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  1. I just found out our TV does not have internet, we are getting Prime etc via Tivo or Dish. I don;t know if that changes anything.
  2. New challenge: I have Playon, recorded a program and went to send it to the TV. I think the TV is on the same network as the PC but Playon says I don't have a casting device. From Google I gather it is a Roku, Firestick or Chromecast piece of hardware. We now have Netflix, Prime and Disney+(other daughter working on giving us that), does it make any difference which hardware I buy. Need something with a clean, neat interface. I keep thinking I am buying redundant hardware and I should be able to "cast" with my Tivo or computer to the TV that also has internet. Or should I just plug in the HDMI cable between the PC and TV. I know that works.` Learning curves are so steep. Thanks
  3. I think I have this mastered, ha!! I downloaded Playon and that has simplified things. Now e have a common interface that keeps all the downloads organized and neatly presented. Thanks to Tom for recommending this, it has resolved a lot of our confusion and control issues. Just another learning curve.
  4. Thanks Tom. This sounds interesting. I think I'll try it. This seems to solve some of the problems I have with the whole streaming concept.
  5. Didn't know they did their series like that. The other reason we had wanted to download was so when they take the series away we would still be able to finish viewing it. We need to download to our PC, no space on our phone and we don't have a tablet. What is casting from the phone to the TV? In case we ever have a phone with enough extra space to do this.
  6. Have you looked at toy haulers?
  7. We are going camping for a couple weeks where we know internet is very poor so wanted to stockpile some programs. We won't have dish either due to trees. What we like about recording is that we record all the programs we want to look at and don't need to be concerned when another episode is available, it will just record.
  8. Well I made a little progress. I had heard I needed to download an App to my PC but could never find it. I finally stumbled across something called Microsoft Store, I guess it is the equivalent of Google Play but for PCs. I found a Netflix app on and can now download but that is all it seems to do. No scheduling and I would guess I need to download one episode at a time, not sure about that since I am only on my first episode. I assume to show the program on TV we will need to take out our HDMI cable to view. This is very convoluted and seems so ancient. Netflix has some interesting programing but it is aggravating to record and view. I wouldn't waste our money on it.
  9. Check with a UPS store, I think they are real addresses and not box numbers
  10. Have you looked for an OR mail forwarding service? Does your address need to be in OR? If not, consider the Escapees Mail Service, it is a legal address.
  11. Our daughter added us to her Netflix subscription and we like a couple of the Netflix series. We cannot figure out how to record the series. We have Dish, Tivo and laptops but no place can we find an option to record episodes of a series each week automatically. Also, the only way we have figured out to record an episode to look at later is to record onto our laptop via Windows/G and then play it back via an HDMI cable on the TV later. We must be missing something obvious. Help and Thanks.
  12. I asked here for anyone who was interested in forming a plan.
  13. Why don't you form a family plan? Price starts at $40 and drops $5 for each person you add until you have 4. Don;t need to be related, just 4 people.
  14. We switched from a 5th to an A 5 years ago due to age and have no regrets. We also have a toad which needs to be unhooked before backing up. Even with that we have no regrets and are very comfortable in a 36' A. Plenty of space, plenty of storage. Probably could have gone smaller. It is also a gasser so easy to get serviced when needed.
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