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  1. I read someplace that they bill the insurance for the injection, not for the medication. Who know what will really happen.
  2. We filed but didn't pay yet plus we have est. tax due
  3. I received this today. Since we owe this would be a nice gift. Comments. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/victims-of-texas-winter-storms-get-deadline-extensions-and-other-tax-relief IRS Newswire Feb. 22, 2021 News Essentials What's Hot News Releases IRS - The Basics IRS Guidance Media Contacts Facts & Figures Around The Nation e-News Subscriptions
  4. I have had both shots, no reaction with either, not even a sore arm.
  5. Yes, there is a window on the side of the building to pick up your mail. I don't recall the hours. Take a tour of the facility while you are there. Interesting.
  6. I find email is a much faster approach for contacting Escapees. They are probably closed and no one can get in to update the message.
  7. We did a drive thru and most cars both we inoculated.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I had used Keepass for years and just switched(kind of) to LastPass a few months ago, testing the waters. I have been adding more and more to LastPass over the last couple weeks, off to learn a new product.
  9. I just received notification that LastPass will no longer be cross-platform as a free app. Bummer. Anyone know a free replacement for cross-platform?
  10. Oklahoma is starting to have black outs also. I thought all the grids were connected to each other.
  11. Welcome to windmills and solar energy. Windmills are frozen and solar is probably iced and snowed over. The Green New Deal......................
  12. I want propane. 3 burner is fine.No oven.
  13. It has never worked right from the beginning. It would light for a few weeks, then stop and I had to go to a lighter, then out of the clear blue it would start again. We replaced the wires, had i it looked at under warranty etc. I am tired of dealing with it, lemon from the beginning.
  14. Just in case something has improved in RV ranges has anyone discovered the "best" range. I do not want induction. Propane, 3 burner basic. This is probably a fruitless quest, but I am an optimist. Thanks
  15. We have resolved it. The first line of the spreadsheet needs to be blank.
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