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  1. Those 'blue filters' do not have replaceable filter cartridges. The whole blue thing is the replaceable part. What Kirk posted is a filter cartridge housing that the element can be replaced. It is common to use two of them in series. A particulate filter before an activated charcoal filter. It all depends on how much water you are using.
  2. That is not a generator. It is a tiny storage battery with an inverter. I use my microwave, Mr Coffee, and toaster through my 2000W inverter, from battery, charged by solar.
  3. The dental insurance plans I have read have specific treatments that pretty much match what I would pay through premiums. They do cover emergency treatment. That would be the advantage of insurance plan vs savings or Care Credit. I hear a lot of good things about Mexico and dentists.
  4. Love that explanation. Right on.
  5. Masks don't protect the wearer. Masks help prevent the spread of virus from the person wearing the mask. Many are non-symptomatic but will still infect others. If everyone wore masks and practiced reasonable social distancing, we would not be in this mess. But if someone claims a right to infect me, there is not much I can do about that except leave the idiotsphere. I'll stay with fact based science, thank you. And good by.
  6. We can now see the result of no masks, ignore social distance, and other such claimed rights. Covid-19 is bursting out with a vengeance. One may say we test more so we see more cases. But the raising death toll doesn't lie.
  7. Ally reimburses my ATM fees. So I am kind and only use the cheap ones like Wawa, no fee. The grocery store and the liqueur store, $1. I use BoA, $3.50, only if an emergency.
  8. If a bank branch treats their commercial customers poorly, what would they do such small potato as me? I wonder why Kirk is so quick to defend WF? Their criminal behavior was well documented.
  9. Sehc

    Simon & Garfunkel

    What no Savory?
  10. Our local WF bank has a very bad reputation with local merchants. The BOA had a better reputation, but closed most of it's branch offices. I have a cash back Visa from Amazon. A BOA credit card. And debit cards with two banks and a credit union. BOA has machines every where but charge high fees at all but their own. Ally reimburses my fees and has the best interest, now not even worth counting. I keep $50 cash and when it is under $10, I replace. It is not a requirement that a merchant offer cash back, so if they do it is all-ok.
  11. Isn't CR the same as County Road in Postal Talk? Try sending yourself a letter or package.
  12. You will find the bushing in the spring eye will be worn. That is what allowed the bolt to pound the shackle out of round.
  13. Sehc

    Lithium battery

    A basic rule if there even is one. LiFePo4 will provide 80% or 90% of their AH. Lead chemistry about 50% rated AH. Plus LiFePo holds near the same voltage top to bottom. I am converting my 460ah GC2 system to LiFePo 200ah. The GC2 is oversize to start. Rod Collins has about the best read on the subject here:: https://marinehowto.com/lifepo4-batteries-on-boats/
  14. I am familiar with the Mr Buddy heaters and have used one. They have a small pilot flame that reduces even smaller in low oxygen to shut down the heater. I had a catalytic heater in my class b. It was by Coleman and had a fan. Got nice and warm. Started it in am and huddled over it before coffee. But the windows had to be open. The condensation was unbelievable. 2018 I installed a Suburban RV vented furnace. Set the thermostat, stay warm all night. AM kick the thermostat up and relax with my coffee. The last two winters were much happier.
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