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  1. There is a flu vaccine made with live but weakened virus. The one we get at the local CVS is a killed virus and can not cause the flu. I was surprised yesterday when getting flu shot, they said I am eligible for the pneumonia. Is there a new pneumonia shot during the last two years?
  2. 3000W inverter will provide only maximum 25 amperes 120 volt power. No matter how you try to trick it.
  3. Wow. The circuit did not trip breaker? 5 volt cord caused a fire in one chair. Therefore all amazon products should be avoided. I can think of better reasons to avoid Amazon.
  4. That is very strange that wearing a mask to protect your fellow citizens would make you unemployable. I would have guessed refusing to wear a mask would be the reason. ps, I am retired construction and have turned down jobs where I did not even apply.
  5. Fossil fuels are slowly going away. Do any see digital technology getting anything but bigger?
  6. The black part obvious has broken off from where it was. Try removing all the black parts and see if the white parts join together. It kind of looks like some kind of screen filter, not original.
  7. It is the law in NJ. It is just not enforced except by some poor kids whose boss told them to stop those with no mask. The police don't give a shit.
  8. virus affected the humans when we were still in trees and had tails.
  9. No. A 500 amp battery disconnect doesn't have near the resistance as a 50 amp fuse or CB.
  10. Fusing from panel to controller is not needed, and causes an extra voltage drop. You will need a switch, but that can be sized to little to no voltage drop. I have and used 8 awg uv resistant wire from Windy Nation. But they no longer list any over 10 awg. There are two types of mc-4 connectors. Renogy for one has a different than standard.
  11. Those 'blue filters' do not have replaceable filter cartridges. The whole blue thing is the replaceable part. What Kirk posted is a filter cartridge housing that the element can be replaced. It is common to use two of them in series. A particulate filter before an activated charcoal filter. It all depends on how much water you are using.
  12. That is not a generator. It is a tiny storage battery with an inverter. I use my microwave, Mr Coffee, and toaster through my 2000W inverter, from battery, charged by solar.
  13. The dental insurance plans I have read have specific treatments that pretty much match what I would pay through premiums. They do cover emergency treatment. That would be the advantage of insurance plan vs savings or Care Credit. I hear a lot of good things about Mexico and dentists.
  14. Love that explanation. Right on.
  15. Masks don't protect the wearer. Masks help prevent the spread of virus from the person wearing the mask. Many are non-symptomatic but will still infect others. If everyone wore masks and practiced reasonable social distancing, we would not be in this mess. But if someone claims a right to infect me, there is not much I can do about that except leave the idiotsphere. I'll stay with fact based science, thank you. And good by.
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