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  1. I respect everything you write on this forum because I know that it's always either experience based or supported by intelligent research. I'm not doubting any of your comments. I'm just another one of those ignorant people trying to learn. So, in reference to this data you posted, what is your solution? Do all of us non-essentials just hunker down for months (or years) until the country achieves the herd immunity on the backs of the doctors, nurses, first responders, food workers, and other essential workers? And, will that reduce the death numbers any if a percentage of them are going to die anyway? I totally understood the concept of staying at home so the hospitals wouldn't get overwhelmed or until they could get up to speed. I think for people to continue to embrace this approach, they need a goal in it's purpose. In the past two months, they saw the curve flatten. However, they also saw their job of 15 years go bye-bye, the business they spent their lifetime building go under, their country go another 3 trillion in debt. It could be years before a vaccine is ready. Heck, how long have they been looking for a vaccine for HIV? Like I said, I've got a whole lot more questions than answers.
  2. Barbara, it's obvious that you are an intelligent person with strong beliefs. I admire that. However, I'm not sure I fully grasp what you're suggesting. It's great that you can live in the woods and eat from your garden and avoid all human contact. You do realize that all 300+ million of us can't do that. The vast majority of us (probably 99.9%) depend on others for such things as food, clothing, medical care, drugs, fuel, shelter, etc. How is it different if I live in a house in a subdivision, a cabin in the woods, an apartment building, or an RV in a campground. I still have to interact with others for my needs. Even you referred to going to Walmart yesterday in your post. Why are you at Walmart, spreading the virus? I also take issue with your blanket statements about the government. The government is we. There are those who work for the government who don't care, but there are many who do care. I've found over the years that such statements condemning our leaders' decisions are usually made by people who either (1) have never had to make critical decisions which affect the safety or livelihood of others or (2) expect the government to take care of them and keep them perfectly safe under all situations and they will never be happy. All decisions made during a time like this are going to involve calculations of risk. Whatever is done, people are going to die. Why is it that when someone disagrees with us, it's always out of fear or ignorance? Maybe they just disagree. In any case, I hope you stay safe and enjoy your little patch of Maine paradise.
  3. Also understand that those specs which Kirk posted are for a brand new truck as it rolled off the assembly line........like yours did 24 years ago. That's before the suspension wore and the chassis and frame twisted a million times, when the brake system was completely new, etc. Rebuilding the engine and transmission is a step forward, but far from the whole picture. There's no way I'd tow anything bigger than a Casita or Scamp with your truck. Sure, you can find a 20' to 25' trailer with a dry bath which will fall into those listed specs, but it'll most likely tax that 24 year old truck of yours to the limit and push that little short wheel base truck all over the road. Good luck with whatever you do. Once again, JMO.
  4. In my opinion, you are the ideal candidate for a Casita, Scamp, or something similar in size. Your truck would easily tow a 17' Casita. It would be a tremendous step up from tent camping. Challenge will be finding one of those small fiberglass trailers in good condition for $10K. A more reasonable number would be $15K. Good luck with your search.
  5. Also, if there is a specific one you are concerned about, you can look on Google maps.
  6. I think the CSR roulette applies to TV providers, internet providers, and cellular providers. I would definitely contact a local installer and see what they can do for you. I may be grandfathered on the Outdoors account. When they first started allowing people to change their service address (locals), I was unable to. So, I contacted a DIRT member directly. He looked into it and said that since i was an Outdoors account, I should be able to. After looking into further, he couldn't find a reason why I couldn't. He handed my case off to the executive office, and they couldn't figure it out either. I've since seen, on this forum and the Satguys forum, numerous people who have Outdoors accounts and some can change locals and some can't. No rhyme or reason or consistency.
  7. No, I don't have a link. For years, I had a leased VIP211K until I bought my own Wally about two years ago. In both cases, I've stayed on contract in order to get better pricing. I've had an outdoors account for as long as I can remember. I guess they labeled it that because I was changing my locals so often. I never asked for that designation. Also, I am unable to change locals using the app. Some outdoors accounts can, some can't. If you ask DISH why some accounts can and others aren't able to, you get a variety of answers.
  8. Yes. You mentioned "Flex". Flex is a package with minimal channels. You can add and subtract other channel groups to it as you like, thus the "Flex" name. If you want the Top 200, you can definitely get it on a two year contract. That's what I've got and I pay $67.62 with taxes and all. I have an outdoors account and own my own equipment. It would cost more than that for you to start it now, since I'm in the last eight months of my contract. I'm sorry, but this is just not accurate.
  9. Doesn't matter if he's a model citizen or not. He was causing a disturbance, others called law enforcement. Officers attempted to interview him and he fled. I'm pretty sure that's adequate cause for police to pursue him. Look at it this way, if police hadn't pursued him and he had gone down the street and committed violent crime, the same people criticizing the police now would be blaming them later.
  10. Lucky you. Where are you workamping?
  11. If you suggested that all residential delivery go to every other day, I might agree with you. To specifically target rural routes would not be fair, unless you cut their postal fees in half. I'm on a rural route now and the post office is less than a mile away. When I was on a city route, I was about four miles from the post office. Also, just because you didn't make use of the postal service doesn't mean everyone doesn't. I know several people who live in the country and get lot's of deliveries, since they don't like going to town to shop. I have a friend who hates going shopping. He buys nearly everything online and has it delivered, mostly from Amazon. He'll go to town and grocery shop every three weeks or so for meat, dairy, fresh bread, etc. Also, closing small Post Offices would cause a hardship in many areas and may not necessarily save money. The small post office is a drop off point for mail in that area, using one postal vehicle which drives out from a larger distribution point to do so. If every postal vehicle had to make the trip 40+ miles to the nearest larger city, that's quite a bit of extra fuel consumed. Also, think of the customers who would have to make that 40+ mile trip just to post a package. I'm thinking that small post offices provide a valuable service, particularly in poor rural areas. JMO
  12. No need to do that. If you've got a garden, just use corn cobs.
  13. docj, you may know this. It seems like I read somewhere that the fastest vaccine ever developed and put into use was for ebola, and it took five years. Is that correct? If so, why are they saying 18 months on this one?
  14. Okay, different problem. Have you tried switching Wally's to see if you have the same issue? You can just switch the cables where they are connected to the Playmaker. The secondary Wally may be defective. Also, bad cables and bad connection points are notorious for causing this type of problem.
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