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  1. I like to advise folks to 80% of their vehicles factory rating. For your towing cap of 14,700 lbs, I would look at/under 11,760 lbs. Your choice as to what you would do. Can your truck pull it, probably. Can your truck handle it in an emergency situation, probably.. not. Myself, I can pull 18,400 lbs. I try to keep my camper at/under 14,720 lbs even though I can easily handle 18,400. In the end, it's up to you and your insurance when you can't stop quick enough to prevent damage to another vehicle (not to mention yourself and others in your vehicle). Can your conscience and wallet handl
  2. Feeling much better today, still a little tired but doing good. I think the side effects are all but gone.
  3. Thanks, I'm feeling a little better but still tired. Better half has been feeding me Tylenol and bottles of water. I'm getting water-log'd but I think it's helping. 🙂
  4. Wife and I, minor sore arm after first shot. Second, wife was tired for a day, son it wiped out for 3 days, he's still not up to par. I got mine yesterday, so far I am wiped out. Sore arm, headache, muscles sore all over my body and I'm so darn tired I'm going back to bed shortly.
  5. That's a fact. There's only 2 things in life 100% (and I'm sure I'm quoting it wrong but the idea is right), death and taxes.
  6. Question. Maybe I have misunderstood the whole vaccine thang. I was under the impression that the vaccine shot would not prevent anyone from getting the virus, but getting the shot lessened the damage from it? A person would get over it quicker, not get hit hard enough to need hospitalization? I could swear I was told all it does is increase your antibodies to virus'? I could be in left field again or missed it somewhere, I don't read all the reports. I have a hard time reading anything more than a paragraph or 2 before most everythang kinda gets blurry. Wife has had 2 shots, I get
  7. OHHH, now I remember! I'm watching the original (?) American version of Godzilla. Do y'all think the thousands of Japanese would have survived if they would have listened to the warnings about Godzilla attacking? Is/was Godzilla considered a virus? No, not making fun of covid, well... I know it's serious but not a dayum thing bitc..hing about it can do. Do your part, social distance, wear a mask, get the shots and give it time, it will work it's self out in time. Do your part.
  8. Wait, I'm not the only one that hears voices?? I feel so happy now! I was going to say something else but forgot with all the very loud screaming going on in me pumpkin..... Peace-out y'all!
  9. If a dealer does not want to deal on price, find another dealer. Won't give me the price I want, I keep on using what I have, shop around, someone will take your offer.
  10. You and I both. Don't forget the ammo.... lots and lots of ammo....
  11. Why the 30 foot? How many kids? I drive a won-ton pick-up with 32' RV and have a ton of room for wife and I. They make rvs with bunks, some have converted toy hauler garages into bed-rooms. I am one that see's no reason for an HDT but that's just my opinion. I can pull any RV I would ever be interested in. My wife has driven my truck with and with-out RV in tow no problem.
  12. We're still waiting, waiting, waiting... we have places we need to be but not going anywhere until we atleast get *the shot*s. We are both on lists but we can't get the shot. Wife is over 66, has heart problems, I am 63 with heart problems/diabetes and can't get shots....
  13. Never heard of them but it's sad just how many business are shutting down, killed by lack of shoppers do to the virus and/or the ease of ordering from your lounger (internet). I prefer buying, albeit a couple more pennies higher, from a mom/pop store I can examine the product in hand first.
  14. Keep it dark outside. I don't even want to see your inside lights without your blinds down. We enjoy the night sky, watching night life around us (not meaning ppl...). Even when sitting outside in our SnB, our lights, inside and out, are off. We don't even enjoy a campfire at night, it's all light pollution. This is mostly why we boon-dock, AWAY from others that are light-rude!
  15. I don't do this, but I would ask, would it be a pain in the (tax)? Depending on how often you moved for jobs/states, it might be a head-ache? And some states will declare you a resident if you meet their time limits? Just my 2 cents, good luck with it!
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