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  1. Yes, I couldn't get rid of the display. I tried esc, looked for an "x" etc. Never thought of a blank spot. Actually, I would like to turn the whole display off, just duplicates what is on the left. Thanks
  2. No, on my PC. I get the map, I do a search on the left, let's say for McDonalds, several Mcdonalds appear onthe list, I select one and the bar appears across the bottom of the map with an icon for all the mcdonalds in the list. Block half the map. This is relatively new, within the last few months. Nothing gets rid of it. Thanks
  3. Are there settings for Google Maps? For a while now, after doing a search, if you select an item from the search a giant bar appears on the bottom of the map and reduces the map by half. How to I get rid of the bar permanently. I want a map. Thanks
  4. You can't take it on any road as it is not street legal. Maybe it could be towed by a wrecker to a storage lot. Didn't you get a title when you paid the owner? You don't own it until you have a title in hand, signed by the seller.
  5. We need to run our engine when we take out our slides, they draw lot of power. Maybe you killed your batteries, did you check them. You can recharge them if they are dead.
  6. We bought the wrong control board for our AC/Heat pump, never used. MODEL NO.: 9330C755 REV: SERIAL NO.: 202344336 AIRXCEL™ RV PRODUCTS WICHITA, KS 12 VOLT T-STAT WIRING Y 18 GA COOLING W 18 GA HEAT GH 18 GA HI FAN GL 18 GA LO FAN B 18 GA (-) 12 VDC New $70, for sale at $60, located in Phoenix but will ship.
  7. way too much work. I was more curious than anything else. Thanks all.
  8. I had hoped it would be like Tail of the Dragon or Million Dollar Highway, recognizable.
  9. Phoenix but I don't think it was a recent trip. They were comparing horror roads.
  10. undecided, maybe in the car
  11. I overheard a conversation at the doctor's today and was called before I could ask where this road was. The way they were talking it is a humdiinger rough, mountainous and they didn't think an RV should be on it. When I came out they were gone. Does anyone know where this road might be?
  12. I have made microwave fudge a few times for potlucks on the road. Never had any left to bring back to the rig.
  13. I looked at that and it is too expensive. POI Factory was free. An app won't work as I want to put it into my Garmin.
  14. Can I download it to my PC. I want to load it onto my Garmin.
  15. I just discovered POI Factory no longer has a Low Clearances file and I cannot locate my old one. Does anyone have a file they could send me? Thanks.
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