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  1. Escapees of course to at least handle your mail, attend Boot Camp and go to Escapades. After that it depends on what type of RVer you are. Passport America is pretty much on everyone's list, Harvest Hosts is fun and different. After those I would wait and determine your camping style.
  2. Our CRV does not allow the doors to be locked if the key is in the ignition and turned on. We watched a tow truck operator break into a neighbors car when the keys go locked in. Amazingly simple. If they don't have AAA then there insurances probably covers this.
  3. I have a Fire 8 and a Kindle Paperwhite. I prefer the Paperwhite, lighter weight and easy to handle. I charge it every week+ and I read every day for an hour+
  4. more for the bucket list Thanks
  5. Thanks for additions to our bucket list. All have been entered. Safe travels
  6. We are staying a month as a break in our travels(started in April), then going to the west coast and down the PCH. Back to winter camp in Oct/Nov.
  7. We are going to be there 8/1.
  8. I mean anyone is lives there now.
  9. I am looking for someone who lives in Evergreen COHO.
  10. x2 for Alliant, Excellent service
  11. It is only $5. We'll turn it off when not traveling.
  12. Changing your mailing address does not change your domicile. We have changed everything over to online and get very little snail mail. I would recommend you start changing your addresses now, change to receiving as much as you can online and auto-pay. You will be glad you did this. Simplifies your life.
  13. I have an extra 2TB EHD so I will use that. I thought the USB would get rid of the wires connecting the Wally/Hopper to the TV. My misunderstanding. So I need to buy an HDMI cable to connect the Wally to the TV, no way to do it wireless? I am tired of all the wires needed for everything. Let me bounce this off of you. We have a Hopper and Traveler, works great until we are in the trees. We are thinking on getting a Wally and Playmaker to get around the tree problem as best we can. Will hook up the Wally to the Playmaker, then the Wally to the TV. Will this work?
  14. Can I use any EHD to record from the Wally? Is there any special formatting for the Wally? Anyone use the wifi connection to the TV? Does it work well? We have our own Hotspot. Thanks
  15. Same here, Thunderbird for many years.
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