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  1. I have never had a major failure like that but most shops let you live in the RV and have a hookups of some sort. I would not trust Lazy Days but call the mfg. yourself and explain the problem. Since it is a black tank you should be able to live in your rv if you buy a port-a-potty to temporarily use while the black tank is being fixed.
  2. I read someplace(RV Travel?) about a workaround for the problem. We no longer have an HDT so I didn't pay much attention. 2 RVers figured out the workaround.
  3. You can get a different size. Any tire store should be able to tell you the substitute size. Michelin makes unique sizes so many of us change size so we can buy a different, less expensive brand.
  4. Wouldn't your road service tow you, at least to a local campground? When we broke down on the road years ago 2 tow trucks were sent, one for the tow vehicle and one for the RV. If you don't have road service call you insurer. There is usually some towing included in every policy.
  5. At age 75/77 I want to be assured that if we have a problem someone will drive the MH back to our home base. We are a one driver family so we gladly pay for peace of mind.
  6. I like shifting. Given a choice I would prefer to drive a stick shift. I had to give up my 1996 Honda a few years or so ago, I was devastated. Even today, I reach to shift and need to stop myself.
  7. The question for Progressive is what happens when you break down. Do they cover the RV? or are you paying for just a car? Do they send a tow truck for both the truck and trailer and how far will they tow it. How many times in a year will they tow your equipment? There are a lot more questions you need to ask Progressive to be able to compare them.
  8. Most towns have a propane supplier and many campgrounds will fill your tank. In 50 years of RVing this has never been a problem.
  9. Each person has a different "basic" life style. They need to do some forecasting. I found this site very useful, https://www.firecalc.com/. By using this you are not involved with a broker or someone who wants to sell you something, keeps everything private.
  10. I think ZTE made/makes the Mobley, not sure.
  11. No problems on mine and we never unplug it. Always on.
  12. Is this to visit NYC or just an overnight?
  13. Why don't you call a vet up in Canada and talk to their office staff. It might not be a prescription in Canada. We buy our cat's and our daughter buys he dogs heart worm medicine from a mail order company in Australia, about 1/3-1/2 the price vs. in the US where it is a prescription. I spoke to the company and it is the exact same, including packaging. Takes abut 10 days to get, Covid has stretched it out a bit.
  14. After a serious talk if you both feel you should go ahead I would buy the RV and try it for 3-4 days at a time initially, if that works, then lengthen out the time until you are both comfortable with the lifestyle. He needs to express an interest in learning and solving problems. RVing isn't for everyone, you do need a sense of adventure and doing the unknown. Escapees has a Boot Camp, it would be well worth the money to take the boot camp before laying out the money for an RV. That will get you grounded in what to expect.
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