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  1. FYI-You can by a special hose from Mr. Heater and have a quick connect in the rig so that you can run off of your propane tank. Much more efficient than house furnace. Mr. Heater is our primary heater. Our philosophy: 1. Fill up fuel tank before pulling into any CG, we have MH so this feeds our generator, and a full tank means you can leave. 2. Always have full water tank. 3. Always have some emergency food though we travel with plenty of food normally. 4. Fill up propane when at half. We have learned this throughout the years. Water main breaks(3), full area power loss(gas stations can't pump gas), ran out of propane once(40 years ago, 20 degrees, left lasting impression).
  2. That's the reason I am switching, didn't like the FMCA bait and switch.
  3. I haven't seen any comments about the road service in a while. Is everyone happy with it?
  4. Time for a new one??? How old is yours?
  5. This is probably the wrong place to ask this but I have always wondered if I buy a new phone, same brand as I have and the Sim card fits, can I just move the sim card from one phone to the next or do I need a new Sim card?
  6. I am very disappointed that the Escapade will not be in Tucson as originally scheduled. I had been planning on attending based on the previous schedule. Switching to Rock Springs in July is not possible for us.
  7. I attached my Mango to my Mobley as that is our primary source.
  8. This was an entire Escapee Family and where they lived and traveled had major service problems. We haven't found any service problems with Visible as of yet but it is not our primary phone. We use it mostly as a hot spot when ATT isn't available.
  9. I have no idea what is different between our W10s. Everything you did was what I do and I have done this on multiple computers.
  10. I wouldn't be concerned about what is seen. Once your computer connects to the Visible, everything else should connect to your PC.
  11. I thought I would offer this to the Escapee population first. Many people prefer to deal with people they "know" than total strangers.
  12. My Visible Family Plan is evaporating. I am willing to form a new "family" or join a "family".
  13. Did you first get the wifi from your phone connected to the computer? Once Pc to phone is connected, then you turn on the computer hot spot.
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