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For Xmas a good friend got me the Echo Plus. At first (to myself) what the h am i going to do with this. Turns out i'm actually enjoying the ole gal. lol

Set up the Free Pandora acct. Plays my kind of music when i want, an shuts off when i say. (Too bad it can't cook). When i'm away some where i can open up alexa app. send a voice mesg to ppl in my contacts that have one. Ask what the weather is going to be like. An so much more. Any body else have one. 

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I have the Echo in the kitchen & Dot in the bedroom.
Bedroom one is a good alarm when I set it for the times I need to get up at different times.
And puts me asleep with soothing music.

Kitchen one greets me every morning, gives the weather and the news.
And is great for a timer when needed for cooking some things.

Plays any music type or by singer name from my Amazon Prime account.

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Us too. We have three Echo dots, and the new 10" & 8" Fire tablet with hands-free Alexa. She is also on our Android phones and Windows machines. When we want the music thumping we have the Echo dots paired with a Bose SoundLink III in the kitchen, and two SoundLink  Minis. We've been Prime members since it started and have dozens of Prime Music Playlists, music I've uploaded free, bought as well, as our Pandora music. We listen to meditation and new age relaxing music turned down low and set her to turn it off after 45 minutes. We use the shopping list and just tell her to add onions to the list and use it on our phone app in the grocery store.

She can't love me back without upgrades, or so she says. I ask her to sing songs about different things tell me stories, jokes and to play videos on our three Fire TVs.

I love my Widows tablets but for reading and video downloads love our Fire Tablets.

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Actually Alexa is always on, and if misused could be the greatest privacy invasion ever devised.


"Incidentally, you would think that the residents of Hangzhou would have been asked to consent to this intense form of data monitoring, but remember, this is China. When it comes to online privacy and protestation, the average person doesn’t really get much say.

Xian-Sheng Hua, an AI manager at Alibaba, told an audience at the World Summit AI meeting a few weeks back that “in China, people have less concern with privacy, which allows us to move faster.”

Putting the ethics aside for a moment, it’s admittedly hard not to argue that China is a good place to try out"

Source: http://www.iflscience.com/technology/smart-city-china-controlled-artificial-intelligence/

The problem I have found is that governments never put ethics aside for just a moment. Witness our continued domestic surveillance, just renewed by a a large majority. It appears inevitable.

I guess that Chinese city is pronounced "Hangs you."


Many folks have no clue just how accurate this is today.

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1 hour ago, Kirk Wood said:

I put Alexa into the same category as the Fit-Bit. They are both things I clearly do not want. 

I love my Fit-Bit as it is a very basic model Limited info and I do not always pair with my Computer.

On Alexa I couldn't agree More. Between the smart phone and the computer cookies, someone has more information than I want to share.

The way I look at things, 60-70 years ago you walked into a store and the clerk quickly  judged you and sized you up. Now you you set in front of a computer screen or other communication so someone still sizes you up.


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A lot of us baby boomers have smart homes with security cams that notify us on our phones immediately if they see motion and record 15 seconds or so of it. They store the motion and sound detected videos in the cloud so even if they are stolen, they are on video doing it and the videos are there to download and use in court if needed. Without the limitations of connecting on the road we love the home security cams today that are battery operated and have built in WiFi for less than the old PITA wired ones. We have this doorbell and two stickups with the chimes: https://ring.com/ 

While those seem expensive the newest company are two guys that worked for Amazon then got an idea to make a $19.99 video security cam. I boiught one to play with and the picture is awesome! However, they only have indoor models and they must be plugged in and can connect to the INternet with their own built in WiFi! And they are full 1080p HD! - Wyze: https://www.wyzecam.com/product/wyze-cam/

And the cloud storage is free for two weeks, plenty of time to download one from a break in to use in court or for insurance.

As well the Echo line of smart bots that are also in my smart watch, tablets, smart phones, and even our TVs, sharing with our desktops and Windows Tablets and Fire Tablets in some cases. We have remote control apps for our TVs and lights too in our smart phones.

For folks with good fast unlimited Internet there are great watches for $10-$15 that tell you when you get too far away from the phone to prevent losing the phone, and also can play music and take pictures. The DZ09 is awesome for 12 bucks to play with. If you have a smart phone get one to play and then you will know if you want the more expensive ones.


We also have four Martian Smartwatches two of them for me this one: https://www.amazon.com/Martian-mVoice-Smartwatches-Amazon-Alexa/dp/B01MAWJI9S/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1517711049&sr=8-5&keywords=martian+mvoice

and one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Martian-Passport-Smartwatches-Amazon-Alexa/dp/B00FI1678A/ref=pd_sbs_107_5?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00FI1678A&pd_rd_r=MAGRJ4K7J1FKACK27K3H&pd_rd_w=a3O6F&pd_rd_wg=lLj0n&psc=1&refRID=MAGRJ4K7J1FKACK27K3H

And two Notifiers: one of these for her: https://chickadeesolutions.com/products/martian-watches-notifier-smartwatch-red-standard-packaging?variant=17784821573&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=Bing PLA&utm_campaign=Bing Sellers&utm_term=martian notifier watch&utm_content

And one of these for me: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/181802304925

Really fun to play with.

Y'all enjoy!

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