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  1. I don't have a brand preference. I would not use any additives to your truck where you live, no need, won't gel. The biocide will help/kill the growth but it also loosens the stuff inside the tank. It can/will pass on through the fuel system into the fuel filters. I carry an extra fuel filter in this tractor for when it does clog up. Again, not needed in your truck unless you plan on letting that fuel sit for years.
  2. Diesel does not go bad I'm told by old farmers. I bought a tractor with a half full tank of diesel, left in it while it sat for 15 years. That is how long I had been trying to buy it, probably sat a lot longer. Pulled it out of the barn, new batteries/oil, filters, etc but left the old fuel in it without adding anything. It fired right up and is still running good on the 15yr old fuel. I did dump some biocide in as I'm willing to bet it has a lot of algae floating around in it. Many years I have parked my diesel trucks with full tanks and added nothing but anti-gel. Never had a problem other than batteries after sitting for 3-4 months. Unless your going to be driving below freezing alot, don't worry about it.
  3. Uh, WHAT?? Uhh... my memory is failing..... Every generation that comes along thinks *they* invented all this stuff... Old folks like us never had no fun, worked in the field, slept in separate rooms, ordered our kids from the sears catalog... LOL Yea, the stories I could tell ya, and I was one of the.... tame ones.
  4. Towards the end it is beets. I've done it, long days driving, little bit of rain turns it into a fun..... driving experience but well worth it. Lots of jobs during harvest, I've made quite a nice chunk of sugar in the past... LOL
  5. While there's a lot of things we miss not living in Phoenix for 6 years, the freaking heat is not one of them! 32 here last night but temps rose back up to the 50s. They are saying we will be hovering at night now in the upper 40s/lower 50s with a couple days coming we might hit 70. Love this time of year, can work without being covered in sweat.
  6. A good stain covering primer then paint, after the stain/water source is repaired/replaced.
  7. If your camper is not already set up for one/prepped, get a portable. I use mine for our camper but also use it around the place when I don't feel like running a miles worth of extension cords.
  8. Unless you plan to boondock on pavement, a 4x4 would be my only choice. I spent 12 years in the southwest and learned, albeit slow...., a 2x4 anywhere but pavement leads to a lot of digging. If you go that route, make sure you have some good tires, a good jack or 2, a couple good shovels, some tow-rope (for when a good samaritan stops by and gives you a tug out of your hole), etc. Also will note, a good 4x4 can get good and buried too! (Don't ask... LOL) Saying that, I've drove alot of tractor/trailers in sand/mud and a few other places without getting stuck but, when I did... whoa....... I will add, unless you think you will need extra torque on a small truck, I would avoid a diesel, in the long run, gas is easier on the pocket, especially when you get into servicing/repairs. Upkeep on my truck is not cheap.
  9. You did not say or I missed it. What part of the country do you want to buy in? Norf Dakoota land can be inexpensive and mostly RV friendly out of town. But, you don't want to winter here in an RV but spring/summer/fall is awesome. Getting a permanent lot to build up, is this for summer living, or winter living.
  10. It would not have been too bad if they had done a 2 or 4 back spit, but do the 12.... I called my broker and lost it. IF I had known they were going to do that, I would have sold it before hand. Not happy with them now but I'm stuck with a few of their shares now.
  11. My RAM 3500 has a back-up camera, I can put the ball under a trailer spot on every time. For my 5th wheel, I picked up a cheap wifi camera, put it on my tail-gate and hit my anderson hitch/ball spot on. When my loving wife gets involved.... it takes considerable time to hitch up.
  12. I have a Snap-on but it is not cheap. Have not broke any taps like I have the cheap stuff. I use mine 4-5 times a year now, used to use it alot when I worked as a mechanic. If I remember right, I paid ~$600 for mine, that was a good 15 yrs back. No idea what mine would run now.
  13. Also, when you dump on your way out, close valve before it is totally empty. Leave some sewage, ie, poop eating bacteria in there to start the next deposit's occurrence. When I dump, I always dump the black tank first and shut off before it goes empty, then open the gray water tanks. It will flush out the hose so it does not smell as bad next time you use it.
  14. If your slinky is connected and you leave your black tank dump valve open, your getting gas from the sewer system. Also, for a black tank to operate properly and not stink, there needs to be water in all the time. If not, any solids deposit'd will splat down hard into the tank and become part of the tank, so to speak and hard to clean out. Having water/solid mix allows the bacteria to work and break down what you deposit there. I clean mine out before parking for the winter and leave it empty. BEFORE I use it in the spring, I dump in 5 gallons of used water from washing dishes, etc. As a minimum, clean fresh water. I stopped using those magic pellets/crystals, etc after my first couple trips, no need for them IMHO.
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