40 years. We live better now than we ever did working. I agree on helping children along the way but we also believe that the more you help a kid, the more they need and will not appreciate what they have/need because they did not earn it. I do think that 2/3 mil I mentioned for most (including us) is a dream, we never reached it but it is a goal for middle aged folks. Kirk has it right, young-folks do need to invest in "IRA's, Roth IRA's, 401k's, CD's, individual stocks, mutual funds," something even if it is $10-$20 week, what-ever they can do. It adds up over time and basically is what we did. I fear, as do a lot of young-uns, the way things are going, soc. security will be broke before they reach 65-70, what ever it is in 30-40 years. Never too late to invest for a person's future although I think getting lucky like one or 2 individuals that brags on here a lot is not attainable for most. (no-offense meant to them)
  12. Big question with many different answers. I've often heard/been told 2, 3 million to live good off interest with no/little investments. Good is an opinion as different as there are many stars. One thing I had beat into my head from an early age, don't keep all your eggs in the same basket, I interpreted into, have many different accounts/investments. Following that, I have several, usually when one does bad, another one keeps my bottom line safe (my mainstay has always been savings and mutual funds, some risky, some low paying/safe). I also say, it depends on your age, if still working, now/soon retired. Young, go for different accounts, some low interest bearing, some high risk and a few in-between. The older a person gets, the *safer* your investment should be (lower risk). We still have a few funds, all low risk. I told my kids to think of investing the same as going to a craps table. Only bet, or invest, what you feel you can afford to lose as nothing is a sure bet. Put the rest in a savings, CD or savings bonds although savings bonds don't pay well anymore. One of mine has done exceptional, the other, did not follow my suggestions very well. I also suggest, not so much as an money making investment but as a safe way to ancor some $$, precious metals. I do silver/gold. I did that many years back and all my pms have at least doubled in value. But, I have them as a hedge (?) against?? If $$ falls/fails, pms will always have value, same as all my firearms/ammo. I won't suggest real-estate any longer as it's at a ridiculous high right now. I hope it doesn't happen, but I think the bubble will again pop someday. As far as 401s, etc, I tell everyone to max out their employers donations. If they don't, they are throwing $$ away!
  13. Per the last 2 comments, I wasn't going to say anything but now I must. 1st comment, I wish people would just try a pull in HDT. I wish people would go through real world training to operate a heavy vehicle designed for commercial use first. These things are not light pick-ups and require a different skill set to operate safely for themselves and all others on the road. Your years ahead with training. 2nd comment, Not every wants or needs a HDT. You can now get pick-ups with up to 36k and higher GCWR, are campers/RVs really getting that heavy? Even living full time in an RV, one that big/heavy? I could say more but I don't want to offend... My comments come from being properly trained and a retired driver. I have seen plenty of properly trained drivers get into bad situations, I can't imagine how much worse it could have been if a rookie/non-experienced operator would have been at the wheel. I shudder every time I see/hear someone goes to a dealer/private sales and drives off in an HDT, having no training/experience operating a heavy truck. Everyone should be required to go through a school to be trained before receiving a license to operate an HDT whether for commercial or personal/RV. I shudder every time I see one going down the road, whether I'm in a car, truck, or truck pulling a camper, I do my best to get away from them. I know the damage an HDT can/does do, it only takes one moment, one oh-poop moment to ruin a day/life. Won't be me involved in that mess. The above IMHO, everyone has their opinion but I can see someone getting upset over my beliefs.
  14. Like said, they can/WILL throttle you! I have the 30 gig unlimited on 2 different phones. I watch the data on each one and have managed to not hit both at their limits very often but it does happen. What stinx, on weekends, even though we are not near our limits, we still get throttled..... unlimited my arse. We are in a SnB, not our RV as covid hit we stayed put at our home. Don't have experience from the camping point of view with internet for a couple of years so take my comments with a grain of salt.
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